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Visitor reviews Homegrown Fantasy
Visitor reviews Homegrown Fantasy

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    language Review by Ed from USA
    Friendly Place with Friendly Staff

    Made it back to Homegrown Fantasy after a year's absence. Once again the staff was very friendly and helpul. While the selection was not the largest in town, it was all good stuff. I loved the Dutch Dust and the Chocolope. Have to say the their Cappucchino was great too!

    language Review by a Visitor from United Kingdom
    homegrown fantsys

    in the 80s this was my fav coffee shop -i just wnt in sept 09 its not half the shop it use to be--crap selection compared to last visit-the weed was o.k--borrowed me a very nice roor bong.an still got some cheese crystals-had space cake but dint do much.do not buy pre-rolled spliffs as my mate brought one(strong) it was harsh-we had to ditch it--un smokable--.staff were o.k..

    language Review by RavenFunk from United Kingdom
    Great friendly place

    my second visit to amsterdam this year and this little gem of a coffee shop was over the road from the hotel. The quality of the weed was first class and also quite cheep, the range of people that use the place is amazing from late teens to middle aged like meself and the staff ere also great. It became my local for the 5 days i was there and ide recomend it to anyone............

    language Review by dmt from United Kingdom
    tried this out on reccomendation

    my girlfriend and i checked out this place on reccomendation, and ended up going there for the three evenings during our stay. the staff are mostly friendly, seemed a bit uptight at first but turned out to be nice. in the evenings they played some real good hip-hop (dr. octagon, company flow, madlib if thats you're thing (it is mine!)) as for the weed; the lemon was ok, white widow wasn't amazing, but i would highly reccomend their hindu kush as it looks and smells amazing and has a really nice high.

    language Review by Egor from USA
    On My Knees

    I was in Amsterdam last October and spent a couple of nights at Homegrown Fantasy. The second night was both wonderful and a total disaster. After playing the vaporizer like a bagpipe, my friends had to help me out despite thirty years of experience. The Amazing Haze was amazing! I also loved the vaporizer tutorial that the nice, actually very nice lady behind the counter gave me.

    language Review by Talvi from Finland
    Be careful with pre-rolled hash joints.

    I bought a joint and it was the worst hash I smoked during my stay in amsterdam! The staff was nice though.

    language Review by Ed from USA
    Friendly Place and Convenient Too

    I was fortunate enough to visit Amsterdam for the third time starting on Oct. 11th. I spent several evenings enjoying what Homegrown Fantasy had to offer. I loved the Amazing Haze and the Spacecakes. The Bomba (pure)joints were both generous and potent. They also had a Volcano for their guests to use. This was the device that brought my friend Egor to his knees. The ladies behind the counter were both lovely and knowledgeable. Hope to visit again soon!

    language Review by shazar the burnt
    homegrown fantasy is the best coffee shop :)

    well i toured 105 coffee shops on my own personal tour and i just kept coming back to homegrown fantasy. first shop i found and remained my favorite for 2 mos. the blacklight in the bathroom freaked me and my whole crew right out haha it was a good surprise ;d

    language Review by melodee
    just lovely

    this coffeeshop is one of the best. the staff is friendly and helpful, the ambience is laid back. the weed and hash are splendid. homegrown fantasy is a must, don't miss it.

    language Review by cameron
    one of my favorite shops!

    this shop is in my personal top 3 shops in amsterdam. nice place to chill.i usually buy my smoke from here.the northern lights just kicks butt!the staff is always nice and pleasant, and very helpfull.

    language Review by a Visitor
    decent weed, but...

    nice weed, friendly staff, but such small deals. i mean, 1g bags is a bout the biggest they sell. really nice bar next door though

    language Review by paddy
    not your usual stuck up pretentious coffeshop.

    one of the better coffeeshops in amsterdam. you could say i was a 'regular'(does almost every day for over 3 years count?). hot summers day in amsterdam, sitting outside homegrown, there's nowhere like it. best staff in the world especially a certain very beautiful canadian girl whom i fell madly in love with. i had many, many great times here, and many more to come! returning soon homegrown!

    language Review by alessio
    always a great place to stop

    it's is always such a nice place that i would like to keep it as a private secret. out from the big mess of the red zone it is always a safe place to stop and have some good time. good choice and friendly situation, what more? go ahead guys 'cause you're always on the right way. kawa

    language Review by me
    gone downhill....really dissapointed.

    i have very recently come back from amsterdam(sunday), and although i have been many times, i have always managed to visit this coffeeshop, and it was one of my favourites. nowadays, the pot is lousy, and a very poor menu to select from, i have grown numorous strains of theirs in the past( and liked em... cept for cali-o) and had hoped to see a lot more of their own strains on the menu. i asked for some blueberry and the dealer said he didnt have any left and to give him a little while and he would bring it out.... we never saw him again, in the meantime i bought some power plant which was very mediocre. now n.y.c diesel & amnesia haze (not from homegrown fantasy)... that was another story ;)

    language Review by the dude
    great place and bar next door.

