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Besucher rezensionen Grasshopper
Besucher rezensionen Grasshopper

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    language Rezension von Brandon and Julia aus Vereinigte Staaten
    Walkin, look around, walk out.

    The worst place I have ever visted. 2USD to use the restroom. I asked for hot tea, i was charged 10USD, just for the hot water. It is the worst place I have ever visted. Weed was WAY over priced and was not worth the money. Support the smaller shops and shop around first.

    language Rezension von einen besucher

    After visiting this place for a second time on this trip, I have to say I agree with most of the other reviews. The staff was rude and hurried me along. The drinks were way overpriced. The grass wasn't great and was also overpriced. I'd advise staying away from this place. The only semi-cool thing about it is the glassed in patio, although occasionally tourists will stop and watch people smoking, so you feel like you are in a fish bowl.

    language Rezension von Al aus Grossbritannien
    Tourist Trap

    Over priced weed. Over priced drinks. Over priced everything. Rude staff. Too many drunk English even though im English myself. Walk on. Dont be attracted to the green lights like moths because as i said its a tourist trap. Loads of other places to visit. Keep out

    language Rezension von seanie aus Irland
    avoid at all costs!!!

    place is an incredible rip off. just walk around the corner for better weed at better prices. hope ya don't get thirsty in the grasshopper cos the prices will leave u choking!

    language Rezension von melodee
    nice in the winter

    grasshopper has seating along the sidewalk that is glassed in so that you can people watch in the winter and be relatively warm. the weed and hash are fine but their drinks cost about twice what you'll pay at homegrown fantasy which is about a block up nz voorburgwal.

    language Rezension von kane

    just gt bk frm amsterdam where i was in da grasshopper mainly. the bubblegum skunk gets u off ur tits nd da super skunk is gud aswell.defo a place 2 go if u visit amsterdam.they also have mint bar maidsnd a bar nd restaurant for all ur stoner needs.

    language Rezension von shaun
    thumbs up x2

    spent a lot of time in the little shop as it was a good place to get a tram back to our hotel.(the stop was right outside it).yes maybe some of the stuff was 1 or 2 euros more but so what,i was on holiday .i found the shiva and the white widow excellent,and but i wasnt empressed with any of the hash not just here but anywhere in amsterdam it tasted good but was no better a hit than anything i have had at home..

    language Rezension von pikey
    great stoning place

    tis place is absloutly wickered i got emancely stoned off the skunk in the grasshopper bar i paid not very much to get stoned so its quite cheap

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    great place

    the grasshopper is a great place with crazy and friendly staff the meals r gud 2

    language Rezension von cjt
    absolutely awful

    we went for a meal on the top floor and it was the worst of the holiday by a long way. my mixed grill was well undercooked and barely even blue. the side salad looked like it had been there a month. the chips never arrived. even though my partner is a vegetarian it was clear that her prawns were cooked in the same oil as my meat dish, in fact the prawn sauce was largely meat sauces with oil, herbs etc. we paid just under ú50, which for what we got was a disgrace. i had to pop around the corner to kfc as the meal was so bad. eat there if your idea of a good meal is the above, with crappy european techno on the sound system.

    language Rezension von dawn
    good place to chill before going out

    we only visit the first grasshopper on neiwizjids voorbugwal and have done so on every visit.we do feel the weed is expensive and the staff are not always friendly but we do like the location and also they have the best juke box we have found so far.so if you are looking for somewhere to start your night off it is a good choice however would reccomend buying weed elsewhere.

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    close early

    this place is ok but during week i feel they close earlier (1am). price was affordable, music was ok and taxi station was close => very fine trip if you'd have to stay one night in amsterdam airport ;)

    language Rezension von gerry roberts
    to busy and the sercurity guy wasn't at all nice to us

    nice decore but exspensive weed

    language Rezension von ras balstafari
    watch the world go by

    was on an intercontinental flight with a four hour stop over in amsterdam. rather than hanging out at the airport i chanced my arm and took the train into the dam. the nearest and easiest place was the grasshopper on the oudebrugst. dived in and bought a lump of the 007 brown. recommended spaced yet mellow stuff. relaxed atmosphere, nice service and a good place to watch the world go by on the damrak for a couple of hours. it made my follow on flight a much nicer experience.

    language Rezension von harry waters
    life, oh so hard

    it was too small and too hot, the staff were aggressive and rude. go to anywhere else first.

