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Visitor reviews Hill Street Blues
Visitor reviews Hill Street Blues

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    language Review by Sal from USA
    A Different CS You Should Try

    Everything I liked about this cs might form the basis of why others don't like it. It was a nice, very different change of pace - quite unique. It falls outside the niche of cs's that are either psychedelic (Dampkring), bar-like (420 cafe/De Kuil), or Buddha-Eastern themed. It's black interior with graffiti everywhere might not appeal to everyone. I actually liked it very much because of it's uniqueness, which was a nice change of pace. Those huge, comfy leather sofas in the large back room, as well as the billiards table are great. I tried the Northern Lights and it was excellent. I'm not sure I would recommend it if you only have time for one or two cs's but if you're planning on hitting many cs's, this is one you should defintely check out for comfort, unique atmosphere and fun, and very good gear (at least what I tried).

    language Review by a Visitor
    A must at late night (17th Feb 07)

    This has to be the best everall place I could mention. Might not have the best or biggest weedhash menu in town but it's ok. The vibe of the place is well cool with the correct music depending on how busy it is at any given time of the day. Probably the cheapest place for beer in the RLD. We were paying €1.60 (about £1.15 at the time) for the local bottled beer, Domelsch. I recall Bud being €3 a bottle and the draught beer being about €3, which is the same as the local bottled beer (Domelsch) so I'd always prefer the bottles. The decoration (if you can call it that) is simply amazing where anyone can add there own little bit to the walls if they so wish. The toilets can seem a little freaky for the first timers. But hay, thats they way this place like things I guess Been here on every trip and always found it to be busy from mid afternoon to closing time. In fact it pays to get there earlyer towards the end of the night as they often have to close the door to stop over-crowding, which shows there must be something about the place they are doing right!. Oh, did I mention the staff have always been friendly to us whenever we have been to this place.

    language Review by LouLouYAYO from France
    Amazing Stuff

    I went in this CS just once and i just ordered and left so i can't tell that much about the atmosphere or somethin, but i can tell you that they have some heavy shit, the SAGE is REALLY good

    language Review by a Visitor from United Kingdom
    good location,dodgy staff

    i lived and worked in amsterdam for 18 months back in 2001, one weekend some pals came over to visit got served some drinks by good looking blonde english girl. bill came to around 9 euros gave her a 20 note she gave me 1 euro back and tried to rush off.a deliberate ploy. sadly this as happend to me a few times at different places in amsterdam.stoned or drunk tourists are an easy target for the short changers.beware! you have been warned

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