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revues de visiteur Dolphins
revues de visiteur Dolphins

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    language Revue a un visiteur
    bob marley, happpy weed.

    definitely my favourite coffee shop in amsterdam, ventilation downstairs was pretty good, they have free wifi, they play loads of bob marley, and if you take your shoes off, you can put your feet up. the white dolphin weed seems to make you much happier than any other strain i've tried, northern lights is also great stuff.

    language Revue a Rafael de États-Unis
    Wireless Internet Access Too!

    The Blue Dolphin provides free wireless Internet access. I could answer my students calculus questions (I was teaching an online calculus class), while sipping some tasty space tea... The staff was very friendly, as were the clientele. Highly recommended!! :)

    language Revue a herbNmagic de Canada
    Dolphins... so so

    The White dolphin and the Royal Dolphin were both a disappointment. Spend a few hours there my first Amsterdam night and wasnt impressed with there smoke. That was August 2006, mabey better next time around.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    still good

    spent a few evenings downstairs having a smoke of the infamous white dolphin which was excellent but the northern lights they do is better!

    language Revue a weedman!!
    the best in town

    the dolphins c.s is the best, great weed and staff. i couldn't be in a better place, so i think 'the streets' is sick in the head!! what he writes must be fantasie

    language Revue a un visiteur

    oh shit...the dolphins is for me the best coffeshop in amsterdam...it's the good place to chill with the two floors! the persons inside are peace, and the persons who work in are very nice! the space-muffins are delicious and makes you get high!for space-teas, they are great to!

    language Revue a nachbauer
    just the best

    the dolphins is the best coffe shop i' ve ever seen!! we spend every day a great time in there .. and if you want to chill, just ask for a bit northern lightz .. in my opinion the best weed with which you have the best chilling time! =)

    language Revue a the streets
    just the worst....

    for a start, they keep losing their weed license....... i openly saw one of the guys working there harassing (really was bad) all the females, plus helping some young 'lads' steal her cellular phone. plus its normally very hot. plus its dirty.....oh yeah, not cheap either. on a positive side, the bar staff can be nice. this place stinks.

    language Revue a jinks420
    spacecake and free wi-fi

    the dolphins is one of my fave coffeeshops in the dam. great weed, free wi-fi and fantastic spacecake with a blue jelly dolphin on top.the

    language Revue a 4roses
    great white dolphin !!

    one of a kind, go and have a real good coffee and ..... the best shop in town! great staff and the best hasj and weed!!

    language Revue a daniel diky lee
    limited choice of weed but laid back and a great location

    having only recently returned and visiting dolphins, i was a little disappointed. we had been searching for a more than comfortable coffeeshop with counches and tv on offer, however despite the chilled basement which did suffice, the weed was limited. the joy of having such a limited choice is that the quality needed to be good and it was. the dolphin skunk was heavenly in its appearance, smell, and dryness. worth visiting but if only for one reefa!

    language Revue a drumdemon44
    you have to try the white dolphin !!!!!!

    i just got back from amsterdam on may 11th. before i got there i heard that they are selling again, so i had to check it out. this coffee shop rocks !!! the staff was very friendly and their smoke was top shelf. the white dolphin i tried was some of the best tasting smoke i tried on my trip, and it got me high as a kite !!!!!!!! the decor downstairs it really cool. the under water vibe was cool and relaxing, overall this shop rocked !

    language Revue a dnabear
    the dolphins is selling again.

    i just got back from visiting and can report that the dolphins once again has cannabis and hash. gone, however, is any alcohol. all the liquor bottles are still there in the 'coral' behind the bar, but they are empty. i get the feeling they are also under new management. this was possibly one of the conditions of being able to sell cannabis again. one of the owners, hamid, is gone as well as many of the staff. there was only one person i recognize from visits a long time ago. something else new is that if you are going to smoke cigarettes, you will have to go downstairs. the dolphins is still as friendly as ever and remains my favorite in amsterdam

    language Revue a cameron
    love the window seat.

    friendly staff, nice atmosphere. great place to drink a beer and toke up after a long day of walking. beware of the bongs though as they are more for show than use. the one offered was dirty and leaked water.dont think anyone had asked for one in a while. all in all a great little shop.

    language Revue a birdman
    even with out the weed

    yeah, even without the weed this place is one of the friendliest, most comfortable places to hang! and it's right near everything!

