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Visitor reviews Bulldog Palace
Visitor reviews Bulldog Palace

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    language Review by herbNmagic from Canada
    My first morning in the Dam

    Arrived early my first day in Amsterdam and found this place near my hotel so decided to go in. Got a lattee, which was amazing (my first dutch coffee) and some silver haze, which smelt dank, prolly like the grow room it came from. The high was nothing special for my first Amsterdam smoke but I met some great English people in there and enjoyes some java with them. The leidsplein location is nice if not too packed, a good stop off for a smoke.

    language Review by matias (poland)
    just go there and smoke da weed allya. that's all

    as i has already written the main point of going to the bulldog is to have fun. the bulldog definately offers fun! you know what i mean. that's all for the moment. anyway we should be greatful for the bulldog. god bles it

    language Review by cameron
    walked in walked out .

    i walked in and walked back out again. the vibe just was'nt what i was looking for. seemed more geared for tourists than locals.

    language Review by kirk caldy
    why the hate?

    i have been to this cs loads of times, and i just cannot see what people's problems are. the staff are always friendly, the coffee is seriously good (esp the bulldog coffee), and the pre-rolled sensimilla was the only product that made me giggle on my last trip.

    language Review by a Visitor
    oh dear...

    well it was my first time in the dam, im a young british female(19)and i must admit i was treated fairly well, but the jailer and the bar staff were a bunch of fuckin' dicks. so we sat on the terrace and pleased ourselfs, as far as buying the over priced drinks go...no fuckin way! this time i am gonna take the time to find a decent smoke shop with nice staff, erm...any fuckin ideas??

    language Review by bret
    don't go there, the staff sucks

    i have been to a-dam many times. i have given all of the bulldogs several chances to just be decent. they have failed me everytime. the staff is very unfriendly except late at night. i asked the jailer(weed seller) to see a couple of different kinds of weed. his first comment 'are you going to buy any?' no, asshole, i am just looking. any other shop in town will be glad to let you look and choose, and they are happy to tell you what they know about their products. the bull dog is just a tourist trap. however, i did go and use there internet a few times. i just took my own weed and drink and went in and sat down at a computer that still had time on it from a previous user. so free internet. their only asset.

    language Review by flying dutchman
    no on bulldog yes to dampkring/tweed kamer

    the bulldog palace has an unfriendly staff who has their noses in the air when it comes to service. the weed/hash is third rate. go to da dampkring or its sister store, tweed kamer, for your stash and friendly service. grey area and greenhouse effect are also a good bet.

    language Review by goreki
    dumpkring for ever!!!!

    absolutely the best: friendly atmosphere&highest quality ;););). plus, never forget baba!!!

    language Review by foxie
    slightly unfair methinks

    the bulldog is an okay place to hang out.we sat out on the terrace, had okay pot, the drinks were averagely priced and the staff were very friendly.

    language Review by ellie
    wot can i say............

    as a student visitingthe bulldog on a low budget, i was disgusted at the constant pressure to buy their goods. also, stayin at the bulldog, the rooms were crap(even though 'new' renovation) and the facilities on the website, non existant.......ah well.......i was a student, but even a student can afford better... i ended up leaving and going somewhere else.......if youve allready booked (poor you)either cancel or do what i did and leave....

    language Review by richard townend
    as bad as everyone else says

    we ended up in here when the rest of our group went into the utter shite that is the bar upstairs. when you're stoned a pumping sports bar is not what you need! the coffeeshop was slightly better. but only in that it was quieter. we smoked our own and bought an overpriced soft drink. only worth going if there's no other option nearby.

    language Review by dude
    mcdonalds of coffee shops

    by that i mean they are everywhere. as far as the quality of weed, don't know cause i came w/my own. but, the dog was my first experience in a coffee shop back in 81 and i always stop there to reminisce and that's why i give it a good rating. they're always packed. my fav was the dampkring

    language Review by highway101
    nice to sit in the window...sometimes

    the reason that the bulldog and the grasshopper do so well despite bad service is because there are two types of visitor to the coffee shops of amsterdam. the first is the type that generally posts to message boards like this. someone who actually gives a s**t about the quality of the weed they are smoking and the environment in which they do it. the second is what, in my experience, has become the most common vistor to amsterdam. he or she who arrives with no idea where they are going or what to do but to try and enjoy the freedom that amsterdam can offer. they usually try and drink as much, smoke as much, watch as much porn they can and generally disrupt the enjoyment of type 1 (myself included). they dont care where they go and quite often they will never return to amsterdam. they dont care whether the sensimellia superskunk in the bulldog is not as good as the jack herer from the bluebird - it gets them stoned. its still going to be better than the trash they smoke at home. therefore the bulldog offers flashing lights, booze and pot - a magnet to these people. in other words - we dont want the bulldog or the grasshoper to improve. let those that dont appreciate the finer points of amsterdam culture leave it to those that do. do you really want those that enjoy the bulldog to start coming into de kuil or the good greenhouses? keep up the bad service the bulldog!

