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Aparthotel Angel
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    Number of reviews : 357
    Average visitor rating (8.3 /10 )
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    language Review by Eva from United Kingdom
    Rude, unpolite and arrogant staff

    Me and my family stayed in aparthotel angel this summer for three days. We were shocked how rude were the staff. When we wanted to change a name on our invoice it took two days to be done. One receptionist from the first day left it for her coleagues to be done, she took all details and another day we were asked to give them the same details again. One of the employee said to her colleague "what a cow"- about me. And when she recognized that i can speak czech she said "oh, she can understand czech!". General manager who was sitting next to her did not say absolutely nothing to her. when i started complaint about the service, her colleage was laughting into my face and said "i don´t care, i am not bothered. apartment was too hot, microwave did not work and took 2 days to replace it, no cleaning during stay, service very poor. Staff rude, unpolite, arrogant, very, very bad. i would not recommend this place to nobody.

    language Review by Chris from United Kingdom
    You get what you pay for

    The staff - these guys are not friendly at all. I don't know if this is due to the language barrier however i found them most unfriendly. They wouldn't lend me a pen.... Just sat shacking their heads. I suspect they understood what i was saying just acted like they didn't so i'd go away. They had no information on local places taxi companies etc at the reception either. the room - was advertised as a 3 person room for 3 people, incorrect i got there it had 1 double bed, which had 2 separate mattresses so i was able to make up a second bed for myself from the sofa in the front room. I still struggle to understand where a 3rd person could sleep comfortably. cleaning - the room wasn't cleaned during my 6 day stay. I did notice they change the towels and replaced the toilet paper with more ridiculously high grade sand paper. I suggest taking a short trip to tesco which is about 5 minutes walk away from the apartment to stock up on less abrasive toilet role. noise - i found the rooms fairly quiet at night no real disturbances, however the actual acoustics of the apartment hallways is crazy, you can hear every noise echo all around the corridors, my friend could hear me talking to reception from outside our room 2 floors up. internet - it was not clear on the website (it lists internet as a facility) however it appears its only a facility in the more expensive rooms. That wasn't clear at all. I took my laptop and was very disappointed to find i couldn't get online during my stay in the hotel. I phoned them up to ask about this, i spoke to a woman who was friendly enough she explained how it isn't a wireless system its only wired. My room had a cat 5 socket on the wall but it wasn't active. The cost of wi-fi routers / access points isn't a great deal these days, so it's not really good enough. safe - there are no safes, i asked at reception regarding some kind of safe, again the rude staff just shook their heads. the bathroom, shower, sink and general facilities in the kitchen area of the rooms are fine. It's like an ikea show room. The seats they had around the small table are very weak, you couldn't relax in them as they were made from possibly bark or recycled pencils.... security seems pretty tight, a lot of cctv and cameras around the place and the room doors are very thick with multiple locks and bolts. overall, i enjoyed my stay i would recommend people try this place, but be prepared for the staff...

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