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Visitor reviews Greenhouse
Visitor reviews Greenhouse

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    language Review by Sal from USA
    Exactly what you come to Amsterdam for -Meets High Expectations

    This cs is perhaps the easiest to find if you're in the city center or anywhere near the RLD. As someone else said, this is one of the only cs's that seems like a real hip, cool, chill coffeeshop which you might have found in Haight Ashbury or in Seattle a while back. The combo. of great weed, chill atmosphere, full menu (weed and otherwise) and slightly psychedelic interior reminds me a bit of the same vibe that exists in Dampkring - in both places I always feel like I am in Paradise. The people (staff and customers) are helpful and friendly. I've been there many times and the weed is always insanely good. On the most recent trip I sampled the Hawaiian Snow, Super Lemon Haze and the OG Kush. It was all great. The Hawaiian Snow had an insane kick to it and was perfect for wake 'n bake. An energizer. One of my favorites ever. The Cannabis Cup winning Super Lemon Haze was also excellent. Smooth, delicious, all's-right with the world, yet you can still function somewhat. With all their awards they have a lot to live up to and they do it, no problem. There are only a handful of cs's that have such a cool, clean, artistic and classy interior, top weed with the latest strains, and a general "You are in the coolest place in the world" vibe. This is one of them and one of the best.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Simply the best

    i've been to greenhouse the very first day i was in dam. i've tried NYC super diesel, lemon skunk, arjan's strawberry haze, ak-47 and white widow there : each weed was so special. the atmosphere is almost unique : nothing like any other coffeeshops, it's quite impossible not to appreciate their experience. the music could sometimes be really chilling, other times slightly more commercial, but nothing that would bother a good high is played, unlike most of the coffeeshops. in all the places i've been to, this is the ONLY coffeeshop that actually SEEMS like a coffeeshop : no disrespect to bulldog or grasshopper, they're much more like any bar around the world, while greenhouse is obviously designed for potheads.

    language Review by Abbie from United Kingdom
    Best place in the world

    During my 4 visits to amterdam, i would have to say that no other coffeshop in city compares to it. the friendly warm atmosphere and fabulous hot chocolates kept me and all my friends coming back time after time. In the end i stopped bothering going to any other coffeshops and decided to base there. The tazmin Haze kept us laughing all day. One of my favourite things about the greenhouse is the way its decorated. After a few spliffs you really start to appriciate the effort that has gone into making it such a great place. Everyone i bring with me to the dam gets taken straight to the green house from schipol. Me and my friends have also decided that if we were told me had 1 day to live we would go straight to our gorgeaous green house and smoke ourselves into oblivion as it really is out favourite place in the whole world.

    language Review by a Visitor
    A little noisy, but good place

    We ran into the Green House purely by accident. We had just come from the Cannabis College and in need of a smoke before eating. We thought the second Sensi coffee bar was a coffee shop, but it wasn't, and the lady pointed us towards the Green House. It was a little on the noisy side, but all their products were great. We got some of the Cheese, Super Silver Haze, and Arjan's Haze #1. The Cheese was the best imho and we quickly went through the whole gram we purchased. Other than the noise, it's a really nice place.

    language Review by a Visitor
    very welcoming

    i just returned from the dam,i was lucky to be there at the same time the cc was on as everyone knows the dope is best this time of year its all in the curing 4-5 months there entries are cured for,making all the diffrence to the weed. i went along on a night for judges,i hadent picked up my pass bye this stage and told the security guy he allowed me inn sweet,met arjan nice guy, he was handing around the biggest joints of arian haze i have ever seen,at the same time there was a dood behind the bar hitting everyone with the super vaporizer bag it to was huge,everyone was ripped hardcore, i sat at the bar and got talking to this american dood, turns out to be eddie lepp, the gorilla grower,we chatted for a while but he seemed more intrested in the video cammera being dragged around by green house staff i guess and telling everyone who he was i dont know how the staff cope with all the smoke in these joints,i mean seriously these doods obviously no about building grow rooms,why cant they wack a monster ball berring fan in the ceiling and suck all that expelled smoke out of these places straight thrue the roof,it would be like a chiminney man and so much better for everyone concerned what i smoked there was very high quality gear and i would return well done guys.

