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Visitor reviews Blue Lagoon
Visitor reviews Blue Lagoon

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    language Review by king of da bongo bongs from Vietnam

    i think i was here, very good weeed. :-)

    language Review by mick from United Kingdom
    chilltime for locals

    This coffeeshop is a cool place to be. I lived 5 minutes away from here between 1999 and 2003. If any of the guys that work here remember me, 'als goed met jou'. Im the guy from scotland that still comes to see you at new year.I will be back soon to see you soon. For a reveiw to the coffee shop, this place sells fantastic 'weit' en 'hasj'. The music is good and the staff are great and helpful. I hope to see you all soon. Beeste voor 2008 en gellukig neiwe jaar voor 2009. E-Mail terrug te 'thewallball@googlemail.co.uk . Danke-u-wel en tot straks.

    language Review by ARTHUR/aka/Saltire-Haze/LCC from United Kingdom
    good coffee,great tunes,mellow vibe,very nice smokeables

    I went back there as i had done last year and it had not changed one bit. I had a great time with the locals that i had kept in touch with smokeing every type on the small but quality menue the blue laggoon menue gose like this(marroc 15/punjies/premier/shezanz/gasoline)all great hasj, es weed wise they had some k. O gear(crush/white widdow/bio/thai-stick/edeilwies)my fave hasj there was the gasoline 9/10 it, s that good you can see the cristals clearly and the high is so relaxing it is a must try hasj. Bud wise the crush is the best in the dam a three way cross of (greapfruit#blueberry#great white mellon)almost like a fruit salad!!!! but that, s how it got the name crush and when smoked it sends you way up to the high end of heaven chillin so if your in amsterdam and near overtoom go in an buy their special deal of 2g gasoline and 3g crush the crush is so fruity and coated in tri-comes and thc the best drug in the world!so say all the tokers in the world!!!!the crush will crush you and the gasoline will get you started!!!so not to repeat myself if you are in amsterdam and near overtoom go to th blue laggoon and get happy/mellow. Signed/arthur fi scotland

    language Review by Arthur from United Kingdom
    good coffee,great tunes,mellow vibe,very nice smokeables

    The Blue Lagoon is where i spent most of my time in Amsterdam and i had a great time sampleing thier Edilwise bud,and their Prima was smooth and contamenant free.The service is quick,polite and welcomeing i just did not want to come home to Scotland i just wanted to stay there!and if you like Hip-Hop like i do then you too will love this place GIVE THE PLACE A GO like i did.

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