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Revisiones del visitante Coffeeshop 36
Revisiones del visitante Coffeeshop 36

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    language revisión por un visitante
    36 is 3x12

    It is realy a great place. Now very cosy with the x-mas decoration. The younger stuffs sometimes seams a little bit lazy, but the music is perfect and the older guy always the best. The wiew is also fantastic, like the pooltable. And if you want to remember for this place, just buy a T-shirt, lookes like very well, and the material is good. Of course the product and the prices also ok:)Love this place, love the guy with long hair:)

    language revisión por un visitante de Bélgica

    vieuw on the canals,...drum'n bass....a pooltable....a nice chick behind the bar...(ladies probs some nice dude 2, but don't look that much for those)....need i say more,....go there every time,.....and it's still the best. Nothing fancy, just enjoy!!! ....

    language revisión por Andy de Finlandia
    Nice place to start

    Just came from "Dam" and 36 was the first coffeeshop I went to. The guy selling the weed was very friendly and advised me what should I smoke when I have just came out of the airplane then. View over water was really nice after night flight to Dam just chill out there and watch the water. Bad side was the music. I think this Trance thing should be forgotten to the nineties. Nowdays Im more rock man. So if u dont like "huncha-huncha" trance u may not enjoy your stay so much. Music is not too loud luckily. Also when I went there again the next day the staff wasnt so friendly like the first time. They were different people but by no means rude or unpleasent in any way. They were totally correct and nice but not SUPER-nice like the first time.

    language revisión por George de Reino Unido

    It's the very nicest stuff; price/quality is ok for this. Employees are very nice and friendly.. The old man is the best!!!!

    language revisión por bollicky bill de Irlanda
    convenient and friendly

    36 was the first smokehouse my pal and i visited on my most recent soiree to amsterdam as it was the closest to our lodgings.as a seasoned smoker(been puffin away for the past 15years and im 26 do the maths!)so usually avoid coffeeshops in this area like the plague it was my mates first trip however so he dived in before i could stop him.when i walked in the back of the place was being painted and the very friendly owner was painting around the punters who were sat there.hillarious!i bought 2g jackherer weighed in front of me, very reasonable for this neck of the woods and the quality was on par wit some of the really good shops outside centsum. mate got 1g king hassan, tasted lovely but not as stony as one might expect.it is the owner and staff who couldnt have been more accommodating and i will definitely visit again

    language revisión por un visitante de Italia

    Coffee shop molto carino,con vista sul canale,prezzi più o meno come quelli commerciali chiedi la white whidow e ti danna la solita "orange" commercialotta che quando stai fatto non capisci più un cazzo e ti fregano

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