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Bezoeker reviews Barney's
Bezoeker reviews Barney's

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    language Review door een bezoeker
    brilliant place

    i love barneys, i have returned and returned there every visit, and i go to amsterdam at least 3 times a year for five days at a time. a truely wonderful breakfast, great flavoured teas and a great place for weed. don't listen to all the people on this site with negatives about barneys. go and experience it yourself. i love the place.

    language Review door catfish
    rude but necessary

    yes, what previous people have said is true - the staff can be rude - i've been twice and the first time found it to be ok - i had no id so my friends stayed and smoked while i went back to leidseplein for my id - then came back and got food and smokes - yes the staff are rude but they do a difficult job! looking after a shop where everyone is stoned can't be easy - also i didn't find the place too greasy when i went in '04 but i can imagine that it would have been - overall i rate this as a decent place simply because its tough to find breakfast at all let alone english, further let alone a half decent one - and plus they have a nicer selection of glass bongs than most coffeeshops in 'dam - plus they have a moderately good weed selection, some of the strongets hashes known to man also - oh yeah they also have a volcano vapouriser which is mint for milder buds - wouldn't recommend putting nyc diesel in there though

    language Review door carlos - england

    there cannot be any excuse for how rude they were when went.

    language Review door dogbreath
    awful, just awful

    i never thought it possible the service could get even worse than it has always been, but based on my visit on 19 october 2005, it is indeed true. i stopped in around 9 am ish. went to counter to but some weed. then sat down at a table. and sat, and sat and sat. the place was not very busy, and two guys were working. they just hung around behind the counter smoking sigarettens, bullshitting, looking bored. the boss had not yet come in. finally, the guy with the scraggly beard, big head and sunken chest walked by bringing some plates after clearing up a table. i caught his attention, and he stopped, looked at me like i had committed some sin, and asked what i wanted. 'breakfast,... cheese omlet and a coffee'. by the look on mr. big head's face, you'd think i ruined his day. but he seemed to have accepted my order. after twenty minutes of sitting some more, it was clear they were not going to get me a breakfast, so i walked out. i have visited the place for ten years off and on. this is a new low..... they should get the award for the most mismanaged establishment in amsterdam. dogbreath

    language Review door een bezoeker

    iam a very picky person and most places fail because of this.however at barneys when i asked if i could use a bong i was handed a crystal clear clean bong,poker and new clean screen to smoke with.thier sweet tooth had me walking 3 miles a day just to get more. thanks barneys, chuck

    language Review door michael hartmann
    sehr zu empfehlen !! a very nice place

    in this year i was two times in amsterdam = like two times by barneys! a verry,verry good service !thank you all!!! greetings from germany, michael

    language Review door sal
    mixed review

    this is an interesting place. the weed is great. i tried the amnesia haze. wow! enough said. however, the food is horrible, the space is cramped, i didn't like the music (rap), and the ambience was terrible if you just want to chill. if you stay there, get ready to share a table with at least 2 different groups of strangers. while this isn't bad, in and of itself, they put an old, homeless, obviously mentally ill person at my table. hey, i'm understanding, so i didn't have a problem with it. but then her crazy, abusive son kept storming in and harassing her. the police eventually came, and it was the last thing you would expect to see in a'dam (violent confrontation with the police). not exactly cool vibes. to sum up, i give the smoke 5 stars. i give the ambience and food 1 star. advice: get some of their great weed and smoke it someplace else. up the irons!

    language Review door een bezoeker
    best bud by far

    we trawled amsterdam for the best goods, but we keep on going back to barneys, nr 1

    language Review door lydon
    this is the most over-rated place in all of amsterdam

    first off, the food is inedible - the hash is good, but way over-priced, the week is decent at best. the peopl,e who work there are the biggest bunch of dicks you'll ever meet - like they're doing you a favor by selling you (possibly the most expensive shit in the city). and for them winning the cannabis cup so many times - it's all politics, and no substance. i've been there three times on three separate trips and it has been worse and worse each time. they are into making money, and that's the bottom line - so many better places - will never be returning!

    language Review door foggy
    good food. chill atmosphere

    very good breakfast, despite the earlier reviews on this site. never bought any smoke here as we had enough from our various other stops. all in all it was a very chill place, small, but i tend to like the smaller shops. good trancy music played, relaxed and cool employees. a very nice stop in the early morning for a nice wake-n-bake.

    language Review door jr
    nice place

    we went here and purchased some barney rubble hash and laughing buddha weed. both were exceptional. they also have a vaporizer if you'd like to use it. the staff was nice, but not overly nice. this lace opens early too. you can go next door (named barneys as well) to eat if you like. i would recommend this place for someone who wants a buzz early in the a.m. we also bought some mekong haze weed in which we don't recommend this for a morning high. but, the laughing buddha is great for the a.m.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    barneys talk

    the food is mediocre - under or overdone - never just right. the smoke is great tho. be sure to thank the waitresses. they work hard for your money

    language Review door een bezoeker
    barney who?