    i love this place and i totally enjoyed het smoke.purple organic outdoor bud amazing taste.i love any place that has beer and couches.lot's of places to sit in amsterdam few are comfey.small like everything else but they have a dj and ok tunes great retreat from the weather around the corner from sushi and abraxas cs.lots of neat stuff around here.

    language Review by boner
    very nice...

    very nice weed tried the master kush and wasn't dissapointed...

    language Review by a Visitor
    constant favorite

    this place has always been a constant favorite. just got back from another visit and loved this place. always the first and last place. great chilled vibes and extremely friendly staff. always get my first bag or two and first ojs here. bought northern lights 10/23?. stuff rocked my world oddly enuf. unrollable due to the incredible amount of sticky resin on your fingers. wont be able to let go to sprinkle in paper much less let go of paper. wonderful experience. unlike most other places, sells 5e and 10e bags ~.75 and 1.4 g. works for me tho.

    language Review by ev
    feels like home anyway

    this is a place that doesn't jump right in your face by noice, bright neon-lights or any overdone stile. it's a cozy, friendly surrounding that takes you in without pushing you into any sorts of trend and leaves you free and happy after mild and friendly servings. the soft half- psychodelic but natural enviroment suited me always well. and how i love the starlit toilett!

    language Review by a Visitor
    great place

    it was a tad bit hard to find, i walked past it twice without seeing it, but i liked this place, very laid back, very friendly, clean, art on the walls, jazz on the stereo. the gear was pre packaged but the k-2 i tried was top line gear. and they had the best hot chocolate i got, complete with m&m's.

    language Review by a Visitor
    i liked the weed

    i have to disagree with the previous reviewer. their nl x haze cross is the best dope i've ever smoked. plus, their cappucino is perfect. highly recommended shop - better ventilation than any other place and a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere.

    language Review by dogbreath
    pleasant place for a coffee and smoke

    recently stopped in homegrown a few times during a recent trip. a nice relaxing comfortable place to hang out. the weed menu is limited and unimpressive. one finds a high precentage of tourists here, but the vibes are almost always good. if you are looking for a nice pleasant place to hang out, and you are not interested in the weed menu too much, then check this place out. :-)

    language Review by lance romance
    excellent shop / good selection

    i've enjoyed this shop for about 11 years now. i like the fact that you can try alot of different selections for the grand price of 10nlg. compared to the prices in the states 10 guilders is nothing,($4.00) for a joint worth of exotic weed. nice and bright inside; did run into some local know-it-all in there who tried to get me to try weed & tobacco. i told him to piss off.(nicely of course)i just quit smoking cigs about 18 months ago. so keep your tobacco to yourself, and smoke pure sativa or indica

    language Review by jason from ks
    great organic bud here!!!!

    the jack herrer bud here is spectacular....almost all of their bud is organically grown, which means no harsh smokes and your j's will stay lit. one of the premiere coffeeshops in amsterdam!

    language Review by BigJohn420
    Too expensive. Not outstanding.

    I hate the way they sell buds at this place. They have everything the same price, say 10 nlg, and the weights vary. If you add it up they really rip you off. You get like .5 or .6 for 10nlg which is, or almost is, 20 guilders for a single G. Too much dough! Almost anyplace is cheaper than that, and the products aren't anything spectacular.

    language Review by Mikaro
    So friendly, you could take your Mum here...

    If the sight of authentic people working the bar does not shock you enough, then take a p*ss in their tremendous toilet; I still remember the look on my tripping friends' face when he eventually found his way out...Average pot helps me recommend this place for any nervous first-timer.

    language Review by DeadheadWeedsmoker420

    I'd just like to comment on the space cake scenario. I think it's all bogus. I bought enough bonbon's and space cake to puke. Yet I could've gotten more trashed from 1 pull out a bong. It's a scam. If you wanted good confections then you'd have to bring an oven and cook your own.

    language Review by vetteboybri
    always crowded

    Tried to find this place because of all the great reviews. When I did, every time I walked by, it was packed, so beware when you go to vist, it seems to be very popular.

    language Review by EvilD

    This place has quality products with good and tourist friendly staff--unless their just really stoned..I stopped by in October 99'..In the back room with the window cracked, nice breeze, comfortable and relaxing..it was called Budda and kicked my ass, the true creeper erb..the buy on fly was cool too (the service..Must say a real nice atmosphere...

    language Review by Armbar
    Nice atmosphere

    I love the interior of this place. Very relaxed and unassuming. The bathroom is especially trippy, and it's worth visiting this place just to take a leak. I didn't try and of their buds, though I wish I had.

    language Review by Planet Janet
    best space caked ever

    My honey and I are 50+ old professional working stonies. Sometimes I can't smoke as much pot as I want and the space cakes were the most yummy yet anywhere and great for further traveling or to take on a picnic. The staff was always warning us, we laughed as we smoke a lot anyway.

    language Review by Lee Walther
    K 2, a mountain to climb.

