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Visitor reviews Grey Area
Visitor reviews Grey Area

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    language Review by sally from USA
    Best Place to grab and go

    My first cs during last trip. Jon is very nice - if you mention any weed he'll instantly produce the tub w/the buds for your inspection. I got the Chocolope, Silver Bubble, and the Crystals/Kif. It's hard to imagine weed getting any better than this and, quite frankly, if it were any stronger I don't know if I'd really like it. The weed was dripping w/crystals and as soon as I opened up the bag, the smell was so strong I knew I was in for a treat. I can't recommend the Silver Bubble highly enough -it might be the perfect weed. The Chocolope was my 1st toke of the trip and it really has an up, energetic edge which makes you want to walk throughout the city. The crystals are simply another dimension - it will rock your world. This isn't really a place you can enjoy hanging out in, although I did for a while, because it's so small. Score top weed here and go somewhere else (Amnesia is nearby) to smoke it.

    language Review by The Travellin' Irishman from Ireland
    Super chilled, super friendly and I was super stoned......nice.

    Thanks very much for the perfect recommendation. You hit the nail on the head (figuratively) with your Apollo 13. It was the perfect contrast to the Silver Haze and Jack Herer I'd been puffing on. Anyhoooo, to all the people who are reading these reviews to try and narrow down the choices before going to Amsterdam, as I did, take this piece of advice: Put The Grey Area on the top of the list. P.S. I love my GA t-shirt, but since I've seen the "90 of 95" tag on it, I can't wear it!!

    language Review by 420time from USA
    Grey Area a must in Amsterdam

    just got back from 8 days in the Dam. Hotel was a block from the Grey Area so I went a few times. Mellow place, one of the best menus in Amsterdam, John is super helpful and chill, and if you're lucky you can get a seat be maybe a bong. Yellow Cab was incredible, great high. Chocolope was a mellow, super chill high. Grey Haze was alright, another mellow high. If you are in Amsterdam and looking to smoke, Grey Area is a must.

    language Review by a Visitor from USA
    Best budmaster in the dam

    I always make my first stop in Amsterdam the Grey Area. Was in the city last Friday (1 day). Got 1 gram of the Grey Mist Crystals (might be the last time since it is now 26 euro a gram) and 1 gram of the Chocolope. Super energetic, amazingly paranoid buzz. Would highly recommend (but be prepared for the paranoia). Very long line when I arrived, full of Brits, but place cleared out and I was lucky enough to find a seat. As always, staff was super helpful and friendly. Very chill. Don't miss

    language Review by Bigblunt from USA
    Great place Great gear

    Awesome people who work here.Top notch menu in the city..Thank you john for keeping it rockin:)

    language Review by country boy from Bangladesh
    Expensive and small

    great reviews though. Willie Nelson shops here.

    language Review by TMS from Canada

    as most others say it is tiny-- but I agree with the fact that it adds to it's charm. great great smoke, prices reflect the quality here. Come early if you want to sit !! Budtenders are very friendly and will let you use a quality bong to smoke from as long as you aren't a dick! Long line all day long!

    language Review by Representer from Netherlands
    Best Shop on Adam!

    I moved in the Netherlands/Amsterdam. Since i am here i enjoy the quality of the amazing weed from the Grey Area. Prefer the Yellow Cab, also Grey Haze, Silver Bubble, Chocolope. The staff is always nice and they know what they doin´! So, when you are in Amsterdam,then enjoy the american way and go in the Grey Area! Peace

    language Review by herbNmagic from Canada
    Grey't.. but could have been better

    Definetly one of the top shops, but wasnt impressed with the cantelope haze or the yellow cab. Top choices were 4077 Medicinal Leaf and Grey Haze.

    language Review by juror
    friendly atmosphere

    best part about the grey area is puccini's across the street. has the best chocolate anywhere.

    language Review by a Visitor

    ok: i was actually there last year but ... the only place in amsterdam that actually surprised me was grey area resume - been smoking for 25 yrs... so i don't impress easily

    language Review by drumdemon44
    best smoke in town !

    this place rocks !!! it is the best shop in town. they have the best smoke and the best vibe. some of the shops i went to didnt treat the americans with as much respect as the grey area. they played good tunes and had great service. the grey berry is killer !!!!! ak47, yellow cab and the kief were all the best i had in town. if you miss this place you totally suck ! just hope ya can get a seat to chill, it gets kinda packed

    language Review by aigin
    an american's dream

    okay, this place is run by americans, and it feels like the u.s. basically, it's a stoner's dream -- incredible reefer (try the grey mist or the bubblegum), cool music, lots of visual stimulation. the two owners are real different. john is immediately cool, nice, friendly, and helpful. steve is a lot more standoffish, until you speak to him in dutch. then you find out he's a real nice guy too. yeah, it's small, but small is beautiful.

    language Review by birdman
    fun, but small.

    this place has great people and great smoke and great music. it's just that there is no where to smoke it! get there early!

    language Review by brother john
    grey area rocks!