    it's small, toilet not very clean, but you can spend some good times! i prefer the abraxas , but the seller was nice with us . amnesia is good there!

    language Review door bret
    i will go again.

    small and always crowded, but for a reason. great people, great weed, good food, and all in the same place. what a concept. to bad they don't have more room. i will always have at least one breakfast and smoke at barneys when in mokum. a decent american style breakfast too.

    language Review door mike
    great place

    me and my brother was there during the cup in 2003,and we loved barney`s we went there every morning for breakfast,coffee, and some bong hits of zero zero,was the best hash i have ever smoked, not saying is the best,but just the best i ever had,defanitly worth checking out,but get there early or you will not get a seat.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    i went here more than any other!

    i loved this place! i wasn't sure what to expect because i have read mixed reviews. i thought the morning glory, and the silver blue were the best. i liked the vibe of this place, it's ran by a bunch of brits. of all the places i went, barney's had the best looking nugs.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    superb hemp and great vaporizer

    well it´s quite small and ofen overcrowded. but go there and try their laughing buddha in the volcano vaporizer. never had a stronger high!

    language Review door nobody
    seed rebuttal - barneys is great!

    1st of all, i don't for a minute believe the story about sweet tooth seeds if they were from barneys! i carried 3 packs home in my pocket! went through 2 metal detectors! all seeds germinated! 30!!! 28 were viable! 27 were females! 18 were keepers! 13 were good enough to use for breeding stock! i find most of the people who dislike barneys have their own agenda! maybe they allowed a local to skip the line while all the paying judges stand their with their mouths open saying wait, im important! they give discounts to regulars, they are extremely friendly to friendly people! they are always available to chat about but they hae very little tolerance for morons or people who act like morons! their sweet tooth, silver pearl haze, morning glory and laughing buddha are all top notch! they also have specials of a nice strong ganja that isnt too much and in fact a great value! and if you like a barneys strain you can save a euro (or 5) by buying 5 grams

    language Review door een bezoeker
    it was home

    outside of homegrown fantasy, i called this place home when i hit the dam. being an american and hating beans it was the best i could get to an american breakfast. dont hold your breath tho. it's not american. extremely good nonetheless and the only place i could stomach. always hung out and smoked the helter skelter laces spliffs. tried them all and the purple haze stood out as a constant high. hashwise, the helter skelter was worth the 27e/g 10/21. rocked off a couple hits. staff was quick and always polite and seemed excited to see ya. breakfast came exactly after rolling your joint, then enjoy breakfast then kick it with your joint. don't really rememebr their music so it must not of been that loud or that horrid.

    language Review door sea
    hit or miss

    two breakfasts at barney's this trip. the first time was fine--a little of their morning glory and a surprisingly good meal. the second time, a few days later: bad service (wrong orders)& then bad food (overdone eggs and everything so salty it wasn't edible). weed still okay, but prices seemed a lot higher than last year. there are plenty of other places in town to get that english breakfast--don't go out of your way for barney's.

    language Review door flying dutchman 824
    nice staff/great hours/filthy tables

    on the up side, finding a place open this early is always a bonus. the sweeth tooth was nice and the staff was quite friendly, however, the place was a filthy mess as the tables were dirty with food and were not cleaned during the hour i spent there. if you like a cool place and leaving with ketchup and egg yolk on your shirt sleeve, this place is for you.

    language Review door paul torrington
    proper english brekkies

    we went nov 01 and only went here cuz of the rave reviews it got from researching it on the net, and after havin garlic mayonaise put on our full english at the hotel decided to give this place a bash.we had to wait 5 mins 4 a seat but once seated we were served quickly and managed to smoke a 2skin justin time b4 brekkie arrived the smoke was good but dont remember what it was and will be goin again (plus u cant beat a spliff after a bit o scoff!)

    language Review door lasthamlet
    things change quickly...

    dam mikaro, you blasted me futher down this review board for giving a dim view of barney's... now you fire a shot at barney's, so, that's very interesting. we must have exact oppisite experiances at barney's or something. this trip wen't rather smooth at barney's. the tangerine haze was 11.50 euro a gram, but was very very uplifting and well worth it... i got some morning glory and it was fabulous as well. however, i did not buy a pre-rolled joint this time. i didn't want to have the tobacco thing happen again. all in all is was a good experiance and this time they made a friendlier impression. what can i say, but it still appears to be timing with barney's. it is kinda like going to a bob dylan concert, some shows are fabulous, and some are crummy. i guess that's the way it is...

    language Review door drew
    i think this place is becoming better!