    language Review by soeast

    why, and how are they still in business? any good reviews for this chain come from the people (moles) who work for the owner. do not listen. we, as patrons from throughout the world must unite and make sure that we are ensured good, honest, and worthwhile places to visit. after all, the tourist trade brings in over a billion a year. imagine if this chain lost their share. i think it would raise others who operate in the same manner to shape up, or ship out! just my two cents worth.

    language Review by stoner entrepreneur
    an embarrassment to coffeeshops

    dear bulldog coffeeshop chain owner, i don't understand why you don't respect your own investment. there are at least a dozen bulldogs all over the city, your name is the most recognizable in the international coffeeshop/cannabis scene, and you are located in some of the best real estate in europe. why do you persist on sucking?! talk to most any tourist or local and they will tell you about your reputation. your weed is poor quality, your employees are rude and undertrained, and the overall experience is very artificial. you have the potential to become a true dynasty in the business. why are you never in the cannabis cup, surely you have the connections to acquire high quality gear if you chose. you could be setting trends in the industry, but have chosen the path of mismanagement, limited profits, and lowest common denominator. get a clue.

    language Review by silver
    nice ladies, good atmos, crap weed

    a saturday night in the main bar is pretty chilled out- good choons and nice ladies but the weed is awful and there is a tendency to meet english stag party knob ends.

    language Review by somebozo
    dont even bother...

    we went to the bulldog lounge in the mini rld near the rennaisance hotel. the place itself is very nice, nice seats, nice wooden bar. but the staff spoil it, ignorant, make you wait while they finish a combo, constantly checking if you have drink left. hate the place. do yourself a favour and dont even bother. there are plenty of shops top check it, avoid, avoid!!!

    language Review by smoker bob
    better off going almost anywhere

    these places, all of them, are tourist shop rip offs and should be avoided at all costs. bad atmosphere, forced buying of merchandise and lousy people.

    language Review by a Visitor
    strongarm assholes on spuistraat

    the bulldog at the top of spuistraat has a short nasty old black man who is the 'hired enforcer' i sat at the computer surfing and chilling, and watched him approach several groups of well-behaved young tourists leaning over the tables in their faces telling them that they hadn't bought anything in over fifteen minutes. lecturing them about the house rules, which seemed to consist of different ways of scaring naive americans when they are drunk or stoned. he approached another table who had just made a purchase at the counter, telling them that they couldn't use their own pipe. he said they would have to buy one from their display or leave. i was so appalled, that i walked out muttering something about dope nazis, ok, i wasn't exactly muttering.

    language Review by european

    we sat down outside at the leidseplein shop. all the empty tables were absolutely filthy and were looking as they hadnt been cleaned all day and after waiting ten minutes nobody had come to clean or take our order so we left again.

    language Review by crystal marie
    they are everywhere

    very commercial. was nice though. of course i will go back. but it is very commercial

    language Review by a Visitor
    the first one was nice

    there are lots of bulldogs....but the original one in the red light district was fun....sit in the window seat and watch the tourist and the hookers ,,,,,,too much fun.....kinda of a young crowd there

    language Review by a Visitor
    an interesting experiance

    a lasting memory, one which will be talked about for many years to come! the coffee was good too! between the joint al a carte and the superskunk, i had a good time!

    language Review by a Visitor
    the first, not the best, maybe the biggest

    the bulldog might claim to be the first and the best but i have to say that they are not the best. if you would like to buy good ghanja do not get it here, there are so many other good places to get your shit. the bulldog is a good place to hang out in if you happen to get the right staff, there are many lcations and all are different i found, even the staff varies from location to location.there is appearently a new coffeeshop in the spuistraat geared towards techies, in a english pub setting..cool..but is the smoke still good?

    language Review by dadoc
    good position

    i drank two cups of coffie verkeerd at the leidseplein bulldog, the coffee was good, the first waiter very friendly but the second guy was weird. instead of a cookie he brought me a satchel of coconut tea ! and no saucer for the cup. i didnt sample the weed but for hanging out and watching the invisible man perform on the leidseplein it was good.

