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Sultanahmet Suites
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    Number of reviews : 271
    Average visitor rating (7.7 /10 )
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    language Review by a Visitor
    Not much good to say

    This hotel is in the middle of nowhere. The area is iffy and weird, if not as bad as a ghetto, and very difficult to find. It didn't look very safe especially at night. The room had a view of neighboring buildings, and so it was dark and depressing. Bathroom was not hygenic and had a strong toilet smell. There is almost no amenities at all. Has a small shower but no bathtub. We knew they don't clean the rooms every day, from other reviews. It was true. There is a credit card surcharge and you must pay additional 5 percent or so. The price can be relatively cheaper, but without breakfast and basic amenities and services, it is not a very good deal. Don't expect any delighful surprise or luxuries. You pay what you pay for or even less. The level is 1-star, budget tourist class accomodation. Based on what i saw, i'm very surprised by all the glowing reviews. Some of them in fact sound quite weird and doubtful. This hotel is certainly very disappointing and no way refelcts glorious reviews at all. I would definitely stay somewhere else next time.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Bad surprise

    The manager gave a room with views on other buildings. A seaview room was the request. Very disapointing. He refused to listen. He says, "everything is full, and you understand, you had a special price. ". Very bad suprise and holiday ruined. Both wifi and satellite tv out of order.

    language Review by Foo Summit from Hong Kong
    Bad - low value for money

    Don't stay. As other reviewers have already pointed out, this place is run by naive and unprofessional people. They are so bitter about critical feedbacks from some guests that they cannot stop vilifying those guests. Thus, they often use someone to negate previous critical reviews, and to praise/promote their accommodation. They also copy and paste rave reviews from other sites, as shown below. Who wants to stay in this kind of place where you cannot trust the manager??? this place is too far from attractions, anyway. Needs a taxi all the time, unless you love to climb up a steep hill and get all-sweated!

    language Review by a Visitor
    Beware! notorious owner threatens guests

    The owner of this apartment, sultanahmet suites, is very rude and unprofessional. He is not qualified for the job. He has no experience, skill or knowledge whatsoever about hotel management and customer care. Worse yet, with his extremely short temper, arrogance and the propensity to yelling at guests, he doesn't deserve to manage any business in this world! more importantly, everybody must be informed that this owner is well-known for having harassed and insulted guests. When the guests discussed his serious misconduct online, he immediately called the the guests. He then posted insults and privacy information of those guests online. In fact, the last part of the job, insulting and exposing privacy of the guests, was delegated to his wife.

    language Review by a Visitor

    I would not stay here again nor recommend this place to other travellers. Please read my personal experience and make your own decisions. 1) broken promise the owner promised a late check-out, but, after 6 days, said, "i changed my mind. You have to check out at 12,because i got a reservation from another guest. If you want late check-out, you must pay. " 2) hidden cost i calmly asked him not to charge an additional fee for credit card payment, which he did not tell me at booking. He screamed, "you have two options! pay or go to the police!" then he yelled, "you don't deserve to be treated well!" 3) safety and security in question unlike hotels, this flat gets totally deserted at night, and often even during the daytime. The owner shows up from time to time, but there is no staff stationed here. If something happens at this mostly unattended building, guests will have nobody to count on. I find it very risky to stay at such a place. Far from a "family atmosphere" claimed on some sites. Just the opposite. 4) facts of this flat - there is no lift. This is a 5 story building. - far away from anywhere, located at the bottom of a steep slope. It takes about 15 – 30 minutes to get to major attractions. - kitchen is not fully equipped. No oven, no large pans, nor a right set of tableware. - the entrance area and the street gets pitch dark during the night. - wireless system was down during our entire stay. We requested this to be fixed, and the owner shouted that he'd done everything he could. The system remained dysfunctional. - no telephone in the room. - this "hotel" has only the rooms. There is absolutly no other facilities.

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