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Visitor reviews De Dampkring
Visitor reviews De Dampkring

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    language Review by sally from USA
    The Best Coffeeshop

    If one was to imagine the perfect coffeeshop with great weed/hash, a psychedelic/trippy interior, a good variety of music and situated between the city center, Spui and Leidseplein, this would be it. The G13Amnesia was an amazing sativa-ish high. It's really hard to imagine improving on this weed. If it hasn't already, I'd be surprised if this weed doesn't win some awards - it stands out, which is saying a lot when you're in Amsterdam. Also got the Cheese which was very good (as promised by the budtender). There aren't words adequate enough to describe how special the decor is. Why isn't every coffeeshop like this?!

    language Review by jaggi from Kuwait
    The best

    I love this place

    language Review by Bennet from Austria

    a great place with great haze!!! Nice equipment and good cakes . I would recommend SUPER SILVER HAZE & OCEANS TWELVE HAZE

    language Review by davie wright from United Kingdom
    got the lot

    this is a gr8 shop with everything 4 the starter or counisouer & boasts the 1 of the largest menus in all of holland also has a cannibis cup entery every year.

    language Review by disappointed from USA

    Rude, overcrowded, overrated, overpriced. I could never get to the counter and nobody waited on us for a half an hour at a table. Will not go back and will not go to the new place on Haarlemmerstraat.

    language Review by Bob from USA

    One word - RUDE. I didn't have any bad experiences with the "Dutch" service, I rather enjoyed it. But this place was downright rude and OVERPRICED!!!

    language Review by Tug from USA
    Good spot gets crowded fast

    Got there before 11 and got a nice table the closest one to the door. Immediately went to the budtender. This was my "first" c/s ever. Make a good decision and asked how to get to the hotel before smoking. Guy was nice showed me the menu asked if I wanted to get high and have fun or get stoned and get lost I told him the latter. Within 30 minutes I was blasted and the shop got crowded fast. I can't say it didn't make me paranoid as again it was our first shop. Anyway nice place, atmosphere and location surely will go back, get there early grab a seat. Gave our table to a couple of hottie chics and got a huge hug, DW didn't like that but she managed. Can't wait till I can try it again.

    language Review by mr taff from Bolivia
    topp bud,

    got mr nice, nepal pollen couple of drinks,i sat where robbie coltraine sat in oceans twelve.what more do you want!

    language Review by Melissa from United Kingdom
    Pleasant Surprise

    First visit to Amsterdam. Tried the NYC Diesel & King Hassan Hash. We then went looking for pancakes ! Friendly & helpful staff; good atmosphere and one amazingly stoned cat. Recommended.

    language Review by cazvegas from United Kingdom
    the best!

    after my friends flew back home i felt a little down being on my own in amsterdam, so i headed for the dampkring to cheer me up. i couldnt have asked for a better welcoming! after ordering my coffee and taking a seat at the bar, marvelling at the ambience, i was given my coffee 'on the house' by the gorgeous bartender guy. well, that was it. a favorite of mine for sure. they had a block party remix album on and we were all getting funky, heads nodding .feet tapping, lungs a smokin! to top it off, a gorgeous australian guy started chatting to me and we left to have dinner. i'll leave the rest to your imagination. your adventure starts in the dampkring!

    language Review by Mike
    Worse smoke I had sold to me.....

    I've smoked better ditch weed than the shit they sold me (pre-rolled) in the Dampkring.

    language Review by quantum leap

    i had a chance to visit dampkring several times in the last 2 weeks. it was amazing. this was my first trip to amsterdam, so as a longtime smoker, i had huge expectations. dampkring not only met my daydream highmark, it far exceeded it. everything was perfect. decor, psychedelic yet not over-the-top. lighting, not too bright, not too dark, the kind of lighting that would make star jones look thin and hot. the staff, beautiful and friendly, angels that than crack open the blackest of hearts with a smile. i had a chance to talk to a bartender that beared an amazing resemblance to salma hayek. i'm not an ugly man, but this goddess was way out of my league. yet she was still friendly and engaging. the buds, out of this world. try mako haze or sage & sour, and hold on for the ride of your life. the menus even have friendly descriptors to help you decide on taste and highs. the bar serves an assortment of delicious stoner drinks, including strawberry, mango, freshly squeezed orange juice and alcohol (not all coffee shops serve alcohol). the people, a motley crew, made up of seasoned locals and wide-eyed tourists from around the world. the complete package, out of this world atmosphere and vibe. i highly recommend this mecca for smokers. in fact, if a semi-truck ran me over tomorrow and i ended up in dampkring, i would know for sure that god exists. and he forgave me for that incident in '97.

