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Visitor reviews Cum Laude
Visitor reviews Cum Laude

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    language Review by european

    this was the best of the small shops we visited and their white widow became my favourite weed this trip even though i had smoked more exotic strains most of the week !

    language Review by crystal marie
    perfect bud-perfect hash-perfect atmosphere

    we went there everyday for a week. they surely got our business and will continue to the next time we go. people were great. and the dope was out of this world. try the white widow. it will put hair on your chest. place was small, but what isnt in amsterdam. definately a keeper!!

    language Review by mike
    grand spot !!!

    this place seems to be run by the same people as kandinsky & front page - the smoking menus are the same anyway & the quality of the smoke is always excellent. as a hang-out, i prefer the spacier environment of kandinsky, but it's a grand spot to pop into if yer passing & a great place to purchase top pollens & squidgey!

    language Review by pmal2-usa
    literally 'hole-in-the-wall' with strong options

    strongest weed at best price in the 'dam! stop in before you catch the canal boat tour, but don't expect too stay. a smidge small and a smidge vacant for chillin' out in.

    language Review by marquise
    as we haven't seen much more i can asure you that this is the good place for shoping.

    great, 'they say i was in amsterdam, but i can't remember' and that is mostly becouse 'cum laude' exists. -- marquise, croatia

    language Review by m&r on tour
    a friendly 'hole in the wall', that's open late.

    we had just come from a residents show at the paradiso to check out the redlight district, it was about 12:30 or 1:00am they were still open, kick ass! they guy behind the bar rolled us up a pure weed(ak47) 'amsterdam stlye' joint, as we are not tobacco smokers.

    language Review by diane
    Friendliest Dealer in Town!

    Small, cozy and felt like I was in my living room. Very freindly and knowledgable dealer who showed me the way things were done in the Dammer.... Go and Visit.

    language Review by Fitri
    chilling place

    Amsterdam is one of the relaxed cities i was in in 99...not just the weed....casue i didnt try it as much as others...but the atmosphere and the vibe and just the place is unforgettable.......and i was very well acquainted with the CYBER CAFE to access my mail and to chill out.... Overall Amsterdam is definitely another place i will visit agian in the near future......... =)

    language Review by porkchop
    Very mellow

    very chilled place great selection of weed. Paticularly liked the special discounts and the effects book. Really well worth a look.

    language Review by BigJohn420
    Great Cappucino, Great Spot

    The weed was nothing special, but good and priced decent (didn't try the hash). I thought that this place had one of the best cappucinos I got on my trip. They give you these little cookies and a piece of chocolate with every cup. Great place to kill time while waiting for the canal tour to start. Also great for watching passing people through the windows. Worth a stop.

    language Review by Neb
    Great service, recomendations and quality smokes.

    We popped into the place by chance and where amased by the variety of weed and hash available. I expecialy liked the effect-discriptions of each kind in the menue (available in a few different langueges). Find out about the discounted days (every 8 days I think it is) Go for the Trans Himalaja hash try (It`s an activ and creativ high) ;)

    language Review by Armbar
    Ok atmosphere, didn't try the smokes

    The atmosphere reminded me a lot of a McDonald's, with the upstairs and downstairs. Not a bad place though and the people seemed nice. If I went again I'd definitely try some of the weed.

    language Review by Bob
    A very mellow place with excellent smoke

    We found this place by accident one day on the way to DeDampkring. It is located across a bridge on a very unassuming narrow street. The staff was friendly and warm. On the night we visted,there was only one other person there.(apparently a friend of whoever was working there)After making our purchase and sitting down they were quick to include us in thier conversation,making us feel very welcome and at home. We purchased the power plant and I must say,it lived up to it's name,being some of the most potent herb we smoked while in Amsterdam. It will definitely be a place I return to again.

    language Review by tony
    top quality

    some of the best smoke in the dam.nice atmosphere to go with it.

    language Review by Dean

    This place is really the top of the bill, the quality of the smokes is really tremendous and that's what it's all about, ain't it?

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