    language Revue a fabio
    good atmosphere downstairs

    i have visited amsterdam 5 times and i have always been there due to the very very good atmosphere and the wonderful downstair room. not so many weeds, but high quality. my first place (joint) in the morning and the last in the night before sleeping... v

    language Revue a un visiteur
    lost cannabis licence & don't expect to get it back

    they still serve alcohol, but the proprietors are openly saying they don't expect to be granted a cannabis licence by the gov't. they lost it for having (way) over the legal maximum of 500g. too bad, the atmosphere was the most unique in the 'dam.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    one of the best in the city

    i have had the pleasure to visit many coffee shops in amsterdam. i found the dolphins to be the most comfortable. yes, the decor is quite interesting, but i really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere created by the staff. i have been to the dolphins on a few different visits to the city and it just seems like the nicest coffee shop that i have found.

    language Revue a exedore
    good place to hang out

    my brother and i visited this place cause of the stroies we heard about the decor. (he's into diving) upstairs is the bar area, a bit cramped, serve beer. i didnt notice the decorations upstairs but my brother said there were. bought the white dolphin and headed down the steep stairs. downstairs was much less crowded. several couches and tables are about. we took a seat, started rolling some smoke and drank soem beer. music was good for the mood. decorations were downstairs but from all the hype,, i thought it would have been better but it was still good. we hung here for awhile and enjoyed ourselfs. something that struck me starnge was when a girl (customer) who was ready to leave brought our empties upstairs for us. thought that was cool so i started doing that when i left a coffeeshop. smoke was nice. a definite place to come to when your here.

    language Revue a nik
    best in the dam

    dolphins dolphins dolphins well just simply the nicest people in everywhere. the staff are great and helpfull laid back no rush, just chill atmostphere. a must see place. nik xx

    language Revue a russ
    the most chilled coffeeshop in amterdam

    i visited amsterdam in february for 4 days and visited about 10 coffeshops including pink floyd,kadinsky,dampring and homegrown fantasy.the dolphins was the only coffee shop that me and my wife visited more than once as the place is just so cool(downstairs is best).the staff were very friendly and the weed was good to(i would highly recomend white dolphin(grass) and royal dolphin(hash)both of wich get you nicely baked)me and my wife ended using the dolphins as our home base and it would always be the place to be before we returned to our hotel at night.

    language Revue a boner
    very good!!!

    yes go and try the white dolphin weed which deserves all the praise it gets...

    language Revue a scott
    great place

    decided to try the dolphins on this last trip. soon as i walked in i knew it would be one of my favorites. sat at the bar, which is a great way to talk to the staff as your partying. tried the white dolphin which put me in a great mood, they also serve beer, which always attract's me. they also sell a real nice menu, if anybody collect's those...............

    language Revue a un visiteur
    best shop!!

    this is definitely the best spot to puff and relax with good friends. the atmosphere is great. the art on the wall makes you feel like you're underwater...with the dolphins!! it's really trippy and fun when you're stoned. this was my fav place--can't wait to get back to the dolphin!!

    language Revue a seouleast
    what a great place...... sept. 29th - oct. 7th

    what can i say about this place, but excellent. the gear is above average, but what i like about this place is the staff and atmosphere. i had a review about this place from my trip in january and it wasn't good, but i take it all back. i think that they have a new owner and that can make all the difference in the world. anyways, their royal dolphin and the white dolphin are excellent to mix in a fatty! darla, the bartender was sooooo nice. she offered and rolled me joint after joint. one day, i was in there from 10am till about 4:30pm. i had some gear from other places (grey area and de dampkring) and mixed them with their gear. what a rush! 6 different kinds of hash (3 blond, 3 dark) with poison (weed) from picasso. i think darla was trying to kill me. the owner even bought me and the guy who does their website lunch. can't get any friendlier than that! remember to sit at the bar if you can. i know that it is a little bit uncomfortable, but it is also a great way to get to know the peeps that run the place. plus, you might actually get to smoke some of their 'personal stuff'. i wish that we the consumers can get our hands on some of the more potent stuff that the dealers keep to themselves. anywho, for those about to roll.....i salute you! i also envy you, too! peace ya'll

    language Revue a dave
    best goldfish bowl award goes to...

