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Visitor reviews Hunters Bar
Visitor reviews Hunters Bar

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    language Review by MPASAS from Cyprus
    just sit and enjoy

    This coffeeshop is number one for me because i am fanatic of the original orange b.also everybody are welcome to the place smokers and no-smokers.

    language Review by a Visitor
    not bad

    im just bk from amsterdam 2day and we were in hunters bar its alri the bloke behinde the desk start taken pictures n all of us thanx 4 the weed boys might be bk soon

    language Review by Dave J from United Kingdom
    The Wetherspoons of coffeeshops?

    If your from the UK you will know what I mean by the Wetherspoon's comment lol. Not in a bad way but this place just seems (for me anyways) to have a feel of it's own in some ways. Kind of like the clean pub experience with the coffeeshop element mixed into it. However the music is always great, the weed and hash of equal standards (decent choice to) and drinks are pretty good. Loved the fish in the walls. They sure seemed to grab my attention after just half a joint sat next to 1. Totally forgot where I was for 20 mins or so, or noticed the 60 odd other customers in there. Deffo on a list of must visits for a future trip!.

    language Review by Sophie from United Kingdom
    Top Coffee Shop!

    We went to Hunter's Bar the most over our long weekend in Amsterdam, it offered high quality buds and a friendly informative dealer who helped advise us less 'experienced' users on what we would enjoy the most during our trip. The decor inside was nice, and you could spend hours staring at the amazing tropical fish tanks in the walls. Overall it was a really nice place to sit and ride out your high, although due to new laws being introduced we were unable to drink alcohol there (not a problem for me personally, but we unfortunately had to move on due to non-smoking members of our party getting bored with the stoner atmosphere.) I'm already planning a return trip, and Hunter's Bar will be my first stop off!

    language Review by Eve from United Kingdom
    Dark hole

    Good for internet access. smokey with no air. Bewhere of the female bar tender she tried her best to rip me off. Should be called Cunters bar.

    language Review by Ryan from USA
    perhaps the best coffee shop in Amsterdam

    The most complete coffee shop in all of Amsterdam. Hunter's offered the highest quality buds I found during my latest trip to Amsterdam, but that was just one of it's features. Hunter's also offered internet access, beers and a friendly and good looking staff. My favorite aspect of Hunter's was the DJ spinning during my visit. Hunter's does lack the character of some coffee shop's b/c it is very clean and modern on the inside, think the Starbucks of Amsterdam's coffee shops.

    language Review by stunter from France
    le kiiiiiiff

    franchement ce coffee c'est le meilleur niveau ambiance etc

    language Review by JacK SPAIN from Spain
    El mejor local

    despues de muchos locales recorridos en 3 viajes a amterdam me decidi entrar a este que en apariencia no parecia gran cosa, pero vamos la mejor maria q he probado alli, un poco caropero de alidad, ademas cuando estan todos los de la zona llenos este siempre guarda un rinconcito dond sentarse a tomar un zumo (que es lo unico que sirven) y disfrutar de la mejor maria encontrada en amterdam

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