    language Review by a Visitor
    great bong to use freely to smoke qaulity green

    i thought this was the best coffeeshop in dam.while i was there the hawaian haze was the best weed. also smoked some manana cream hash which has a real strong flavour and gives off a thick smoke.

    language Review by paynestain
    super silver haze is the peng!

    went to greenhouse more than once a day every day i was there. weed was always top class. super silver haze was the one for me (although slightly higher priced than some of the others) its deffinatley worth it.

    language Review by a Visitor
    great menu with a great atmosphere!

    just got back yesterday and i have to say that one of my best days was spent at the green house. i tried the 'super silver haze' which made me very very happy! so happy and content that i sat at the bar for about 6 hours. the barstaff (alex and emily) were great too. the atmosphere was pretty laid back. the music was mostly house or techno. i really can't tell the diff. but it was good. check out the wall of fame to see all of the famous people that were there like woody harrelson, 50 cent, brittany spears. great place to spend some time. enjoy!

    language Review by trekknhil
    tolstraat and centrum

    tolstraat and centrum were my homebases for my last 2 trip. tolstraat is a hidden little gem out in the pijp. centrum has a great patio. loved the weed and the decor, always return

    language Review by john
    wanted to try there great white shark

    had be showing my friends round the red light for a while for a giggle we came across this place, id read somewhere that this place does great white shark a top quality weed with a his similar to shrooms, didn't stay here as it was heaving inside and outside i popped in and looked at there menu was large with a good selection of weed and hash but unfortnately they had run out of shark so we bought the house 'big bang' was not like the name suggests was ok but id not buy it again had better much better i'll try next year and hope that the great whites back in.

    language Review by bernard quinn
    i'm going to amsterdam in august for my stag weekend, any recommendations?

    popeye is one of my visits, i was in there 3 years ago when last there, bloody class stuff. anymore recommendations please send them to quinnbernard@hotmail.com thanks.

    language Review by withheld due to incrimating pr
    smoked 50 places and being good consumers of a little less then 150 grams in 6 days

    greenhouse. tolstrat softly in the morning, with light april sun a cool couple of friends to talk to - and some kalimist. then after .. a bit oudezijd voorburgwal 191, in the afternoon watching the rush to get home, with some friends to talk to -with a tad of polm through the house glass bong.

    language Review by oli
    number 1

    amazing the best that there is. and the weed is the best in the world. also cannabis cup winners. friendly spinny and just a really relaxed place.

    language Review by a Visitor
    friendly relaxed oasis of good grass

    i am a regular visitor to amsterdam once or twice a year. the greenhouse is one of my favorite coffee shops. the staff is very friendly with great senses of humor. the grass is first rate-i especially liked the 'bubble' i used to search the menu for grass from exotic places but have found that the dutch varieties are as good as any and better than most. i wish they sold all grass joints but for those i go to popeye's or the rookies.

    language Review by jeanbean
    the best!

    professional, polite, and the best weed in the dam! nl5

    language Review by a Visitor
    look no further for your jack herrer

    with out a shadow of a doubt its the best coffeshop in the city of sin. been there many times and have never been disapointed. the ak47 mixed with a little king hussian elite is the dogs swingers. ps. sort the munchies out before you hit the sack as i raided our mini bar and it cost me 60 euro........

    language Review by harry bud
    nevilles haze

    i liked this shop from the moment i walked in.the staff are very friendly,the dealer spent 10 min.with me discussing the erb i was about to buy,felt like dealing with a friend back home.the smoke is exclent and the atmosphere is chilled with the music in the background so you dont have to shout over it.dont leave without a gram of nevilles haze!

