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Rassegna di visotor Global Chillage
Rassegna di visotor Global Chillage

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    language rassegna vicino cameron
    despite its faults one of my favorites.

    global chillage is a apt name for this place. you can get some killer smoke here. the crystal lady is my fav. true its more built for 2-3 person partys. the seating is all along the wall. great art work make the time go fast.i didnt try any hash from them. so cant comment. most of the gorgeous ladys at the dealer counter are very nice.one had a bit of a attitude but didnt spoil my time in the shop.all in all a shop i will deffinatly go back to.

    language rassegna vicino emma
    poor hash

    unfortunately i have bad news bout global chillage. they sold me some hash that was supposed to be afghan border but was in fact rubber or some weird kind of stuff that smelt like rubber, felt like rubber, tasted like shit. never going there again. bluebird on the other hand...

    language rassegna vicino hilary
    weird seating

    nice enough shop with interesting interior. not so sure about the seating. it has been redone and makes it difficult if you are with more than one or two people.

    language rassegna vicino boker toker
    friendly service, quality buds

    i've stopped here each time on my last three trips to amsterdam. each time it is completely empty, but then again i've never been there in the evenings. very friendly, helpful service, and a nice quality if not limited selection of buds and hash. the decor is funky, kind of like dr. seuss meets alice in wonderland. great place to chill while waiting for your laundry across the street.

    language rassegna vicino dadoc
    great place to chill

    i was there during noon and the place was full and dark ; nice mellow music playing... i bought a 25fl bag of their charras dark hash and it smelled of chocolate ! real nice mellow high too, didnt make sleepy at all ! only problem it contained lots of foreign material like hair 8[ my stay at the chillage was nice but it was too dark to read on the tiny tables so i left after finishing my spliff. nice clean toilet.

    language rassegna vicino smoker bill
    good price on good gear

    stopped by the chillage during my last visit. picked up some shiva as well as some purple haze. receievd a great price on the haze. it was 25 guilders for about 3 grams. i was also very surprised how purple the bud actually as. the weed was extremely stoney but tiring. i saved the haze for bedtime for that reason. they were jamming some cool trance/house music while i was there and it was pretty emtpy. all in all it was a cool shop. i have also heard they have some good hash. i guess i will have to look into that on my next trip.

    language rassegna vicino armbar
    excellent decor and pretty good smoke

    after buying some shrooms from the magic mushroom gallery, my friend and i were looking for a place to toke and trip. global chillage fit the bill nicely. the gnome wall art was excellent and definitely a perfect mood setter. the music (goa trance) was also very good. smoked a pre-rolled joint of the warm ears hash before the shrooms kicked in. very good stuff. overall, a worthwhile place to visit

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