    language Review by ethan

    i got so blown out at dampkring all day for 3 days straight. i highly recommend the white widow and ocean's haze. the first time i went to dampkring i was so stoned i lit the whole joint on fire, tragic i know. a scene from ocean's 12 was filmed there which adds a bit of nostalgia.

    language Review by shithousedacrosseurope
    if god smoked, he would smoke here!

    i was so shithoused out of my mind at this place, that i dont even know if it really exists. oh, and the space cakes were great. and the stoner next to me let me use his lighter.

    language Review by melodee

    this is a great coffeeshop for young party people, not necessarily for the best weed or hash. it is large for a coffeeshop, very dark and loud. i generally avoid it and look for places where the dutch go to get their puff.

    language Review by killacam

    i was in amsterdam for a week and i went to the dampkring at least once a day. loved the silver haze. i only gave it a 4 star bc there was no 4 1/2. it would get a five hands down if it were a little bigger

    language Review by soraya
    de damprking rules

    de damprking is the greatest coffeeshop on many fronts...the vibe, moroccan decor, killer music and friendly staff...the dutch are so awesome! we love to visit and get pics of bowie the cat! rock on... soraya

    language Review by amateur smoker
    best in amsterdam - even for amateurs

    was in amsterdam for 3 days, and kept coming back every single day. nice, friendly and very tolerant staff. smoked hemp with tobacco, and did it for me. the bartender even gave me free tea with the stuff i bought there. if you haven't been there, you haven't been to a good coffeeshop in amsterdam.

    language Review by a Visitor
    heaven on earth

    heaven on earth. the jack herer haze is the best in town!

    language Review by j blunt
    easy to miss

    the best place on earth needs to be visited.

    language Review by a Visitor

    good place to go rather small though, seamed to have the best selection of weed out of the 5/5 coffee shops we visited could do with some comfy seated area

    language Review by boris haman
    ocean's twelve

    this is the best shop in town, heaven on earth! they shoot a part of the movie ocean's twelve in this coffeeshop. we loved the ocean's twelfe haze

    language Review by a Visitor
    i've tried many.....but the dampkring is the best!

    we had a list of all the interesting coffee shops in amsterdam. we visited about fifteen of them. dampkring was the best one and we came for more and we will come back for more in the future. the ambiance, friendly staff and the location were our favorite. try it, you'll love it!

    language Review by a Visitor
    the best .friendliest.coffeeshop

    loved it first time and spent a few of the best hours of my first visit smoking some of the best weed ive had and with some of the nices people ive ever met goin back tonight cant wait see you very soon want some more of that newyork diesel

    language Review by soraya
    bowie de cat & de best coffeeshop in amsterdam!

    de dampkring is the greatest coffeeshop in all of amsterdam...my husband and i love to hang out there each night after dinner. the staff is wonderful and friendly. the moroccan style decor rules, bowie the cat is amazing and so are the cool people that hang out there...the vibe is fabulous and it blows away the competition! de dampkring is the best! they have the right formula! keep up the terrific work!

    language Review by cameron
    early morning is you best bet.

    to crowded most of the time to hang out. the early morning is the best time to chill out inside. great smoke, drinks arent the most expensive in town. the house cat is good for a laugh. :)

    language Review by birdman
    if only it was a wee bit bigger.

    i love this place. it has trippy decor, serves beer, great music, and one of the best hasj/weed menus in all of amsterdam. it's also centrally located. the only downfall is it gets a bit too cramped, especially on weekends when all the brits fly in (but what place doesn't, right?). luckily i have found seats my last few times there. three types of moonshine hasj, need i say more?