    language Review by the cannakid
    i'll have another oranieboom

    the greenhouse has always been great. back in 95 it was the first place i visited, and almost passed out in the place i was so high and jet lagged. back then their white widow had taken the prize and was kicking everyone's ass. i enjoyed the tall blonde behind the bar who instructed me on how to pronounce the beer oranieboom.....she said pronounce it oran-nee-boom, and was so kick, and so was she!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work arjan......tot ziens

    language Review by a Visitor
    good place near redlight

    i found this place one of the best near the red light district.....the guy was friendly and even gave me advice on where i could find better hash.....he was even cool with a homeless dude that wondered in.....i will go back

    language Review by a Visitor
    try the bluebird

    the greenhouses are among the better shops in a'dam, but if you want to smoke yourself around the world under one roof, go to the bluebird. one look through the menus and you'll wonder what the hell you've been doing fucking around with other half-assed selections around town. the greenhouse centrum and waterlooplein locations have bad service - not so at the bluebird. this is the best place for fans of exotic hashish and unusual strains. locals come here in droves. it's also very close to waterlooplein. and don't forget, once you're flying high, there are better things to do in a'dam than sit on your ass all day. get out and explore the city. when you leave, you'll likely be back in some fascist place where you can't smoke on the streets.

    language Review by raemo
    is it me or does this place seem like another la poseur bar...

    for starters the bar staff sucks. absolutely sucks. several peope have made the point that perhaps the staff is just burned out from the overhelming number of visitors in the evening. personally, i suspect that may very well be the case but its still no reason for the general atmosphere of indifference that i experienced. the veg was pretty ok - especially the super silver haze - but in all honesty i'm convinced that the best bud to be found is now in norcal (northern california) especially in and around san francisco. its become reason enough for me to curtail my visits to adam and spend more time up that way - especially after the fall harvest season. i will say that the decor was good, the general atmosphere was even better and, believe it or not, the coffee was the best i've had in many a moon. also, please keep in mind that this is only my opinion based on my pesonal experiences. there were other folks present who seemed to be having quite a fine time but i suspect it was only while not having to deal with the shitty staff folks.

    language Review by michael & louise
    great coffee shop!

    paul in rotterdam recommended this coffee shop and it was well worth the trip to get there. comfortable, fresh air, good beer, friendly staff! the bud looked good, but we had plenty.

    language Review by hans dampf
    the greenhouse is reason enough to go to adam again!

    we've been to a lot of coffeeshops but i never felt so comfortable as i did in the greenhouse (tolstraat) the furnishing is exellent, the atmosphere is very relaxing, you just don't wanna leave anymore(we actually staid there for 4 hours the first time) not enough the menu is one of the best i've seen so far and the guy who sold it knew what he did ... btw the girls behind the counter were very nice and communicative too cheers

    language Review by Baby ray
    cool place to be

    head straight for this one when you arrive, magic bifta mixes though not the cheapest, nice to sit outside of and watch the world go by,silver haze to die for even to the double hard toke master generals this ones a monster.

    language Review by Dogbreath
    Over-rated; Indifferent staff

    Is it just me? I visited the greenhouse several times during my recent trip. Without exception, everytime I ordered a coffee, the chicks behind the counter acted as if they were doing me a big favor. They seemed bored, indifferent. I never felt welcome there.

    language Review by Tony
    KIND Staff KIND Bud

    Went to the greenhouse near dam as my first ever coffeeshop in A'dam. Staff was very friendly and the weed was incredible. Better than the BC stuff coming down to the lower 48, and Humboldt doesn't hold a candle. The Ak-47 was the best stuff in the house-knocked two experienced hitters off their feet. Visited many other places, but kept coming back home to the greenhouse. We'll be back in April 2001. Greehouse better stock up for my lungs.

    language Review by a Visitor
    The best not available

    Could not get super silver haze, the kali mist was mediocre and the bio swiss creme was pretty lame too. Nice place though, but definitely not the best product this time.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    Still my top choice

    Good buds, good hash and excellent people. Never dissapointed, and have met some great people staff and patrons alike. Well worth the visit.

    language Review by fallen_buddha
    dont believe the hype

    granted, i walked in expecting heaven, and got attitude and told they were out of all the weeds i wanted to try. the atmospere is truly trippie though, lots of excellent mineral clusters, the only truly good greenhouse seemed to be the location in the pijp. definitley avoid the oz voorburgwal.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Outstanding Menu

    The bud selection is outstanding. Was there(Waterloopline location) this past week and almost nothing on their menu was out of stock. And everything on the menu seems to be multi HT cup winners. Great selection of the best pot. Too bad even the *best* a'dam bud CAN NOT come close to comparing in flavor and potency to BC Bud or Northern California stuff. Seems lots of a'dam bud tastes like shit - - perhaps due to excessive use of fertilizers or incicticides?

