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Revisões do visitante Funny People
Revisões do visitante Funny People

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    language Revisão através Bollicky bill de Irlanda
    Never again!

    Upon release from a 10 month spell in mountjoy prison,dublin,i hopped on the first available flight to my beloved dam for some well deserved r and r.this cesspit excuse for a smokehouse was directly across from my lodgings(old nickel,great beer great people).attracted by the artwork on the windows and the convenience of the place i ventured inside.big fkin mistake!i ordered a hot chocolate and a gram of powerplant.so far so good you would think.then the much despised tattooed bald prick kindly informed me that the powerplant was reserved for his 'everyday customers' i couldnt believe my ears!when I explained that i only wanted 1gram out of a full box at least 1.5 ounces to a trained eye,the bald jackass squared up to me! I sat back down(smokeless)and drank my hot chocolate,filling my pockets with as much skins and roaches as they could hold.avoid avoid avoid.

    language Revisão através VIOLET de Irlanda
    best joint, best fun, best tea:)

    Me and my husband spend Christmas in Dam. We find Funny People Cafe. Staff wasn't friendly,as somebody say in other review, you got some bad experience for first time. They don't have many choices as food, drink,smoke. Just be polite, have patience and they will become your best friends. Smoke is good value, quality, best music. We will return there for sure very soon:))))))

    language Revisão através S de Países Baixos
    Tattood arshole

    Like u can read in all the other reviews. The staff is very unfriendly. I hope they fall hard and run out of business as a result of the way they treat their customers.

    language Revisão através Mark de Togo
    What a prick

    Me and my girlfriend had just stepped into this place (which was completely empty) and she just put her hand on the door of the "smoking section" when some prick comes over and forces a weed menu into my hand and tells me I have to buy weed before going into the smoking section. I handed him it back and said I we just wanted some drinks and he laughed at me in a sarcastic way and basically told me to fuck off. He could have made at least 5 euros from us buying over priced drinks but obviously he didn't care. I could understand if there was a big group of us and it was busy but it wasn't. I'm not surprised no one goes to this dank little shithole.

    language Revisão através Mike Orme de Reino Unido
    Good bye a once dear friend.....

    being a frequent visitor to the dam funny people was always on our list to visit ,however my last experience was not so pleasent..the guy most refer too was an arsehole tattooed to the tits being all menacing..its a shame that a really good coffee shop has been ruined by this guy..I for one will never step foot in there again and hope it now closes to spare others the sort of treatment you now get there...RIP FUNNY PEOPLE

    language Revisão através Martin de Reino Unido
    Funny my arse

    Walked in and my wife sat down while I went to the bar. She doesn't smoke but I do, so I was planning to get the drinks first and then peruse the weed menu. It was impossible to get to the bar because of people sitting in a big semi-circle around it, so I had to shout over their heads to the bartender, "een koffie, een the, aub", to which he said "Buy the smokes on the other side of the bar. First you smoke then you drink. This isn't a cafe." Big frowns from himself and the dealer, and then he stuck his chin out and raised his eyebrows with a big "well, what do you want?" expression. So obviously I left. As you would. They're not short of competition, are they? I wonder how they make enough money to stay open. Not a smile from the minute we walked in til the minute we left (actually, it was the same minute). Funny people alright.

    language Revisão através Warren de Estados Unidos
    home away from home

    I have been to Amsterdam over a dozen times and this is the only coffee shop I frequent as a rule. True, as a new-comer, you may experience some trepidation from the staff, but remember that this shop is smack dab in the middle of one of the district's toughest neighborhoods: caution is essential. Be polite, accomidating, and let the staff know you, they will soon embrace you as one of their own. For exceptional service and conversation, ask for Ronald or Weibe. Prices are reasonable, product is exceptional, and for a genuine experience, Funny People can't be beat.

    language Revisão através seanie de Irlanda
    rude isn't the word

    guy was such an asshole,there were 5 of us, 1 had a bag as we had just collected her from central station, guy said no bags allowed. place was empty. funny assholes

    language Revisão através Karl Marx de Países Baixos
    Unfunny People

    The staff at "Funny People" need to consider changing the name of the coffeeshop to "Rude Arseholes". I do not find it particularly amusing to be told to buy hash in a coffeeshop and to be looked up and down as if to see if I am going to fight back. Aggression, not humour prevails in this coffee shop. Ha ha ha - it's so funny. No it is not. Avoid this charmless place.

    language Revisão através bill sikes for real de Estados Unidos
    millwall ajax class

    what can one say but a big thanks to all at the best coffe shop in the netherlands you saved me you may no know yet but you all did thanks winston churchill whould be proud of all of you because i am well .you are not just funny people but very nice people well done bill sikes.(millwall ajax)

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