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Visitor reviews Dutch Flowers
Visitor reviews Dutch Flowers

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    language Review by A'damlover from Turkey

    This is the 4th time i am in a'dam. I ve been in many coffeshops since... Last time, I got "amnesia" from DutchFlowers, just a few tokes, i thought my eyes are going to pop out... It was that strong. This time, I got buddha cheese. This is similarly strong as well I smoke regularly in my life and i found this coffeshops' weed among the best in A'dam...

    language Review by ksn from USA
    complete waste of time

    i was living and working in amsterdam and often walked by and always wanted to stop. finally did one evening with my husband and our friend. we were having drinks and having a look at the smoke menu. i came up from the restroom and asked if could have a glass of water and the guy lashed out at me for being so disrespectful and not saying please. i told him to fuck off as i also worked in the hospitality industry at a hotel and bar in the city and do not demand that everyone thanks me for doing my job. besides, i asked very nicely for the glass of water after my husband had just ordered 3 drinks, tipped, and was also treated like shit. he was completely out of line as were his ridiculous cronies sitting at the bar calling me a stupid american among other things. it doesnt matter how "cool" or non-touristy you act. if he decides to have a problem with you, he will say whatever he wants to you as this is his sick idea of fun. he is not overly annoyed by tourists, otherwise he would not be working at a coffee shop situated in the heart of amsterdam.

    language Review by Paul from Canada
    Stopped for a very enjoyable cappuccino and a taste

    Was in Amsterdam giving a paper and visiting relatives and asked a nice woman for a referral, which was to Dutch Flowers. My experience was fine, despite some rough reviews here... I think if you act like a childish tourist, you'll be treated by one, just be cool and it's fine, or was for me anyway. Tried two types, both very excellent, almost as good as what we get here in Canada. I recommend the place, will go again, just don't be a dick and they'll be happy to serve you.

    language Review by Tito from USA
    Rude dude got a wake up call

    I thought I would try this place even with bad reviews. He was immedialtely rude to my girlfriend but took a BIG swallow when he saw me. I am a professional MMA fighter I made him say he was sorry and told him if I walked by and caught him being rude to anyone the week I was there I would give him another attitude adjustment.

    language Review by a lover of Amsterdam from United Kingdom
    nice ocation, shame about the service

    I agree with the other reviews, the guy at the bar can be quite curt. It's a shame because this small coffeshop has a great location away from the hustle and bustle

    language Review by a Visitor

    went twice recently, the first time was excellent, the second though was a bit crap, i ordered some weed (zenith which was 5/5) then asked for some beers only to be told i had to order them at the bar so i moved 6 inches to the left and ordered some beers f*cking jobsworth!

    language Review by fatsean
    good pot, no rudeness.

    i've been there in august 2004, and march 2005. i always say please and thank you when dealing with people who touch my food and other substances i consume. i had no problems, as i always buy a drink in every coffeeshop. i figure it's the least i can do to support such a cool idea. the last time a guy even asked me if i was enjoying the smoke...i'm pretty sure he wasn't being sarcastic. my dutch is horrible, i know like 10 words and speak with a bad american accent, but everyone was cool to me.

    language Review by kris
    avoid this place

    i've been to the city several times, but had never made it to this place until the last visit. i had heard the rumors about the people working being so rude, but i didn't think anything like this would happen to me. got a gram of some weed, sat down, rolled it up and was in the process of smoking it when the bloke who sold me the weed came over and started loudly yelling at me 'gee, so are you going to buy anything to drink, or are you just going to smoke that and fuck off, huh eh??'. i stood up and started gathering my things, joint in mouth. again he started shouting, something about 'fucking tourists don't buy anything to drink' and then some rather harsh sounding dutch to some of his mates sitting at the bar. as i walked past him, i told him to fuck off. he knocked the joint out of my mouth, pushed me, and told me to fuck off and never come back. i won't.

    language Review by j
    not bothering again

    ok, so i first tried this place 3 years ago, in mid-march. for the most part, everyone in a'dam had been pretty cool. at dutch flowers, though, the rudeness factor was off the scale. i chalked it up to the fact that tourists were starting to descend on the city (the tulips had just started to bloom). on my most recent trip (just got back this week), i decided to give them another try. wow, was it even worse. along with the worst customer service in amsterdam (which, if you've been, you know is really bad), i got a tidy lecture on my appalling american manners (a first, after four extremely welcoming and friendly trips abroad). to top it off, the smoke was really dry. basically, the way i see it is this: with so many really great coffeeshops from which to choose, why bother?

    language Review by a Visitor
    abrasive experience

    sup, back for another visit and stopped here this time. small place. dude behind the counter started in with dutch. then pretty much stayed dutch. menu was pretty limited. lots crossed out. tried a new selection and it was pretty stiff and dry and didnt do anything to impress me. additionally i'm pretty sure it was short. i wouldn't go back. it's a one star place but any place that has gear gets a bonus star.

    language Review by vetteboybri
    never again

    heard all about this place, tried it a couple of times (just in case the guy working there was having a bad day), can't really think of anything nice to say. fair weed, kinda expensive, rude service. so many other places to go, i'd skip it.