    Just walking a long looking for the 'hopper,when we pass Homegrown.So we pile in (all 2 of us).Anyway to cut a long story short,nice tables friendly staff and the K2...well one joint and we had to go for a walk.Half an hour later after wandering the streets in a daze trying not to look that stoned we end up oppisite Homegrown fantasy and start it all over again.RECOMMENDED.

    language Review by Scott the Smoker
    it rules

    best coffeshop i've been to in Amsterdam, and definitely the coolest one in the area near Centraal Station. -s-

    language Review by a Visitor
    The best bud I had in Amsterdam!!

    Oh my goodness is this the place to go for the best smoke. My wife and I bought one of their pure bud joints and it completely fucked us up. We are not lightweights either. The was the last of 5 coffee shops we sampled over a week and the bud here from what we saw and tried is absolutely the best. The joint supposedly had White Widdow and something else. I took notes on the stuff: ' Very potent. 1/2 joint and completley blasted. Long lasting high. Very strong. Taste and flavor are weak. High comes on quickly.' Most bud in Amsterdam is pretty lame by Northwen California standards. But not this place. Only downer was that some of the patrons were assholes. But hey, take the bud to your hotel or another coffee shop. Large menu, too. A must visit.

    language Review by Dogbreath
    One of my favorite places....

    Homegrown Fantasy was the first Nederland coffee shop I ever visited, and I was just plain lucky, looking back. It is one of the nicest coffee shops in town, and one of my 'regulars'..... meaning daily visits when in town. What makes it pleasant is the friendly staff.... can't ever recall having unpleasant experiences there. It is a popular stop for tourists like me, but a pedigree Dutchies frequently visit. The weed, is ok, but I usually seem to find my favorite varieties elsewhere. In Summer the sidewalk tables are real nice. Also, there is a police station right across the street, being an American, something it takes a little while to get used to. Thumbs up for this place. :-) Dogbreath

    language Review by mike

    homegrown is simply the best coffeshop in Amsterdam. During my first visit, it was the last place i stopped before moving on, and at that point, i had simply smoked myself into a coma and couldn't appreciate the bud for what it was. However, when i returned for visit number two, the place simply won me over. First of all, i hadn't checked into my hotel yet, and they just let us leave our bags in the closet (try doing that at the grasshopper). then, i bought a bag of the haze again, and this time i understood why it was so highly recomended. we ended up staying there for three hours, and comming back twice in three days. Simply put, this place has the friendliest service, the most relaxing aptmosphere, the best music, the best pot, and who wouldn't love a bathroom with a blacklight? Find this place. It's worth it.

    language Review by Bob
    Pot (tried 2 kinds)tasted like mayonaise!The only sticky eyes here is if you didn

    I had heard so much about this place I was really hyped. I purchased two kinds of bud. The snow white(supposedly thier best)and k-2. they both tasted,looked,and smoked the same. I could not differentiate. The taste was like mayonaise,literally! They did provide for an amusing memory though,as my traveling companion snapped a photo as I tossed both bags out of our third floor hotel window! This was the only BAD herb I smoked while in Amsterdam,so I guess it does have the distinction of standiing out in the crowd!

    language Review by Gypsy & Althea
    OH Yeah!!!

    Great buds, tasty space cakes, friendly staff. the whole scene is awesome!!! You gotta go to this coffeeshope and when you do...GO TO THE BATHROOM! NO really man! Ya gotta see this bathroom! Make sure to watch when you flush. Oh the Haze/skunk is out of this world!!! go for the 25 guilder bag.

    language Review by -C-
    Excellent quality buds-excellent environment-excellent space cake-excellent employees!What more could you ask for?!?!

    Homegrown Fantasy was the winner for me. The atmosphere was soo laid back. The people that worked there were so dope! They helped my friend and I out in anything we asked. They told us about what were the swinging clubs around town, where the best buds could be found(there of course), and warnings about bad space cake. I totally recomend hitting this place up. They got a great store(Homegrown Fantaseeds) next door with cool people(John). Definitely a must for those who want to visit the best coffeshop!!!

    language Review by Dr. Bob
    Best Space Cakes

    Homegrown had the best tasting and biggest variety of spacecakes and bon bons that I have tried so far.

    language Review by Mirko
    Can I have a piece of cake?

    With a good situation (in front of the Bob's Youth Hostel), the Homegrown Fantasy has a good K2, very nice cakes and pretties barmaids. Mirko, Lausanne, Switzerland

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