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Visitor reviews Blue Bird
Visitor reviews Blue Bird

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    language Review by herbNmagic from Canada
    Went a few times..

    They have some good names on there menu so I went about 3 times I think on my last visit. Buddah's sister was pretty good and so was the Kali Mist but there space cakes, although tasty, didnt have much effect on me. I should mention that I just came off a mushroom trip before eating it though. FOund the shop to be busy and there menu system was cool (binders). There were to tender type people. One guy to control the front section of the booth asking what you want, telling other people to move so you can access the menu, and then he passes the order along to this red haired dude (looks like sideshow bob) who goes to the back, and comes up with your shit. Could he give you something other than what you ordered? Yes. Could he jip you on weight, yes. Im not saying it happened but if they have nothing to hide, then why not have the selection up front where it can be seen.. Ill still go back, im too forgiving.. and I want some damn cheese.

    language Review by tumbo
    mmmmmmm..... blue cheese

    the guys there are dicks and i didnt feel very comfortable there but kept going back to get some yummy blue cheese. that shit taste soo good.

    language Review by a Visitor
    rip off alert

    the zero zero hash i bought was completely worthless. there was no high effect at all. i still have it but it does not seem to be real hash. the manager was more interested in dealing with scuzzy types for other drugs than running the shop. i sat at the upstairs drink counter talking to a cool and attractive bar girl and a couple of locals. everytime a non-arab came upstairs to buy hash or weed the jerky manager would be extremely rude and would make them wait to purchase. as they were leaving he would call out insults they could not understand while his friends would laugh. when he screamed at a young couple for taking a picture, the locals i was sitting with decided to leave and told him off. this shop used to have a much better vibe and was friendly a few years ago. when it was one of the few nicely decorated shops it was worth stopping in.

    language Review by amanda

    i went to amsterdam a few weeks ago (im from canada) and this was the place we got all of our *stuff* - i am under 18 but my two frends had id with them n they r 18 so they went in and ordered but this place was awsome n the weed was 5 stars!!!!

    language Review by brent
    a must see place, very good weed , can get very crouded on both floors

    hey,i was in blue bird july 17 2004, for me being 43 and a bad back and i walk with a limp. i was laughed at by a young girl. o' and she did not approve of my joint it was to short. what she did not know is it was a kali and black hash filled joint that would of knocked her shoes off. blue birds weed was great the dealer had dreads and his eyes were red like a stop sign. the picture albem with all real samples of the kinds of weed choices was the koolest thing for an american to see, how much free'r can one be when you choose what type of weed you like with a picture albem with the real thing in the albem.

    language Review by birdman

    i know this is supposed to be a premier place but here is it's downfalls: 1. too small 2. tough to get at the weed/hasj menu 3. tough to get a drink 4. tough to get a seat. i'd rather hang at the reefer coffeeshop up on the corner, it's roomier and doesn't attract so many weekend brits!

    language Review by seouleast

    what a nice place this is. i always sit at the bar, so i don't know if that couch is comfy or not. i like to sit at the bar at any cs for the conversations. their hashes, i can't remember the names, are excellent. the weed is great, too! nice atmosphere and nice people. definitely check it out!

    language Review by clashcityrocker
    best coffeeshop in amsterdam

    i always look foward to the bluebird on my yearly trips to a'dam. to me it is the perfect place to smoke up. they good ole rock-n-roll music, rather than the techno or othe electronic music that other places play, that to me just doesnt make for a good high. it is comfortable, with a nice view out the window onto a busy street. i can smoke and stare at the steeple of the zuider kerk for quite a while. some people say the staff is rude and the weed overpriced but i just dont see it. will be there in less than a month enjoying the weed and hash. see you soon bluebird!!!!

