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Visitor reviews Conscious Dreams
Visitor reviews Conscious Dreams

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    language Review by zoe
    kerkstraat 93 has moved to kerkstraat 113-115

    aloha, i just came back from my 5 week trip in amsterdam, it was my first time and it was great. and offcourse i went to take a look to a conscious dreamstore,but first i did some research, and i found out that the first store was on the kerkstraat 117 about 12 years ago and it is the first smartshop in the whole world! but they moved a couple of times in the same street and now finally they are setteld in a awesome shop on 113-115 'dreamlounge', there are 2 shops in one building, a tattoo shop downstairs and the smartshop upstairs with a very unique design each of them. there is like a small lounge and internet, and they got pretty much everyting. as i found out in my trip in amsterdam is that the dreamlounge is one of the cheapest smartshops in town. and the two guys working their where great, helping you with everything and any questions you had. just want to say that i'm impressed with the hole 'smartshop' thing. zoe

    language Review by fat chants
    someone finally thought of..

    ..setting up an cool room for people who are doesd to be able to sit somewhere safge and chill out.. there are coffee shops for this in regard to cannabis, but it's heart-warming that these people set up a place for people eating mushrooms to hang out, be at peace and not feel rushed, even when they won't be spending any money sitting there.. i don't know if there is more than one conscious dreams, but the one i was at was sweet. i found the staff to be quite knowledgeable, and they actually seemed more interested in giving you information than in selling you product.

    language Review by dave
    thai heaven

    tried the thai cubensis shrooms from here, about two hours before the england-turkey game on oct 11th. wow, the footy became a very surreal concept indeed - i'm sure i was the only lad in a jammed rld bar who laughed (really laughed) at the beckham penalty. the bar danced in circles, the stunner working behind it revolved effortlessly, and all was very well for a good while. in other words, the thai were fantastic, i'd heartily recommend them. didn't really pay much attention to the shop, but the bloke working there was very helpful and informative about how to take them and what to expect. god i love amsterdam.

    language Review by a Visitor
    my favourite place

    i went to conscious dreams kokopelli. this is a smart shop gallery type place with a great decor. new age music playing and a seating area over looking the canal with couches. its not a coffee shop so they dont sell weed but u can smoke ur own there and chill out. when i found the place i had already had a mexican mushroom trip so i didnt sample the shrooms here which i hear are good. we met tom, a cool guy who works there who was telling us about tripping and we met his 2 kittens too. great place, def go there.

    language Review by day tripper
    shroom with a view...

    i'm giving the shop near leidespleine 5 stars for letting me in to purchase some shrooms even though they were officially closed that day. only the mexican cubensis variety was available though, instead of the several i was hoping for from their website.

    language Review by pete d.
    a little dab'll do 'ya !!

    been to a'dam 12 times in the last few years. only 'shroomed a few times while there. this is the place to pick up your products. friendly, helpful staff, they'll steer you toward what effects you're looking for. listen to them. a good meal a few hours before your trip is a good idea, too. one night i did this & slowly munched about 1/2 the container of 'shrooms over the course of the evening. it was sooo pleasant! the perfect blend of food, beer, 'shrooms, & smoke. i loved standing on a small floating boat dock near the bottom of the university district--it was like riding on a gently floating, flying carpet. enjoy, but use caution when tripping in another country. the mixture of jet-lag along with hard partying & different eating schedules, ect, can work against you. if you're not sure, begin your journey in the comfort & safety of your hotel room. then, if you find all is well, you can take it from there.

    language Review by cooter

    got my first batch of mushrooms here. some hawaians. took alittle bike ride. excellent. very good mushrooms. only thing that sucked is while i was tripping i found out we got attacked by walking in a store to buy some water the guy asks me 'are you american'? i say yes and he told me to look at the tv and there it was. that sucked. otherwise very good mushrooms.

    language Review by a Visitor
    these guys know their drugs

    i've been to amsterdam twice. its a long flight from the states and you'll suffer from jet lag. as soon as you get to your room, don't sit down! you'll fall asleep and waste a day. immediately drop your bags and go to conscious dreams on the warmoestraat and explain to the gentleman that you have travelled overnight, that you want something that will pick you up, but not cause you to hallucinate, that will allow you to function normally. these guys behind the counter are like pharmacists...they will fill your prescription for whatever high you want. he'll probably recommend final-e. i purchased a small bottle, took a pill and within 20 minutes i straghtened right up, felt like i just got out of bed. took another every 4 hrs and got me thru the day. for the rest of the week i'd pop one everytime i felt jet lag creeping in and had no problems with exhaustion. also while you're there, pick up whatever smoking utensiles you need so that you that you don't have to look for them later. you must get a pipe or bong, lighter, also recommend mushrooms. thai cubensis is excellent for the museums, and philosopher stones are great for sitting around and talking to people. shrooms come in 30g boxes. eat no more than 1/2. you can eat an entire box for the full effect...just don't plan anything for the rest of the day, i.e. make sure you're near a bed.

    language Review by daniel
    warmoestraat is the best

    have made three 'trips' to amsterdam and patronized the shop on warmoestraat each time. the personnel were always extremely knowledgable and helpful. the fresh and dried mushrooms were always as advertised. would not hesitate to recommend this shop and their products. happy tripping.

    language Review by Raoul P
    I remember this place!

    It was evening ....tripping....thru-up fell into canal! I cant wait to go back.

    language Review by s t i a n

    they have the best shrooms available.and the people behind the desk are very helpfull

    language Review by Dennis

    They sell all kinds of stuff, but they really don't know shit about them. The stoners that are behind the counter, well....it's not worth talking about.

    language Review by a Visitor

    What a find one of the best shops in the dam which is saying something, what ever it is that you're looking for cactus shrooms herbs they've got it. Try the hawian mushrooms sure to make you lose it.

    language Review by Larry
    don't even think about any other smart shops

    This is the place. Very well informed staff and trippy interior. They sell all their shrooms fresh in little plastic containers just like Safeway (large American supermarket) does. They give you a 'Have a wonderful flight to your inside' product info handout with all the dos and don'ts of shrooming.The Kerkstraat 117 main store is easyily accesible from the 1,2 & 5 tram line Prisengracht stop. That's the 7th stop from CS. My only slight complaint:they don't open until 11AM, plan ahead for early morning trips. check out www.procare.nl for their shroom growers site. Happy trails to you.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Best shrooms on the planet!!!

    The staff was very helpfull, and the decor fitting. I purchased 4gr of Copelandia shrooms, went back to my hotel room and saw GOD!!! The trip came on fast, strong, and in my opinion, the best shroom trip I have ever been on. I've done many shrooms in my time, but the ones they supplied me with, were the best I have ever done, bar none. I would recomend them for there service, and products, and if you don't make it to CD, you have missed out.

    language Review by Armbar
    A good place for Shrooms

    The decor of Conscious Dreams is very trippy and definitely a step up from many of the other smart shops. Cacti and peyote as well as the deadly Dantura were on display in a grow room and in the sales cases. Purchased and consumed 15 grams of Philosopher's Stones and was tripping off my ass for like 5 hours. Unbelievable.

    language Review by sky pilot
    great people, great psychedelics, best in amsterdam

    Myself and three friends recently returned from amsterdam. The CS people sold us some mushrooms, informed us of their strength and even threw in a mushroom joint because we bought so much. They gave us helpful council when we tried a drug called 2C-T-2 and even helped us mid-trip with some chemicals to balance us out....these people were fantastic and also have the best prices on "smart" drugs in amsterdam. Trust them, they were auite great...and you can even check your email at their shop.....yeah

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