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Visitor reviews Greenhouse Centrum
Visitor reviews Greenhouse Centrum

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    language Review by Boots from USA
    Truly a smokers destination

    I agree with the last review - the super silver haze is simply incredible. My wife had me come along with her on a business trip back in '08 and I wanted the cannabis cup winner - well I got it! Decor back then was relaxed and simple; it looks like they have fixed it up a bit since. The place was mostly full of backpacking Brits and I quickly made a few mates. The staff wasn't giving out hugs, but like the last review stated - hey they're busy! I'm going in a month and a half and can't wait to try the latest cup winner!

    language Review by vik from United Kingdom
    my favourite happy place in the world

    i have been to amsterdam 3 times since october 07 and next month will be 4th.Its always the first call as it will always be my favourite place to be in the world. we like to try difirent smoke everytime ,but the last time we realised that we had sampled enough to know that the best ever is super silver haze.love it.love the decor love the atmosphere love the coffee.The staff could have been a bit more friendly but they are very busy.Dont listen to those americans the greenhouse centrum is my favourite happy place in the world!!!!!!!xxx

    language Review by barrieg
    i have visited 3 times over 5 years

    i have visited this place 3 times over the past 5 years, with the last being yesterday, and this place with everyone in it, thinks they are somthing they are not! the first time we:(my wife and i), went into this place in 2001 it was during the daytime and the place was totally great. same the next time in 2003.this time it's a different experience.the staff are ignorant to the extreme, intentionally and obviously and it's a place i would not advice anyone to go to for a chilled time. seems to me that its just a weekend hangout for the dutch nouveau riche, or those that wannabe, and the staff look down on tourists, especially in the evenings and weekends. give it a miss. definetly. you can get a great experience, far superior, in most places your scared to go into causa the way it looks from outside. don't get stuck in this tourist trap when it suits, wannabe, coffeeshop!!

    language Review by drumdemon44
    there are better places to smoke !

    greenhouse was packed and the dealer either doesnt like tourist or is just an asshole. the smoke was avrage and they were a little expensive. they were also our of arjans haze, witch was a total bummer !

    language Review by a Visitor

    nice place, very nice ak47, just a pity about the grumpy, misserable person at the weed counter.

    language Review by a Visitor
    hawain snow was damp!!!

    was staying in haarlem for a few days and after sampling there local delights(which were cheaper and far better than in dam)we decided to go into dam for the day .went straight to greenhouse centrum for hawain snow and when we bought it is was damp!!!this was not the first bit of weed not dried properly in dam and wont be the last !!why do they insist on selling weed not properly dried..back to haarlem after that for some quality smoke..be warned.

    language Review by ttboy
    try the hawaiian snow

    it was my first day in the damn and first coffeeshop experience. it was a decent looking place. cool dealer and hot bartender. yeah, the hawaiian snow was amazing. great hazy smell, taste, and stone. my friend tried the ak-47 and was stoned stupid for a while. needless to say, it was time for falafel and fries afterwards.

    language Review by michele
    not honest

    i live 300 meters from the place and i am heavy consumer. i go there when i am too lazy to go to tweede kamer. i don't like it because 60% of the times the young guy at the sale point is rude and 40% of the times tryes to fuck me as i were a stoned tourist. that means 1) wrong change 2) ask the first of the list and receive the second. so try to do this: ask for the first, and then ask for the second, if he tried to fuck you he will say 'ah no it this one the first', like tonight for me. i went there in 4 years i think 20 times, tonight the last.

    language Review by bigpp@belfast
    who let the dogs out

    great place to go for an instant hit the king hussian elite mixed with the ak-47 is the buzz of the millenium.after a few of them my friend told us some old school stories and this one about a dog running after him he proceeded to run up and down the shop imitating a dog running after his ankles of course the bong tokers were taken a back and the staff were miffed but with a bonio and pizza slice we managed to get him out. going back in two weeks heavily disguised that is.

    language Review by david
    different for everyone.

    i thought this place was kind of needing a 'happy' makeover. the staff was friendly enough, but the atmosphere was putting me to sleep. kali was ok. i guess i am too heavy a smoker to liberally be giving stars to an establishment. worth checking out if in the area.

    language Review by bonnie
    not freindly

    bought some super kali mist there, but guy working that night acted to me and everyone else like it was a bother to sell weed. would go back for the kali!!!!!!!

    language Review by destroyah
    good weed and sweet location

    i'd have to agree with the other blokes about the super silver haze...without a doubt the best weed of the trip. nice location too, right next to a canal. overall, i was pretty impressed with the greenhouse. one of the better shops around

    language Review by headmixer
    one of a few

    this is definately one of the few coffee shops where you can sit outside beside a canal. when the summer nights are running in sweat, life inside most coffee shops can get a bit thick and sticky. this was the best location for being able to sit and watch the world go by without being behind bricks and glass. didn't buy weed here as i prefer out of town coffee shops like the londen in westerpark for buying from. the beer was pricey so i expect the weed was too.

    language Review by a Visitor
    'there can be only one...'

    there can be only one....and the greenhouse centrum is it!!! yes, it is expensive. yes, it gets crowded. yes, the female staff has high turnover. but ultimately, they have the best weed on a day in day out basis and super silver haze remains the king (sorry all you pure haze people, i like some stone in my buzz).

    language Review by a Visitor
    Weed is good, when you can get it

    Super Silver Haze best buzz around, but rarely in stock at any of the Greenhouse locations. Remainder of menu is average.

    language Review by kc
    my favoright

    I was in A'dam in the springtime (you can't beat it) and everynight for two weeks that I was in the city, the last and the first spot to visit in the nighttime was this sweet-ass coffeeshop. I never did try their coffee because I was preoccupied with their atmosphere, alcohol, and sweet sweet mary jane. I would say that if you are visiting Holland, Greenhouse Centrum is definately a place to stop. I loved the location, staff, patrons, and establishment. The decorations blew me away but the feeling of exiting this shop is one which cannot be described with the elevated frame of mind and the canal right there.

    language Review by BigJohn420
    Great buds--->For a price

    Now I know alot of people won't want to hear this, but the greenhouse isn't all that. For one thing they're usually crowded with tourists and the staff is always busy, sometimes selling drinks. (I like the dampkrings two counter system much better.) I usually got there in the afternoon and only was able to get a seat to sit down once. I usually just picked up my stuff up and left. The other thing I hated is that, while the buds and hash were great I feel that they were priced WAY HIGHER than other coffeeshops. On the plus side the interior decoration made for a pleasent day of shrooming(thank goodness I found a seat that day) and they do serve alcohol, also you can sit outside when it's nice. Great place to get buds and leave. Unless you like to get up early.

    language Review by Vihren
    We found ourselves there almost daily

    The atmosphere at the Greenhouse Effect was terrific! We thought that they had some of the best smoke in Amsterdam. Highly recommended. They are very crowded in the evenings, but don't let this discourage you, this place is definately worth checking out. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

    language Review by Armbar
    Nice atmosphere and some of the best grass anywhere...

    One of the top two or three coffeeshops in Amsterdam and definitely the best coffeeshop around the red light district. The staff was helpful and the atmosphere was nice. But, as we all know, the essence of a coffeeshop is its cannabis. The Super Silver Haze is amazing and I'm told that the King Hassan Elite is the best hash you can get in Amsterdam. I can't wait to return.

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