    language Review by graeme perry
    recomend the bluebird to anyone....best cafe by (graeme perry)

    me and my frend are just back from the dam the other week we took 600 euros each for three days in the dam. we got the boat over so my frend had his car with him. as soon as we arrived at amsterdam we were looking for the first cafe that was the nerest to our hotel which was the bulebird. and by far this is the best cafe in town it sells the best sicky hash and grass. when me and my frend went in the cafe we sat down and orderd a bit of resin and some sticky columbin skunk which i found had a very nice taste,smell and stone. you can even ask the guy what kind of stone you are looking for and he recomends a grass or hash for that stone that you want over all this is the best cafe in amsterdam

    language Review by john
    nice coffeeshop, nice smokeables & very nice space cake

    went in here on our last nite still a nice place to go gets a bit busy in evenings but luckily when we went there was seating downstairs i went upstairs to look throught their bibles of weed and hash, i bought a drink and a slice of there space cake which was fresh for me and my wifey (can actually taste the weed in this) then decided on some s.a.g.e cost about 10 euros for 1 gram, i wasn't dissapointed was real nice high. the dealer was ok, looked hacked off but was still polite, so another s.a.g.e with super afgan spliff later we decided to go, definately worth a stop i'll be going back next year for some of there goodies

    language Review by ivo berlin

    the big leathercouch is great 4 being 2 stonded 2 move !! the hot choclate is tasty ! the weedcard with example-buds is a great idea cause u dont have to ask the waiters for seeing the dope! try the ak47 ! the best here is iceolator and bluebird special (hash)

    language Review by a Visitor
    okay place

    this place was okay, great hot chocolate, comfortable seating, kinda roomy, the gear was pre packaged. i sampled the star warz and it was first rate gear. attracts a younger crowd.

    language Review by quicksilver
    respect...from greece

    been there a couple of times,first of all i always do appreciate a friendly service(especially when high) but apart from that the place was cool in general,ok no loads of space to rest around but descent space at least.the weed in general very good, prices excellent and yes the lebanese fuckin' hash is supposed to have that shit taste for all those who does not know.further, ok it looks like it came out of a rave party or something similar but that's ok as long as the guys from this same party don't hung in there. the girl behind the bar was extra friendly and helpfull,oh tip,take care of the stairs once on your way out.

    language Review by snepah

    wonderful weed the athmosphere and the big couch i love you my sweet singing bird, motherfucker!

    language Review by mike
    return visit even worse

    i was back in the dam this month & popped back into bluebird for toke as i was in the area. bad mistake - i got some red lebanese hash which had a woeful smell of petrolium from it & burnt like it had been in someone's gas tank a long time. i also got some morrocan which honestly i thought was boot polish. i wasn't too fond of this place before, but i will never return - overpriced muck is what they deal. one of the worst tourist traps in the dam.

    language Review by mike
    big deal??

    what's the big deal about this place??? ok, so the smoke is good - but it would want to be at those prices....yes i do prefer to pay more for quality, but i also like to go somewhere where i can sit & enjoy a smoke & coffee, which is not here - the interior looks like it was done by teenage stoners on a bad one & the coffee's pretty manky. another down point was that when i bought 5 grams of morroccan, the dealer gave me it in one gram pieces all in 5 seperate little bags, just to make it even more easy to lose i presume!! not among my favourites

    language Review by wacky woman
    best place in this joint !!!!

    this place is kicking, excellant hash and weed the ak47 is an experience let me tell you. don't go to the dam and not visit bluebird you will regret it, for sure. the qeues are long but it is worth that wait

    language Review by the cannakid
    best hash in the universe

    i've read all the reviews and no one has mentioned the 'ice-o-lator! come on this stuff almost killed my old lady. we sent some home and amazed our friends with its awesome strength. it's a motherfucker. i had to go to the place several times to get it but when i did it was by far the best hash i smoked anywhere in holland including rotterdam. for the best smoke, head to the bluebird of happiness!!!!!!!!!!