    language Review by justin-hail
    centrum my fav

    spent eight days in amsterdam. Went to all the coffeeshops worth goin to. This was one of my favorite, they serve beer if you drink, staff friendly, and they had the best herb it was called nevelle's haze of course it was the most expensive 27guilder that was about 12.50 U.S. at the time. If you read this and you like hash you must find the DUTCH MOONSHINE the greenhouse did't have but it is widely available

    language Review by skyhigh420
    Still one of the best

    I spent at least some time every day in one of the greenhouse shops. Always a nice atmosphere, good buds and great people. Highly reccomended

    language Review by Paul
    A hazey memory

    The first time I went to the greenhouse they had a fantastic supply of house bongs you could use. This time June 2000 they didn't have a single one, and there is nothing better than a big glass bong. The weed was very good and I went back more than once for the super silver haze joints (yum yum). The only thing I would say is that they packed a little too loosely. Drinks were good and service friendly.

    language Review by skyhigh420
    Great place...will always return here

    I really enjoyed the greenhouses in Feb'00, Great pot, however hash was just ok this time. Never dissapointed with the super silver haze, always a winner. Be sure to check out one of three locations...also open till 3:00am in RLD, big plus!!

    language Review by The Critic
    Greenhouse... Great but...

    I have really enjoyed my many visits to the Greenhouse Centrum. The pre-rolled, pure super silver haze spliffs are outta dis 'wereld'! The stuff creeps up on you baby! Three puffs and twenty minutes later, like, wow! The shop is really cool and decorated with many nice touches like the cool lighting and the slices of petrified wood or agate that are backlit and make up the bar. Only downside... on several visits they were out of just about all their products. One particularly agressive and snarly staff guy sold me some Nederhash that was so bad, dry and hard, that I'm still convinced I was ripped off! I would advise Arjan to keep an eye on his staff! A real disappointment considering that otherwise, the super silver haze is the best weed I have ever smoked! I'll come back for sure though!

    language Review by Bill Baumann
    The BEST!!!

    The three locations the green house has to offer are the best around. Usually packed but well worth it. The best strains in the world and the most cup wins of any coffee shop. Highly recommended, I especially like sitting in the Waterlooplein shop and smoking while looking at town hall across the street!

    language Review by Kip Smith
    Best smokes in town - not a tourist rap

    Heard about the Green House from Time Magazine and went there on my first trip to AMS in '96. Been to Amsterdam 2x since and never gone anywhere else for smokes. Tried Super Silver Haze in Jan '99 and it was awsome. Heading back during Thanksgiving and guess where you'll find me-Greenhouse.

    language Review by BB
    Greenhouse is the place for quality & variety

    Stopped in to the Greenhouse Centrum twice during our last voyage. The quality is outstanding and most varieties were in stock. The White Zombie was out of this world. Place is very crowded, so I did not hang around long. Will def. be back next time.

    language Review by Fred Thompsan
    Greenhouse is the best place in Amsterdam!!

    Been to Amsterdam twice this year. Once during spring break and once in May. This place is the place for anyone looking for the best budz in the World. There list of cannabis cup winners is longer than any other coffee shop. There simple menu and counter layout is the kindest in Amsterdam. The people are excellent, the atmosphere is heavenly for tokin up some kind, and they serve beer, good beer. Smoke some of the Super Silver Haze(Cannabis Cup Winner 98) and drink a glass of Heine and tell me this place isn't the best Amsterdam has to offer. With 3 Locations in the heart of Amsterdam you have to hit it up. Note- Tolstratt is the first Greenhouse and has a neat touch to it, but The Red Light District Greenhouse has the most Action. All have the same menu of delicous herbals.

    language Review by Dogbreath
    Nice Place, Usually

    A place I seem to come back to often. Especially enjoy the place for late morning coffees and first smoke of the day sittiing out front at the sidewalk table. Sometimes the staff seems irritated, and occasionally I see incdifferent, snarly vibes when ordering a coffee.... probably the staff is burned out because the place is so busy. Often very crowded, especially in evenings. :-)

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