    language Review by russell reeves
    lotte is the best

    not sure if she still works there but last summer['02] dutch flowers could boast of having the prettiest bar maid in the entire town. i believe her name is lotte...she gave me and my girlfriend great service and pointed out lots of fun stuff for us to do. the bud was stellar and you cannot beat the location. russell

    language Review by boker toker
    employees need a good ass-kicking

    a few years back, this used to be one of the prime coffeeshops. their name, and those nifty wax bags are now the only remnants of a good shop. the counter help is consistently rude, but not just rude to tourists...they're just plain crotchety. i kind of understand making fun of pain-in-the-ass tourists, but these guys seem to hate everyone. they epitomize the term pot-snobs, making most peoples' first experience with dutch flowers their last.

    language Review by a Visitor

    o.k., if they don't want to serve tourists, they might as well put a sign up that says 'locals only'. at least then we wouldn't have bothered spending any money just to get shit on.

    language Review by blueberry
    this place sux

    rude service, i cant see why anyone likes to go there

    language Review by a Visitor

    this place had top grade weed and hash and even put your purchase in wax paper bags. the hawaian haze was killer and the window seat over looking the singel could not be better. i had no problem whats so ever with the staff, i found them to be friendly and nice.

    language Review by a Visitor
    nice view with poor service

    i found that the service and friendliness of the staff was lacking. but if your walking by and need bud and a beer, this establishment can suit your needs.

    language Review by andy
    service and atmosphere sucks

    this was my first and last visit to the dump. we had to wait for service for what seems like twenty minutes while very thirsty and then got lip from the guy behind the counter. after i bought some hash we smoked it and got out of the dingy hole. we'll never go back there again

    language Review by cosmo g spacely
    good bud, nice locale, but don't anger the dealer

    i arrived in amsterdam on my honeymoon where i was staying at the john lennnon / yoko ono honeymoon suite at the hilton where they did their famous 'bed in for peace' after their marriage in the 60's. since our flight arrived pretty early in the day, we decided to head into central amsterdam and see the sights. the doorman at the hilton intuitively knew that we would need to know about a good coffeeshop, so he gives us a small glossy coffeeshop map and tells us that we should head up to dutch flowers, since they have the best weed, and they also sell beer, albeit in a cute little dutch portion so small it seems wise to order three or four at once, even though they act like you're off your rocker. anyway, the silver pearl was some of smoothest best bed we found anywhere in amsterdam. i agree the dealer can cop quite an attitude toward 'tourist' customers, and he's been seen to throw out customers who walk in so stoned they forget they are already carrying a soft drink or bottled water. in addition, he seems to have a tendency to tell the customers who forget to say 'please' (or come from countries where it is not normally required when making a business transaction) with a definate snit in his voice. the barmaid seemed a little apprehensive when we started tipping large because she actually served us rather than ignoring us, even buying us a round (because she felt obligated?) and refusing further tips when she thought we'd given her enough extra guilders. overall, a friendly place with great atmosphere and a fabulous location, just don't anger the dealer, or it's 'no pot for you!!'

    language Review by a Visitor
    2 starts due to poor service and attitude

    searched this place out due to good reviews posted elsewhere, but found the weed just ok and the staff not exactly friendly. not really suggested, there are a bunch of better places in town, in my opinion.

    language Review by dj$aga
    propa dutch coffeeshop

    a kool place to visit and the weed is of good quality plus its in a nice quiet location not near the roads (which is handy for when ur stoned later). its got a couple of other outlets under the same org; one namely in a town called hoorn (25 mile north) called the boat which again is a old fashioned style weed house. this place has also won the cannabis cup and is on display !

    language Review by m&m-thats the game!
    beware of pre-rolled joints!

    was there in sept 2001...no problems, decent smoke,had great time. sat out lookin over the canal and had a bier and smoke with locals.. but.7 months later when i snuck in there and asked for a prerolled doobie i mentioned i didnt want anything that would make me too sleepy.. well..even americans know 'tobacco' doesnt make ya sleepy. the first couple of hits i got just enuf a buzz to still function and not be stoned,..but later when i relit the thing.. i couldnt get enuf hits for even a small buzz..i then opened it up and lo and behold to my suprise i had just tipped this guy 2 euros for some shittty tobacco! wont go back either...i recommend m&m coffeeshop on spuistraat. the guy 'darius' was sooooo cool and even let me 'video' my encounter in the shop!..after discovering that place, it will be my first stop on my next trip over..try it,..i think youll like it! (m&m's that is)--i got bit by a 'white widow' in that place! and it only took 1 goooood hit!

    language Review by mike
    dropping standards?!

    the standard of their ice-olator hash is dropping. got some their last week & it was solid as a feckin stone - it used to cruble nicely. not impressed, i headed up to siberie & got some nice & crumbly scuff hash for half the price.

    language Review by cooter

    this place has great buds. the spirit of amsterdam was very nice. the dickhead behind the counter sucks. very rude, ignored me when i was the only in line,and i think he shorted me. nothing against the place. would get five if they only got rid of the dickhead.