    language Rezension von lou sypher
    if you liked smelly expensive ass england your gonna love this place.

    well wher do i start to bitch....the drinks were way more than even the bulldog...they wernt very large portions...the seating was that of an english pub....not a coffee house in holland.....the place was stacked the english.....hardly a good repesentation of a dutch coffee shop......do your self a favor,go to one of the rokerijs or even the bulldog in the redlight ...theres a much more diverse crowd there.. and shit the coffee is cheaper....as far as smoke......dont buy any from the grasshopper....try the central coffeeshop...it opens very early...this place isnt really for the atmoshpere...its the prices and quality of smoke that kick ass....buy what you need from this shop and get the hell on down the road....they are always one of the cheapest and best kept secrets in town....

    language Rezension von abe
    smoke skunk & fuck bare hoes

    i had a great time around the outskirts of the red ligh district. i would highly recommend a place called teasers and the ganja cake. 50 euros for a good ho (suck & fuck)

    language Rezension von gazman
    not bad at all

    enjoyed a day of smokin and boozing it in the grasshopper and i was surprised at how good it was. just buy ur weed elsewhere and as long as u buy a drink...toke on!. top food. weed is pricey..very! still a tourist trap,but it works.

    language Rezension von jazzy d
    amsterdam's grasshopper. over priced? maybe...........

    since the euro kicked in, in dam amsterdam aint really 'cheap' considering. you can try other local bars and still get lean. manz like me dont care bout how u feel. just smoke the polts in dam

    language Rezension von anon.
    over commercialised

    just your typical over rated coffee shop. if you walk round you will find plenty of better chill out places to go. worth checking it out, but for a better atomosphere try rookies.

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    a beginners paradise

    if it's your first time in the great city, then its a good place to start. but if your looking for something not so touristy then this ain't the place. expensive weed that isn't all that strong. sums it up really.

    language Rezension von funkydecowboy
    bubble gum, bubble gum i want some bubble gum

    this place is excellent!!! theres a good selection of green stuff, bubble gum is extremely good there!!! the guy in the booth know his weed!!! explain how u wanna feels he'll recommend the right stuff for u!!! this place slightly expensive however well worth it the extra euros!!! definately a place to try out!!! just becareful weed in dam is nothing like anywhere else. nothing compares to it!!!!

    language Rezension von einen besucher

    visited twice in two years. both times jack herrer proved showed its true beauty. a must for any dammers out there.

    language Rezension von dj chintz
    the little one

    very friendly vibe and a top bit of shiva.the staff were very nice.me and my wife spent the best part of two days in there.much much better than the big one and due for a complete refit before the end of the year.

    language Rezension von bon bon billy
    return visit to the small grasshopper on nieuwezijds.

    the small grasshopper away from the rld is just as good if not better than when i visited 2 years ago. once again the staff was friendly and helpful. i sampled some bubble gum that was very nice indeed. there were both locals and tourists in the shop which is a good sign. i spent several pleasant afternoon hours there. i recommend this grasshopper again.

    language Rezension von crystal marie

    place was chill. but they charged an arm and a leg for what they have. there is definetly better places. for me, it was too commercial... but you should try and take a look for yourself.

    language Rezension von pher

    this place has some decent smoke but the way they handel things is a bit different from others.

    language Rezension von jimmy t
    cool partybar-like atmosphere

    the one in the heart of the city. this is a cool place for tourists looking for a party-time atmosphere. we went twice during our stay. both times the dj and staff put on a cool show with pumping music and they take requests. the place is three levels in the heart of the city. the basement is where you buy weed and hash but you can't drink there. they have a little window like a movie theatre where you buy your stuff at the entrance to the basement so you dont have to go all the way in. the basement did look spacious with its own soundsystem and tvs. we mainly smoked stuff from other places there but i did try the skuff which was decent. the cool part is the top two floors. the middle has a pumping sound system and full bar and video screens you can smoke there. the top floor was the coolest you can still hear the music but it was quieter and they also have a full bar up there where you can smoke. this is a very spacious place. there is also a closed circuit video screens everywhere so you can check out the dj and the various nutters they point the camera at throughout the whole building. cool!

    language Rezension von tiko
    too expensive

    unbelievable, u buy either jack herer or poor quality turkish hash they all r the same price, but the place is not bad for a good hang out...