    language Review by a Visitor
    not as bad as people say

    i stopped at the bulldog a few times on my last trip. i was only able to visit th shop on leidseplein. the location was nice. i was able to relax out front and people watch as i burned a fatty. i was also surprised in the weed that i got. i dont remember what the price was but it was a skunk strain. i hate to say this but... i would visit again.

    language Review by destroyah
    rude staff and shitty weed

    bull-dog? bull-shit is more like it. this was by far the worst coffeeshop i visited the entire trip!!! the people were rude and the weed sucked. i bought 2gm of something that was supposed to be white widow, but smelled like mildew. this is a place for people that don't know their gear. if you've ever bought weed from this dump, i feel sorry for ya. bollocks to the bulldog!!!!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    location location location

    the bulldogs are all well located and nicely appointed in typical pub fashon. if they sold better weed they'd get 5 stars from me.

    language Review by Bon Bon Billy
    For the tourists ... friendly service

    Not the best grass but good service is the calling card here. The bulldog staff knows who butters the bread and tourists are treated very well. I had no problems here other than getting a seat sometimes. The place was usually crowded but the staff kept the place moving so there were no long waits. I also will say that because of the tourist atmosphere and crowded tables that your chance at meeting new friends is better here than other more locally oriented shops.

    language Review by steve

    I stayed near the Leidseplein in Nov. for 5 days and had my morning cup of Bulldog coffee with whipped cream on it and it got so that I looked forward to it everyday. The important part is to get a table outside in the glass enclosed area and fire up your morning smoke and tune yourself in to the excitement of the start of another electrical day in Amsterdam, but don't make the Bulldog your focal point. I was treated very well at the bar each evening also.

    language Review by Raymond Iwata

    I wrote a good review in 1998 but am forced to eat my words! The place (especially the staff) has gone to hell in a handbag! I'll give them one more chance when I return next month but I fear the worst! Try the Greenhouse! At least they are friendly!

    language Review by Jim
    one good thing about the liedsplien bulldog:

    Its close to the pancake place across from the marriot!! you can use it as a landmark for which way to go as long as it is away from them!!!

    language Review by KJ
    Changed my opinion

    I wrote a good review of the Bulldog on the Leidsesplein and having just returned from my second trip to Amsterdam I am forced to agree with most others, IT SUCKS! The place is torn all to hell and there is no bar downstairs just the gift shop where you buy the weed and tourist crap. The attitude of the staff sucks and with so many good shops within ten minutes walking distance don't waste the time or your money, go to a shop that deserves your business.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    this place sucks..all locations

    what a shitty 'chain' shop. Bad weed, bad prices, just in it for the money. avoid at all costs!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    staff with attitude.

    was there in 11/26/00 I asked for a glass of wine and got dish water. the grass was boring,and the staff was obnoxious

    language Review by a Visitor
    The bulldog blows

    Shitty staff, shitty weed, shitty atmosphere. Amsterdam has alot of great places to go and hang out, but the bulldog isn't one of them.

    language Review by george
    eight years smokin( bull )and others

    some staff usual nazis at the door others vgood ,barstaff always helpfull,expensive second rate hash with an occasional good piece at an inflated price. grass is also mostly over priced and over rated. but a good place to watch the talent from and in?.

    language Review by Gaz Edwards
    English pubs

    It's just like a pub in england, dead loud music, drunken yobbos and nowhere to sit down. Didn't buy any weed from there as it was expensive for what they'd got. Served the purpose during the afternoon though, game of pool and a smoke. But would avoid at other times as not really a place i'd wanna chill out and chat in.

    language Review by Veronica W
    Avoid the Bulldog at all costs

    I agree with Tracey C. I was present the night of the Fireworks incident. I found the bar staff rude and arrogant, it is like they are doing you a favour by serving you, the management are pigs and quality of the dope, well I have smoked tastier toenail clippings and gotten higher. Leave this tourist cesspit well alone

    language Review by a Visitor
    Good for what it is

    I was in Amsterdam in June'00 and I stayed just off the Leidsplein and would go there in the morning for a cup of coffee and a morning toke. I found the staff very friendly and the weed very good and the coffee was actually pretty good. I didn't go upstairs just hung-out in front and watched Amsterdam wake up. Don't discount this place based on a couple of bad reviews, it was great for the time of day I was there, although things may change at night.

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