    language Review by ice baby!!

    try the 'ice' nederhash here - it's wicked - pricey but well worth it. the only problem with df is that it's often packed...yeah the birds are fine here, but they lose a star for not having a seat for me!!

    language Review by mike
    i like this spot!!

    best thing to do is smoke the nederhash or grass here - the imported stuff is lame compared to it...if you go for the most expensive nederhash, be careful - it's lethal!!! i found the staff very pleasant & the girls quite pretty - a nice place to stay & have a smoke too.

    language Review by evil
    good smoke, ok staff

    i agree with the bit about the staff, they weren't amazing, at least the guy serving. however, since i had randomly driven into the centre of amsterdam and just found myself outside this coffee shop (i went in because i had some ancient memory about it being recommended), it wasn't the worst experience! their jamaican was really good, for an imported grass, and the power afghan (not going to be seeing as much of that countries produce are we?) was literally dangerously strong! me and my girl drove the wrong way up a motorway after smoking this shit! she didn't normally smoke and for some reason decides to try the strongest hash in the world for her 'dabble'. i did warn her. anyway, the staff here weren't the most friendly, but at least they didn't moan in my face when i used their bong for hash without knowing this isn't the done thing.

    language Review by cooter
    good weed good location

    i was was there a few days ago and this is my second trip to a'dam. they had the best weed i have smoked yet. the spirit of amsterdam just got me all sorts of stupid and it wasn't my first smoke either. i left my wallet there by accident and when i came back they had my wallet but the cash was missing (not surprised). i probably wouldn't hang out there but would go back just for the bud. gotta try it if you go to a'dam

    language Review by michael & louise
    move on

    great location, but poor service and unfriendly staff. felt more welcome in other coffee shops.

    language Review by DWANE B SHARP 420

    Their best bud is the bizzare, thats the chronic. It's like the old school church, smells great and gets you blazed. If your gonna get it save me some cause I'm commin through,oh ya. Stay clear from the drunkin pirate lookin dude with the mullet head, he's a chump. Bavaria on tap. Good room to chill.

    language Review by BigJohn420
    They lose a star for their level of rudeness

    I was last there january 2001, and DF has the best weed in all of amsterdam. Their service on the other hand seems to be geared toward local clientel. They just talk amongst themselves even though they see you standing there waiting. It's like,' Yo a little help here'. Then this one guy always had a wise crack to make. One time he's all, say please, and I did it, but I'm thinking shut up, just sell me my dope and go fuck yourself(that's how mad this guy would make me). Anyway try the DUTCH BIZARRE if you're lucky enough to get it, it's a triple grade A product.

    language Review by Bob
    Cozy and cute....

    After a long flight from the States, my friend and I stumbled into Dutch Flowers. What a find!! Having experience many of the dark and seedy coffee shops, Dutch Flowers is bright and airy looking out upon one of Amsterdam's many beautiful canals. As a bit of whimzy, picture frames are skewed as is a shelf behind the bar. Great joints....great selection.

    language Review by Ja
    It is beautful

    If you are interested in feeling at home rolling your delectation of the finest cheeba than this place is for you. They will speak English to you if desired and do not give you a hard time. I loved it

    language Review by DeadheadWeedSmoker420

    This place compares to no other. I feel the quality is absolutely superb and none of the buds are too expensive. Hash is another story, but that's not their specialty. Silverpearl was the best bud I had while in the Dam and I went to the top 40 shops. Service not the best, but who cares. I didn't go in there to get a hug and a kiss.

    language Review by KJ
    good shop

    This is a great example of a good coffeeshop. Awesome location, nice and helpful staff and good buds; what more could you ask for? Don't waste your time going to tourist traps, this is the kind of shop you see locals coming in all during the day, a very good sign of a good coffeeshop.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    Excellent Hash and great location.

    1150...Unique hash was excellent, good music, good people, and great location. Highly recommended!!!

    language Review by Billy S

    This place has a very nice view of the Singel canal and surrounding houses. A lot of shops are dark and cave like with no view, Dutch flowers is a real Dutch treat! Enjoy a smoke there, and you'll see what I mean. Try some Nederhash too! Peace!

    language Review by a Visitor

    I must have been really fu##ed up. The wall looked slanted to me. The white widow was just ok I hear. The chair soso for comfort. The beer isn't Heineken. The staff are not Dutch babes. All this considered, I still would go back every time. Keep up the good vibes dudes. Thanks for makin me feel better.

    language Review by tam
    Nice place to chill

    Just got back from Adam and this has to be my favorite shop in town, being on a quiet part of Singel canel it's agreat place to sit and people watch. The large windows when open let the fresh air and sounds of Amsterdam in, the staff are cool and relaxed and the smoke is top whack. We bought 11Dfl worth of the orange bud and blew away an afternoon. A refreshing change from the dark & gloomy pits of some of the shops! Well worth a visit.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Great View

    This coffeshop has to be one of my favorites due to its location and view. Since most of the coffeshops have pretty much the same bud you can go here before sun down and enjoy great evening at an 'old school' type coffe shop. When you are there it will remind you of a 17th century plot.

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