    the dolphin. how cool are they? a nice shop, which gains bonus marks for the very comfy sofas downstairs, and the white dolphin pre-rolled which ensured a very mellow last nights kip and journey home from the dam this weekend. also came here last march - the northern lights was good from what i remember (not much), but we did freak out a little when some very gorgeous locals started trying to flog us e's at 35 euro a pop. unsurprisingly we told them where to get off. the muffins were quite fear-inducing as well, but that's part of the fun. worth a visit.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    the best

    i stayed in amsterdam for 2 weeks and visited the dolphin on a daily basis. great atmosphere and very relaxed. i sampled a little of everything from the menu, and was not disappointed. it was my first stop in the morning and my last stop at night before heading back to my hotel. my favorite of all the shops in the city (and i tried a lot of them)

    language Revue a tobes
    nice and relaxed

    downstairs they have nice booth type seating with really nice art on the walls. the white dolphin weed we bought here was really good, very buzzy with low mong quotient. music was a little loud but i'll forgive since they have an arcade machine with fatal fury. probably the best coffeeshop i visited.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    kosh the dealer was the best!!!!!

    my wife and i spent a week in the dam, this was the first place i went and every place else but the 420 was a let down. i cannot wait to go back. do not miss this place. ps: the owner was very nice. we went there twice a day for a week. the best in amsterdam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jason

    language Revue a jujumann

    this was one shop that has stuck in my mind since my trip to amsterdam, my first one i might add, but definitely not my last. me and my mate hung out for hours on end in this coffeeshop. royal dolphin hash was excellent with a nice taste and good buzz. they have a full bar with a cool underwater decor that is amazing to stare at while stoned as hell. also had two of their space muffins which had gummie dolphins on top. they were delicious and almost had me tripping. all in all a great shop, i will definitely be visiting again.

    language Revue a ashley rolleston
    loved it

    downstairs was fantastic with cubby holes to chill in, and good tunes and atmosphere. this was my favourite coffee shop in amsterdam.

    language Revue a michele
    great stop!

    this was a great place to stop. good atmosphere and good weed. we got the northern lights and had a great stone.the girl at the bar was really friendly and we had no hassels. met a nice couple from england and just shot the shit and smoked. i'd definitely go back!

    language Revue a mario&barbara
    one of the best in amsterdam

    the dolphins is one of the best coffeeshops in town, fantastic interior decor it seems like you're underwater, great selection of trippy-chillout-lounge music (mainly in the night, in the morning only commercial music), and the terrific royal dolphin, expensive but it's well well worth, even afghan is good and a little cheaper €8/pg, i don't know weed..... only negative thing is the barman/owner, a sort of hash-pushing fellow always trying to sell you more of what you want, as i read in other reviews.... overall, a great place to chill, surely we'll come back next time

    language Revue a un visiteur
    expensive heaven

    first place i'm going as soon as i get back. bought some royal dolphin and it got me cooked although at that price i'd certainly hope so!

    language Revue a ganjax
    good weed

    good weed, kool decor, didn't get a chance to check it all out just ordered some weed and pre-rolled to smoke, popped in another night for a cosmo cake, it wasn't very good and didn't mess me up.. was very very busy when we went there but managed to find a seat still. good service even with the crowd.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    not very hospitable to me

    i have heard this place was very hospitable to the customers and that it had a nice decor. the decor was ok but the bartender/weed guy was a bit rude. he tried to pressure me to purchase more than i wanted while telling me how much he can smoke. then he said he didn't like philadelphia even though he had never been there. not sure what his problem was but it ruined the placed for me. we didnt even stay to smoke, just a coffee.

    language Revue a zeppelin
    cool place

    very interesting decor in this place. it gives the illusion that you are under water, with the ceilings painted as water and the walls all coral. totally hot and friendly bartender, ginger, who spent an hour or so with us talking about dutch culture. went there twice while i was in a'dam. good buds and good hospitality.

    language Revue a zeebish
    white dolphin whammy

    nice place. very cozy with a friendly staff. the white dolphin was the best smoke during my week in amsterdam. of course for 15 euros per gram it should be! i'll be back.

    language Revue a bruce stone
    cool place very good white dolphin weed top three in my book

    came to a'dam to celebrate my 50 b-day and the bartender gave me more than one drink to help the cause. what a babe!!!!! the white dolphin weed was excelent. very much liked this place but the cannaboat was not running the week i was there in april met a guy there who showed me what ice-o-later was all about!!!like getting high the first time wow!!!! will be one of the first places i go when i go back hope the boat is running then.

    language Revue a jo
    the british girls loved the fish lights!!

    i have to say it was one of the best shops out there, of course the bulldog is an english girls dream. i dont know why i didnt ask at the time but how do u a) feed the fish and b) stop them burning. the bar tenders were great but what was with iding us? i'll be back under the waves soon!! watch out amsterdam!!

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