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Visitor reviews Betty Boop
Visitor reviews Betty Boop

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    language Review by RavenFunk from United Kingdom
    BLUEBERRY not so high

    This place was recomended by an other shop owner as i couldnt seem to fine any blueberry anywere. Thay had blueberry but the quality wasnt up to much and very little flavour......... i wont be in a rush to go back there

    language Review by a Visitor
    pulp fiction

    fyi: during his stay in amsterdam, quentin tarantino used betty boop as an office space to write the script for pulp fiction.

    language Review by a Visitor
    smoke not the greatest and better watch and be sure you get what you pay for

    was at betty boop this december 2004. asked for pre rolled with no tobacco. the guy gave us some stuff that wasn't worth 1 euro. when i confronted him about the fact that the j had tobacco in it, he said 'oh i am sorry' and he gave us another, this time no tobacco but the smoke sucked. for good smoke, try abraxas or greenhouse. also noon ( white melon) was the best ever. peace and happy trails

    language Review by paul in rhode island
    excellent cafe`

    had a ball at betty boops - hallo to kelli and minks mom . i`ll always go back cuz its like home ... nice people , nice location , good weed . what else do you want ? doei

    language Review by scorpion78
    good but you can be cheated

    i have been at betty before, but this time i was a bitt stone so i hadd to pay for the smoke twise. good shit, ok place to sit inn the city.

    language Review by a Visitor
    great place,good smoke

    we kind of stumbled across this place on accident looking for another shop but we were thirsty so we decided to give it a look. upon walking in we were greated like old friends and told to come and have a seat at the bar.the 2 girls behind the bar were very nice(and good looking) and they knew their stuff when it came to the herb as well.we bought some drinks and decided to take a look at their cup entry for pot.all i can say is wow it was called hwn which i think stood for hawian indica and this stuff smelled heavenly,came in nice solid bud chunks and was covered in crystals.we rolled one up and it was very nice,really social high which is weird for an indica.a few more patrons came in and were welcomed just as we were and before you knew it there were like 8 of us just having a grand old time(including the barmaids).my wife even helped one of the college student barmaids write a paper for her english class and she gave us a free gram of the hwn even though it was a simple task for my wife and she had asked for nothing in return.and on top of all this they have a very spacious second floor which has nice windows overlooking the busy little street below.they also have 8 computers up here that have the internet and were free to use for anyone(even us non judges) for as long as you liked.bottomline,this place is very cool and it will be on the top of my list of places to visit next time i am in town.

    language Review by worsall
    good place

    cool, frendly staff and first rate smoke.

    language Review by vetteboybri
    friendly staff, internet access

    found this place when looking for somewhere to check e-mail and train schedules, liked it immediately. the staff was friendly and kidded me about the way i said chocomel in my flat american accent 'choc-o-mel? you me shock-o-mel?' and we laughed about it. it was funny to hear the dutch barmaid impersonate an american accent, wasn't critical or rude, just having fun. nice vibe, pc's upstairs, close to the main drag, never crowded, at least when i was there. give it a try.

    language Review by d.w.t.
    like home

    i've only been to the dam once and stoped in for a coffee before i was off to the air port.the staff was great and made going back home even more sad because i didn't find the place sooner.i didn,t buy anything because i had overpurchased to begin with.it is however the first place i will go to if not the only place when i go back to the dam.i felt as thow i belonged there.very relaxing.

    language Review by john
    visited second nite of visit

    went here on the second nite of our visit to dam, nice clean and friendly place, didnt buy any smoke from here but liked the place definate visit next time to try there smoke

    language Review by a Visitor
    agree about the staff

    tried this place my first night in a-dam. the staff really is very friendly and the blueberry prerolled is an excellent smoke. highly reccomended.

    language Review by david
    my favorite coffeeshop

    i have been to amsterdam many times over the years. betty boop was the first place i stopped and i'm glad i did. i have been to many other coffeeshops in amsterdam but never felt comfortable. my wife is a non smoker and she feels comfortable in there also. the staff is excellent and helpful. they take great pride in being a good coffeeshop. conversations are easy to start. the location couldn't be better. computers upstairs for checking the e-mail and sending messages. all in all they have my highest vote.

    language Review by somebozo
    my fav coffeeshop.

    whilst this isnt as big as places like de-kuil, or have the widest choice of smoke, the atmosphere and friendly staff more than make up for it. its a small coffeeshop and serve some great drinks. internet terminals upstairs, and the manager is a great talkative guy. he told he plans to be in the cup this year, which should raise this places profile a bit. there used to be a webcam usptairs where you can view the smokers, but it got nicked! nice place, nice guy. my best.

    language Review by a Visitor
    nice establishment

    didn't try the menu but i did stop for a a few tokes of my own stuff and...uh, some meditiation. nice crowd and real nice layout. somebody put some thought into the decor. the crowd was well mannered and well, just seemed a little more refined than the typical smokers scene or maybe because it was saturday night and everyone was dressed a little better? i don't know, just seemed like this place was a little classier than most.

    language Review by bon bon billy
    love the chocolate drink!

    very casual, laid back coffeshop. i felt like a regular as soon as i walked in. the staff is cordial and friendly. not too crowded. all in all, a perfect spot to buy and smoke a bowl, drink some of their wonderful chocolate drink and rest before heading out again. i love the place.

    language Review by EZ
    good stuff!!!

    Went during last week of March. Right in the heart of Amsterdam. Little bit small but that's the norm. Friendly (and foxy) staff, great orange juice, OK hash/weed selection but great atmosphere. Very relaxing place to watch the world go by. Good hash cake/cookies too.

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