    the grey area is a must! if you visit a'dam and do not visit the grey area you have not been to adam! john is extremely cool and a helluva a generous guy! steve is also very cool but he doesnt tolerate fools! so there is a very good chance that if someone doesnt like the grey area's dealers, they have a tendency to be a fool! the place is tiny....but that makes its charm! make sure you spend at least one visit smoking in the grey area! greyberry, grey haze, bubblegum and ak-47 are major standouts!

    language Review by bigbird
    take a cab

    i purchased some yellow cab here.this was my favorite walkng around gear of my trip.dealer was not that friendly but who cares.he sold me some good weed and did not hassle me when i chilled for about 2 hours at a table there.

    language Review by bigbird
    drive the cab

    it is true the service can be interesting here.i happened in when no one else was there.i ordered 2 grams of yellow cab and sat down to smoke.i sat smoked and had a great time people watching out of the big,front window.great gear.some people who came in after i did had a little slower service but my experience was great.

    language Review by pianodude
    farm out!!!

    this place is my home away from home for the short visits i make to amsterdam twice a month.john is a great host who also just happens to sell the best smoke in amsterdam.it appears that most people are aware of this and therefore attracts huge numbers of cool,friendly and sophisticated people.....see you there the evening of the 4th,june.

    language Review by ttboy
    great weed, one dealer was a wanker

    easily the best weed of the trip. my fav was the greyberry, my friend (randomguy) liked the grey haze, both were excellent. the first dealer was cool, but the other one was truly a turdburglar. i wish the shop was bigger, so i would advise anyone to just pick up your gear and head somewhere else. also, a word of caution: do not smoke too much of the grey mist crystals- you will be too stoned and will start talking like stephen hawking!

    language Review by exedore
    best smoke in town

    place is closed on mondays (growl). also heard its closed on sunday's as well but i cant verify that. place opens somewhere around 10:30 or so and closes early like 8 or 9. easy to find, though crowed everytime you go there. picked up some grey crsytal to sprinkle in my joints and some bubblegum. both excellent. went there when john was there each of the times i went (glasses). he was very polite and friendly and willing to give ya a hand with what ya want. place only has 2 tables with a total of maybe 7 seats in the whole place. very cramped every time went in there with the seats being taken as soon as they open. place can literally fit maybe 12 people in the store and thats cramped.

    language Review by randomguy
    grey haze was quality herb...

    during my visit to a'dam i visited maybe 8 or so coffeeshops. while i didn't make it to some of the well rated ones, in my visits here, i would say i was most impressed with the herb here more than any other shop. the grey haze had me stoned beyond belief and the the grey berry was outstanding as well. then there's the crystals they had there....again, very potent high. couldn't really get a seat as it was packed both visits. you can expect no less though from a good shop with quality weed. i will be back for sure.

    language Review by donkey dick

    at the moment the best weed in the dam hands down. buy from here & the same strain somewhere else and look at the diference. never had bad service here, what do you people want. i ask for weed the guy gives it. if i have questions they're answered knowledgably. thats all i need thats what i get. agree with whoever wrote below wondering why other c/s can't cure their weed like this place............. i'm not a fan of the u.s. stoner vibe & agree its not a place to linger but if we're talking purely about the bud then this is it!!!!!!!

    language Review by seouleast
    best weed.....best weed.....best weed.......

    i don't know about everyone else, but if bud is what you are looking for, then this place is it. i don't know why others can't grow or even cure their weed like this place. i guess that is what makes this place a diamond in the ruff. true, freedom to smoke without persecusion is great, but you also need to have some quality gear. 4077, yellow cab, double bubble, trichomes, and their new greyberry. next time, for weed, this place will be my only stop. wanna get high? got to the other shops. wanna get baked? then go to the grey area!

    language Review by a Visitor

    went there a couple times on my return visit to the dam third week of oct 03. everytime i stopped in the dude in the black glasses treated me like i was the greatest customer in the world. he was probably ripped of his ass with a grin that big. always polite and eager to hear and answer any questions in the calmest laidback fashion. there were three types of hash. alright. didnt try the dry trichrome? tho. the weed was incredible. grey myst and double bubble as the doctor ordered! never stuck around but always had a free table - which is awesome considering theres only two or three.

    language Review by a Visitor

    the shop is small and a bit hard to find but well worth a visit. the grey mist crystals and buds are of the highest quality and in three trips i have not seen or heard anyone being rude.

    language Review by foxie
    hmmmmm, not sure.....

    yep the grey mist was good but after making a special effort to find the place out the service was discusting. i asked if john was about and was told by a bald headed geezer no. he didnt seem to want to sell us drinks,speak or even really acknowledge us at all. i wouldnt bother again.

    language Review by joe420
    great weed

    i was there june 1-8th and while they were a lil ' flakey ' so is almost everyone there ! the weed was great burns cleaner than most others and gets you stoned as hell but i liked the grayx blueberry haze better !