    i disagree with the last comment. i have been to barney's on serveral occasions. it seems to me as if they are upgrading the place. the weed menu changed and has some very nice items on it. the place next door is unbelivable! the staff was so welcoming, i didn't recieve such service in a 5 star restaurant.

    language Review door mikaro
    the downward spiral continues...

    whilst most of the other shops continue to get better, barneys continues to regress. the manager appears to be dividing his time between running the shop and trying to find the rudest person in holland- you can meet the finalists in the shop, as they are disguised as staff members. the guy at the counter boasted that he was selling the best hash in town, but by the end of the trip, it was not even the best hash in our kitchen. its really a bit sick to enclose joints in layers of advertising-covered plastic...lazy consummerism and gaudy self-publicity should never intrude on cannabis consumption. finally, as for those breakfasts- only those stoned out of their tiny heads are foolish enough to order them. and only those with painful munchies would even attempt to consume them. skip this rather stagnant shop, and head to the nearby siberie, or pink floyd, or amnesia to experience quality smoking and polite service, neither of which you will find in barneys.

    language Review door jim aristo
    the place next door

    barney's opened a bar next door, where you can smoke weed and have a cocktail. they also offer an interesting food menu. the cosmopolitan is the best over there! you would like to catch a place outside in the terrace...

    language Review door dogbreath
    on the downhill slide

    made one visit during my feb/march 2003 visit. have visited this place many many times before on previous trips. the breakfasts are more consistant than they have ever been. consistantly poor. cleanliness is going downhill... just watch the staff wipe their hands on the towel.... but see where that towel has been *before* washing hands. yuck. new staff on board... dutch staff mostly now. the third rate management seems to have a talent for hiring surly staff.. even the dutchies who work there now are untypically surly for being dutch. (where is that typical dutch friendliness?). the worst is the overall attitude of the staff and management... an attitude that they are doing you favor just by *permitting* you to eat there. hey, life's too short for that kind of bs. if you are looking for a good breakfast in a place with reasonably good vibes, look elsewhere.

    language Review door dazzla
    if you dislike this place, you don't understand the true meaning of breakfast.

    this place rocks. it perfectly blends the true british/irish breakfast experience with the amsterdam coffeeshop. this is what amsterdam's all about - blending and fusion. the breakfasts are hearty, the staff surly and the tea strong. the reason they l;ost a star is because when i asked for temple balls they sold me what was quite clearly (though still high quality) moroccan hash. buy your dope the night before and finish it in here in one of their bongs over breakfast the next day. bear in mind, i loved this place even though my girlfreind dragged me there in preference to watching the world cup 2002 england-sweden game. that's how good it is. oh, and my girlfreind got hit on by two lesbians in here. amsterdam, eh...?

    language Review door een bezoeker
    below average food,great smoke service.

    i visited amsterdam in the summer of 2001 and was more then happy with my visit to barneys. it was the first coffee shop i went to when i landed at about 9 worn and tired, and was almost put instantly at ease by the friendly staff and good smoke(sweet tooth being among my all time favorites). barneys is definitely one of the finest shops in all of amsterdam. i can't wait to go back this july and try 'morning glory', because if its better then the happy, smile at the world feeling you get from 'sweet tooth' then i'll have to upgrade my review from 4 to 5 stars. all in all barney's is definitely a place not to be missed when visiting the weed mecca. p.s if you do order the food which i advise against don't get the pancakes their dutch style (yuck).

    language Review door een bezoeker

    when i first read the reviews on this place i thought it could not be that bad so decided to see for myself..... how wrong i was!! simply, the staff was rude staff and the place was filthy. i dont know why people actually go here when there are many good coffee shops around it such as popeyes?? i would not even feed the breakfast to my mother-in-law.

    language Review door highway101
    did i go to the right place?

    four of us went to amsterdam earlier this month and went to the new part of barney's (on the corner next door or two doors down). this is a breakfast bar which doesn't sell weed (you can do this at the original one) but you are allowed to smoke at your table. what can i say? the service from the guy running it was attentive without being instrusive and the breakfasts were served prompty and were delicious. there is even a vapouriser on the bar which was available for all to use. the bubble gum was good (although not superb) but as a chilled place to spend a couple of hours (we weren't asked to move) in the morning with some good food (the breakfast is up with the best) it cant be beat. not sure why there are so many bad reviews here, although admittedly the main barney's did look a bit ropey and full of the usual suspects so try and get a table in this one - we had few complaints

    language Review door bazmeister
    don't go!

    i went to barneys at the end of jan '03, and i found the place to be dirty, the staff incredibly rude and the weed was very poor. in fact, no, if you're going on a stag party and fancy a bit of drunken, lewd behaviour, then go here and tear the place up. don't feel guilty about it, becuase you'd be doing the rest of us a favour. otherwise; avoid!