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    asshopper are rip-off merchants

    this place sucks. i went there to share a joint (didn't want to buy any more than that) with a friend. after ordering our drinks, we are told that the minimum purchase is like 5 joints! i told him this was ridiculous. 'it's the same everywhere!' he claims, which is bullshit, he takes me for a tourist when i live here. so i did not buy any, and attempted to return the unopened can of drink (we didn't expect to be able to return the coffee). they refused. very sorry said the stuffed gorilla, sure i said, and left...

    language Rezension von headmixer
    handy to the hotel

    this place was opposite my hotel so i tried it. their best weed (grasshopper special) was about the crappiest smoke of the whole time, really poor hit. the best bit about the place is the ease of getting sat down, but i wouldn't imagine many people visiting twice.

    language Rezension von tourist
    it sucks

    if you like overpriced tourist-traps with strange procedures surrounding the dope buying, then this is the place for you. otherwise, stay clear.

    language Rezension von just a tourist
    commercial, will tell you anything to sell you,go elsewhere.

    his white widow was green ,said the grasshopper special was better,(really top #1).forget it,there's better commercial smoke in your hometown.i was treated like a mushroom,kepted in the dark and fed a lot of shit,but friendly shit.not a bad place ,but not real good.

    language Rezension von bon bon billy
    2 shops - 2 reviews

    the big place near the rld is very tourist oriented. not a great selection of weed but you can get stoned. it is open fairly early so if you arrive in the morning, you can get in. i give that shop 2 stars. the other grasshopper is on nieuwezijds and is a different story. more locals and much better weed. got some super white widow there in '99. bartender-dealer was very helpful. he also recommended a super turkish restaurant that we thoroughly enjoyed. 4 stars for the small shop.

    language Rezension von ed
    the small grasshopper

    always remember that there are two (2) grasshoppers. the big one is near the red light district, while the little one is on nieuwezijds (street runs directly south from centraal station just west of dam square and behind the royal palace) and was close to our hotel. we went to the little one. got our hands on some very good, frosty white jack herer, the emperor rules, and some quality shiva. the former provides a very nice up high to help fight the jet drags; while the latter is good for a beddy-bye treat. the prices are a bit higher than some of the other places, but i'm on vacation so i'm not going to worry about a guilder. the people were friendly and you can sit outside. enjoyed watching some of the regulars do the hand roll thing. as a ten (10) thumb rizzla kind of guy, i'm always amazed at the pro hand rollers. anyway when i get back to amsterdam for the third time. i'll probably hit the 'little' grasshopper again.

    language Rezension von Bob
    good starting point for the newbee

    I visted for 2 weeks in july 2000, and the grasshopper was a major stop while there. Lets be clear there are 2 grasshoppers that I know of. One centraly located by Central Station, and the other, lets say, not so close to train station. The first by CS is alittle commercial and seemed to be popular with the KIDS!! but being a newbee I found it well lit,clean,and a good spot to get my feet wet. The other not so close to CS, seemed to be less popular with the Kidds!! no were near as commercial but just as nice.

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    Dont even bother!

    They charge you to go to the bathroom. You have to buy your gear from a guy in a little booth, usually long line. Not well ventilated Horrible staff. Do not go! There are so many nicer coffee shops than this!

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    the low down on the grasshopper

    i was in amsterdam dec 2000 . the grasshopper was the first coffeeshop i came across once i steped off the train. let me just say that this coffeeshop sucks ass. the weed was ok. but the hash sucked . this place made me feel like i was hanging out with a bunch of thugs.,and not in a good way. the sales people were always tring to get you to buy stuff (drinks) . i mean i just bought hash and now i have to buy a drink? just to sit and smoke ? whats up with that? youd be better off going to 'the bushdocter' the people are way friendly. and they have the best hash in amsterdam. i recommend the blonde pollen. bottom line dont waste your money at the grasshopper. visit the bushdoctor and you will not be dissappointed

    language Rezension von Jowel Manpowel
    The Best One

    i was in amsterdam last summer. i was located in a hotel next to grasshopper, so every night before going to bed i had a time for this great coffeshop. at the time i used to go there was a nice atmosphere and great people.. well, that's the coffeshop i got more remebers! ...crawl back king snake

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    A must miss.

    Just got back from a weekend in A'dam and I can say the weed is overpriced and underpowered at both locations. The service is inconsistent to say the least. With so many other places to go, it's just not worth it.

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