    language Review by nez
    this is the smokers paradise....

    i have just got back from amsterdam and had an amazing time. the dampkring is definately the best coffeshop i went to. the buds here are amazing, its a lil more expensive than other coffeeshops but worth every euro. the decor is amazing, its the perfect surroundings to enjoy some quality high grade weed. the staff are great too!! i will definately be coming back..the ak-47 is amazing try it!!!!!

    language Review by mike t
    the bomb bay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this place is the bomb, was the first time i went to amsterdam and i went to a few different coffeeshops and found this was the best. the weed here was out of this world, the different hashes and skunks were amazing i just had to buy as much as i could. i recommend oceans twelve, haiwian haze and the super pollen, i am also happy to say i didnt go white

    language Review by kirk caldy
    future of css

    fourth time visitor to ams, first time to this shop. it blew me away, from the professional friendly attitude of the staff to the cutting edge technology of the dealers booth (has to be seen!), i was very impressed. bought a haze pre rolled with tabac, did the trick for me.

    language Review by yasmina
    damprking and bowie the cat rule!

    the dampkring was the best...the best! the staff is awesome, coffee ruled, the atmosphere was incredible and of course the main attraction is bowie the cat! smile! meow... yasmina

    language Review by taylor
    crazy decor

    i've just got back from dam n i loved every minute of it. we visited dampkrink a few times. i was too stoned to remember wot i bought but i have no complaints about the weed. the staff werent that friendly but who really cares? theres plenty too look at as the decorating is spot on, its a chilled atmosphere and brilliant lighting (not too dark but not very light)next time i visit dam this will be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place i will visit. brilliant.

    language Review by elova jonnz
    outstanding,if you only have time to hit one coffeshop,go here.

    this is my 2nd trip to amsterdam,& 3rd time going to the dampkring.& 4th &5th. outstanding grass,the nyc diesel is the shit! the place is small by u.s. standards but that makes it that much more homey. friendly staff great gear & good food. dampkring new york loves you.

    language Review by a Visitor
    i passed out here.

    this is the best place i ever went in my life. i spent so much time smoking delicious dope that i ended up passed out and was placed outside as a piece of decor to lure in passersby. if only the vongoodnesses could have been here.

    language Review by the dude
    i really enjoyed the place

    in march when i went to amsterdam this was the first coffeeshop i went to and really love it.like everything else in amsterdam it too is rather small the only complaint. verry warm and cozy place.nice staff sorta rare in amsterdam.

    language Review by a Visitor
    great atmosphere and good stuff

    this was the first place we hit that was open. very freindly bartender, and i really liked the list that gives you an idea of what each type does, so you know what to expect. sadly we were only in dam for about 24 hours and it was only me and my hubby. we got 1 gm of warlock haze, and it lasted us the entire time. only bad parts were we didnt have enough time to try out different types and my tolerance was very low( hadn't smoked for a few months before we went) i was humbled..lol i sat in the hotel room that night n giggled n mumbled about ordering room service. my best tip to those who've never been: go with a group of people and at least a few days so you can sample different things, take it slow at first, and don't end up like me stoned of your ass to the point you don't want to leave your room..lol i have to go back!!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    good cs

    friendly staff, good gear. a must to go to when in the dam.

    language Review by nikolai burdy
    over rated big time!

    sorry i bet you guys love this place, everyone does! ive been to dam 3 times in 11months! every time i go into dampkring. its shit! never again! rude staff! bad atmosphere! first time me and my mate got different weed. both identical! both tasted like soap!!! so nasty and hard to toke! last time i ordered some sage. 'no probs' i pay and iam happy. my mate asks another guy, he goes 'sorry all outta sage!' so the guy lied to me! cos what he gave me there was loads left! and it tasted like soap again. they rip people off!

    language Review by mike
    great coffee shop

    great gear, friendly staff, very nice clean coffee shop. a must when in amsterdam.

    language Review by arthur
    the favourite joint of ocea'ns 12

    one of the best shops in the dam.great menu. they shoot a scene of the blockbuster ocean's 12 in this coffeeshop.

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