    language Review door boker toker
    consistently inconsistent

    barney's is a great concept executed in an average fashion. barney's is one of the few places in the world where you can have a complete meal and take enormous bong hits at the same time. the food really isn't bad by amsterdam standards, and i always feel comfortable there, the weed counter however is placed in the most inconvenient spot i could imagine. the kitchen doesn't look particularly clean, and the service ranges from adequate to kiss my grits.

    language Review door soeast
    people still patronize this place?

    why would anyone ever eat here? have you seen the kitchen? not very sanitary. the service is like something from a bad movie. i know amsterdam is small and they need to utilize their spaces, but this place is ridiculous. please remove a table or two. forsake the few euros made, and increase customer satisfaction. not to mention the leviated stress levels of the help. i would wait in line(even in the rain, cause its only water)to have a meal if its great. but, you'll see lots of people just leave when they see that its full. amazing isn't it? the weed (mekong haze and sweettooth)looked and tasted like something my 5 year old cousin would grow. after a few hits, i gave it to a panhandler. after the money i spent on it, it actually felt great. that was the only positive thing i took away from that hole in the wall they call a restaurant. i gave to the needy. have breakfast at your hotel and go elsewhere. i would give some recommendations, but i don't support that either. if a place is anywhere from good to great, then it doesn't need any praise, as it would sell itself. we consumers should stick together and point out the bad ones so that others don't waste their valuable time on vacation or otherwise. this sort of effort will be recognized by the seedy places and they in-turn might actually try and become an establishment worth visiting. merry christmas ya'll

    language Review door 1st timer
    treated like royalty

    we (my buddy and i) landed in schiphol around 7:30 am on november 22nd. barney's was first on my list because i knew they opened early. after clearing customs and taking the quick trip via train to central station, we hoofed it to barney's with baggage in tow (couldn't check in until after noon). by now it was 9:00 or 9:30 and barney's was already packed. i made a comment to that effect to my buddy as someone was stepping out. he said that there was still room if we didn't mind sharing a table. we said cool and went in. that someone, whom i first thought was a patron, turned out to be the waiter of the establishment. he was so cool, he even took our luggage and stored it in the back, behind the bar, near the kitchen. derry himself (the owner) was manning the weed/hash bar. very, very, nice guy. we placed our order and sat down and then also ordered breakfast. we ended up sharing the table with a group of people who were there to display/sell their glass pipes at the pax. it was all so very cool and the breakfast wasn't too bad either. before we knew it, noon rolled around, we collected our baggage, expressed our gratitude, and headed to the hotel. barney's was the best welcoming comittee we could have hoped for. we went back several times and even received instructions on the use of their new vaporizor. they are very deserving of their 'best coffeeshop' award for 2002. i will definitely visit barney's again next time i go.

    language Review door caja1
    i shall return!

    have been here several times on each of my 6 trips. i have found that the level of service you receive depends on who serves you. there is one fellow (owner/manager?) who is very nice, informitive, and might even throw in a free pack of papers with a decent purchase. every other employee seems to have the 'bulldog' mentality (borderline impatient/rude). i also think there is maybe 1 table too many as it is a very tight squeeze to sit at one (btw, i'm slim!) also, stay out of the waitress's way when standing in the weed line (hard to do), or she will voice her displeasure. excellent weed strains. i would rate this place 4 stars if the employees were nicer or if they took out a table. i will return, but only for take-out.

    language Review door jon
    food overpiced, unfriendly staff with hit and miss grass

    visited this place each of the 3 times we hit amsterdam this year and each time it got worse. the service was bad and the food unpredictable and pricey. as a cc winner the sweetooth was great in the summer, sticky and fragrent, but in the autumn was getting tired... and guys fix the door will ya, try rolling up when it's bad outside and you'll see what i mean!

    language Review door blueberry
    not impressed

    i was not impressed at all with this place, after hearing lots of positive comments, i was very surprised. for one the staff are not very friendly and the food just plain sucks. and the sweet tooth was nothing to brag about at all, not to mention it is way overpriced. have no desire to ever return there.

    language Review door weathr
    no place better for an early lay-over

    only had a four hour layover in amsterdam from 6-10am and the only place open was barney's. was the second person in the shop and got great service. the sweet tooth knocked me on my ass. almost missed my flight out. great place for a bit to eat, smoke, and drink for the traveler on the run.

    language Review door mikaro
    sweet-tooth fairy

    a pre-rolled joint in a cardboard packet? what's up with that? err, actually the sweet-tooth joints are hard to beat- if lasthamlet had bothered to ask, he could have had a pure sweet-tooth or a tobacco one. i was not so tight as to have mine mixed with tobacco, and must say it was one of the best joints i've ever bought in dam...

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