    language Review by jimmy t
    good not great

    i stayed near this shop and after reading many of the reviews i was expecting a great shop. what i found was cool. it does not have alchohol so it is not what i would call a party place. mostly the crowd was about 98% male (including the female waitress) all of who were in various states of slumped-overness stoney highs. it has an upstairs with a coffee/juice bar and that is also where you buy the weed/hash. they had an awesome selection. on my first visit i tried the haze (forget the full name) which was very intense (i had a rough time at the indian restaraunt around the corner after this) i also tried the temple ball hash which was very mild but decent. on my second trip i tried the warlock weed which i thought was the best of the trip it was very mellow and stoney without being heavy. part of the upper and lower floors directly face large windows onto the street and it is cool to look out onto passers by and police while smoking. the murals on the wall put off some of my companions as they consisted partly of fetuses growing off of trees (the fetuses!) but it was basic psychedelic art you see in all of these places. overall, the vibe is very similar to an american head shop--good selection, great place for a in/out and cool shops nearby. for me, i prefer the places with beer.

    language Review by canuck
    i flew high

    the only 'problem' that i had here was in making my selection from the vast photo/sample albums that rest by the counter. as for people who buy smoke unseen - i'm referring to another review - you get what you deserve. it's just part of the weeding-out process (pun intended)sometimes used by amsterdammers to wake up naive or arrogant fools. tolerance has a price. the prices at the bb, though, are not unreasonable when you consider the global regions represented in the hash menu. remember, bb virgins, a little bird told you where to go for great smoke. recommended.

    language Review by jeanbean
    a great place!

    thanksgiving weekend, we got up early and left the hotel ibis stopera in search of a coffeeshop. the first one we came to was closed. while trying to figure out what time it opened, a nice local, older gentleman said, 'the bluebird is my favorite, i send all my friends from the states there.' well, just another half block, and there it was. it was open. we ordered up both the cannabis cup entries. the blue-bird has great counter people and good coffee. the quality of their smoke was excellent! one can even draw a picture on a coaster and place it on the wall! mine is the snake at the top of the stairs!

    language Review by steve
    it was a very high time had by all

    thought that the blue bird was very good in terms of choice of many different types of pot & all the people i talked to inside the place were pretty content.got so bent sitting upstairs on ak47 (recommended) haven't been like that since!!!many people recommended this place to us & all i can do is recommed it to others. i would be back there again in no time if i was there!!

    language Review by cousin paul
    hippie heaven

    have been to this coffee shop on nearly every one of my many visits to amsterdam.despite the extensive menu, the quality and quantity leaves much to be desired.if the staff were slightly friendlier and hospitable then you might be able to bear it.......north london big up!!

    language Review by nick
    how can you not like this place?

    been there during both my stays in amserdam. i've read some of the bad reviews of this place and just cannot relate. first of all, the lay out of the menu is by far and away the best in town. photo albums full of little pre-bagged samples you can examine first hand. the decor is excellent for getting high. lots of bright colors and artsie murals downstairs, and a comfortable loft above where the serving area is located. the view down to the street from above is excellent, and watching passersby from the bottom floor (street level) is equally entertaining. they have a broad variety of hash...i tried the sputnik, which provided a nice walking around town buzz - effective, but not so strong as to hinder your movements or slow you down. definitely recommend this strain as you will do lots of walking in amsterdam. yes, service is slow here because they are usually crowded, but then again, try getting prompt service at a really good restaurant during lunch hour.

    language Review by a Visitor

    bluebird is nothing to write home about. one plus is that when upstairs, you can look down at the street below. pricier than others.

    language Review by KaliMist
    Tourist Trap

    This shop's only claim to fame is the gigantic selection of sub-par and overpriced goods. Nearly everything on the menu is stale and dried out, or not even what they claim it to be. Very touristy crowd. Don't waste your time here.

    language Review by a Visitor

    The best part about the Bluebird is the way you get to choose what you want to buy. Everything is bagged up in samples in a book on display, perfect for those of us who are indicisive. Look out for the smelly hippie who works there he stinks.

    language Review by Mikaro
    The awful price of success...

    The early favourites for my 'Worst Service In Town' award. I mean, its bad enough that you have to give them 25fl for the pleasure of using their dirty bongs without incurring an even dirtier look when you leave the bong back and try to retrieve your money...anyway, the place is the pot-smokers equivalent to mcdonalds; you get herded into a long line, hurried into an often ill-considered purchase and then left time to regret it in a depressingly gaudy building filled with weirdos. And thats just the staff.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Excellent weed selection but too f__king crowded al lthe time.