    language Review by trekknhil
    i will disagree

    sorry, i don't find their gear to as mind blowing as others...to each his own. the shop is tiny and no one has ever been nicer than normal...even jon the ny'er...which is where i am from. the accent should get me at least a smile.

    language Review by titus wong
    go for the weed; bail for the poor service

    grey area - an established shop owned by a couple of americans, who will sell you eighths and quarters instead of grams if you prefer (but why?). a lotta folks bitch about the service, but i suspect that this is partly due to the fact that the owner/dealers are perpetually stoned. they tend to flake out alot, resulting in erratic opening/closing times, but their potent gear makes a visit worthwhile. it's a tiny shop though, and usually crowded, so most punters will buy 'n fly. killer gear. double bubblegum is great, walking-around weed. grey haze will tear a hole in your cerebrum, but the grey mist crystals are what really stand out. the latter are pure trichromes sifted from the coffeeshop's famous grey mist weed. expensive but well worth it since it is guaranteed to set your brain on fire -- you can sprinkle some of this magic pixie dust on any otherwise low-grade schwag for an incandescent boost. i found the decor to be depressingly reminiscent of a teenager's bedroom i.e. riddled with inane stickers and posters relating to cannabis culture. you might be able to snag a bong (usu. filthy) being passed around by the customers. no alcohol.

    language Review by mikaro
    still keeping erratic opening hours

    oh, this place is slipping down the list of best coffeeshops, at least in part because it still seems to open and shut whenever it wants...when i found it shut though, i went around to herengracht and 'discovered' the newly-taken over amnesia- it now has the title of best coffeeshop in amsterdam in my mind, and frankly the reasons for going to grey area are shrinking by the day...do yourself a favour and head to amnesia instead...

    language Review by richard townend
    great little place

    went out of our way in the driving snow to try this place with 8 other tired and wet travellers in tow! the guy behind the counter was friendly and helpful and we got some top notch gear. surprisingly there were a few seats spare but unfortunately too many of us to stay. will go here again.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    reconsider thoughts.

    after careful review of my thoughts and a refresher of my trip book, i have to re-clarify my last review/post. i had stated other shops had their buts kicked. this was a false statement. with my apologies, i have to withdraw that part of my last review. let me just say one fact about my trips to grey area: as far as best bud and grey mist crystals, there is no better that i have smoked anywhere, than there. i have always been when john is there and always had a wonderful time. i will have to think twice before making a statement as bold as on the last review again. the only thing i was really trying to make note of was the odd hours. i should have simply stated: if you want some of the best smoke in a'dam, here are the hours... so sorry grey area, i will be cautious of my wording from now on. your wares are top notch, off the charts, and awesome...

    language Review by a Visitor
    big buds big buds

    very small shop but world class gear. for 3 vists in a row grey area has had the biggest best buds i could find. the trichromes will literaly blow you away.

    language Review by excitableone
    don't believe what you here.

    this shop is very small but the gear you'll buy will make up for it, we sampled a gram of the kif and an 1/8 of grey haze and both rocked our world's!! the dealer was super friendly, his name was jon! he even came from behind the counter to take a picture of me and my fiance

    language Review by charlie
    average place good smoke the man behind the counter was very ignorant

    visited g/a on sat 9/11/02 sampled some grey mist crystal it took me out of this world ,what spoiled our visit was the man behind the counter.there was no 'hello' nothing just 'fifteen' when he lobbed my gram of crystal at me across the counter . all he wanted was the money. you people at g/a get rid of this guy

    language Review by matt
    grey area rocks the house

    the grey area was one of my top 5 coffee shops in a'dam. the staff was very willing to offer their advice about their fine fine products. this place also has the best selection of bongs anywhere in the city. seriously. try the 3 foot grey area custom jaromme baker glassware. it's 3 feet tall and a true work of art. best bong in the city. the only thing that i didnt like about this place was that is was a pretty small and crowded sometimes.

    language Review by a Visitor
    avoid the toilet

    the place is small so if you are looking for a place to hang out in for a few hours this is not the place. the gear is first rate and the service was friendly and full of information about their products.

    language Review by ds
    fantastic smoke, avoid the toilet

    the grey mist and grey mist crystal were out of this world, but for the love god, avoid the toilet. seriously.

    language Review by lasthamlet
    still good smoke, but now every shop has scuff...

    well grey area, your goods are fantastic but the other shops, especially siberie, has your butt kicked. other shops have the scuff (tricimones). that was a good exclusive for a short period. you might have to keep regular hours now, to keep past clientel. the long lines in front are not long as they were. i just visited july 4, 2002. and all during that two weeks, no crowds. i actually got to sit down inside the shop this time. both tables were open. nevertheless, your smoke is still very well cured...

    language Review by m1
    owners never showed up!

    we arrived just after it was supposed to open. had read many good reviews about the tricomes etc. and wanted to get a sac. waited outsied for 15 min and no-one came. came back an hour later, no one. came back 2 hours later, no one! if you aren't going to open until 4:00pm don't say you open at noon!!!!!

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