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Visitor reviews Betty Boop 2
Visitor reviews Betty Boop 2

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    language Review by Lisa from Ireland
    Loved It!

    My friends and I stayed in an apartment close to this shop. We've been in Amsterdam a few times so know where to go and where not to! I'm really shocked that there are so many with bad experiences. We loved it. Any time we visit now we always pop in for a coffee and smoke. It's never busy and the staff have never been anything but pleasant and helpful. Great location and (I think) not at all touristy - no bean bags scattered all over the place and no Doors pumped out over the PA. LOVED IT!! Can't wait to go back

    language Review by Joop from Netherlands
    Betty Booooo

    I guess this place really doesn't want anybody to really like coming here. Stopped in for a quick smoke and coffee. I waited around five minutes for the barmaid to recognize I even existed. Ordered a pre-roll and coffee. Took another five minutes for her to tear herself away from chatting with friends to get my order. As others have stated their are better coffeeshops with pleasant staff and atmosphere. Don't think I will ever stop in here again.

    language Review by missy from United Kingdom
    Attitude is a problem

    I bought weed here so did not have that as an issue. However the barmaid was really pissy and told me straight out she wasnt gonna bend over backwards to wait on us. I found this attitude bizzare and left soon after. There are too many nice shops in Amsterdam to waste my time here.

    language Review by kees from Netherlands
    Dont bother with Betty 2

    I stopped in on my way to the flower market for a coffee and a smoke. The bar person was talking to her friends and ignored me at first. When i asked for the menu she perked up but i passed on the weed and ordered a coffee. She made my coffee, set it down and asked me if i was gonna order some weed too. I said no thanks and she made this face and blurted out the price of the coffee. How rude can she be? I finished the coffee and wanted another but she never came over or acknowledged my request. She just kept talking to her friends. I dont know how this shop can stay in business with this attitude. Viewing the other comments on this shop I guess this is for tourists only who want to get lousy service and bad attitude. Go elsewhere.

    language Review by ufoofoo from Belgium
    Can I take the one star away

    I agree with the other reviews. The japanese owners of this shop were rude and insisted we buy weed to stay. I know they were Japanese because I heard them talking and speak some myself.

    language Review by Peter the meat eater from USA
    Crap shop

    The woman was rude and wouldnt serve us drinks unless we ordered from the weed menu.

    language Review by Wankers from Mars from United Kingdom
    Really poor service

    The woman working was rude and insisted we buy some weed. We have been going to Ams. for several years and know that you only need to buy a drink. Dont waste your time

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