    Great menu and some excellent varieties make this a top 10 coffeeshop in AMS. Big negative is the crowd on line to get weed. It stretches 10 feet from the entrance door, up a circular (and dangerous) staircase, then another 20 feet to the weed seller. If you don't mind waiting 20 or 30 minutes in line to buy a bag that costs 10 US dollars, go fo it. I can't stand the crowds here.

    language Review by I-Ball
    Food and quality consistency

    Don't make my mistake of saving up room for a sushi 'meal'. The plate is about half a meal's worth. I did see Chinese Hashish on the menu. The Tbizla I bought was a really good smoke, as was the Napali Creme, but the Kashmiri Hashish was stalestalestale - dehydrated, didn't light (large butane intake) and crumble onced prepared for inhaling. So keep your eyes peeled; they've got too many customers lined up to keep up with expiration dates.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Nice Selection, Good Advise on purchases

    Went their last weekend looking for some bud that was buzzy, not to 'heavy' more of an up high. They suggested nothing but thier red hair or orange bud. Had the red hair and it was perfect! Nice buzzy up high without heavy intorpective or feable effects. Nice selection including imported Durban Poison which is very hard to find sometimes. It seemsa this place is very popular judging from the long lines of repeat buyers.

    language Review by Erik Sturm
    great time smoking

    I had great time smoking the herb and hash all though the guys downstairs playing pinball were annoying. After noticing the fine variety of mediterranian ladys who just happen to be there at th time I soon became adjusted aside from the fact I brought my girlfriend.(next time leave home with out it).

    language Review by JOHN420
    Too often overlooked!!!

    I absolutely loved the bluebird and thought it was the best shop I went to. Sure other shops might do a thing or two better but everything on the whole was great(the staff, food, weed, hash, atmosphere, music, prices) The stairs are a little harder on the way down though. I especially like their binders filled with baged up samples of the weed and hash. This way I wasn't constantly having to ask, ' can I see this one, how about that one'. Overall great and will definately go back.

    language Review by maxino
    a good but touristic coffeeshop

    We were there in april 00 and we smoked good weed -kali and sensi- and a strong red lebanon (in my city it's since 1985 that i didn't smoke it). The place is too little and i think that the menu with photos is very 'touristic'. But it's very good for the weed. Ciaoxxx

    language Review by Armbar
    Nice atmosphere, pretty good weed

    A nice place to relax and have a smoke. The Warlock was good, but not outstanding. I don't like how you have to buy 25 guilders at a time. I much prefer to buy by the gram. Oh well. Still, a worthwhile stop if your in the area.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    Tourist Joint

    Weak weed. ok hash. Comfy place though. Tourist trap.

    language Review by Jay Mckellar
    what a choice

    amazing selection of hashes and weed,comfortable couches and a fine bong.the only problem i had was choosing what to smoke i settled for the temple ball and after a couple of pulls i really felt at home.friendly staff and customers made you feel really relaxed(maybe something to do with the hash too).my favourite coffee shop and first stop everytime.

    language Review by Tony Bong & Stu C
    hash smokers heaven

    menue is amazing.bouncer smiles,feel at home-spent most of our weekend break there.if variety is the spice of life,give me chillie & let me die at this coffeeshop!!!!

    language Review by Vibeke
    Too damn great!

    Whenever I'm in Adam, I go here everz night. I book-menus are a thrill to look through, the staff is wonderful (with a good taste in music), and the place is just straight through cosy. A big + is the couch. Big, soft leathersofa with a table. It goes over two floors, and it*s usually a bit more quiet downstairs, since the bar etc. is upstairs. The only negative thing, which takes the 5th star awaz, is that it*s always too crowded. This because it*s so damn good! Love it!

    language Review by Rando
    Kali Mist

    This was the first coffeeshop I stopped in on my recent visit to the Dam and the best weed I encountered during my 6 day stay was the Kali Mist from here. 2 thumbs up!

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