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revues de visiteur Kadinsky
revues de visiteur Kadinsky

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    language Revue a notsofast de États-Unis
    Been There and Will Be Again

    Hit Kadinsky earlier this year and found it good! The space cakes were very good and I really liked the cheese! Going back later this year, will hit Kadinsky 3 just for a change of pace. I'm sure that it will be good!!

    language Revue a Roger T de Royaume Uni
    THE best coffee shop in Dam

    I think the review below says it all really. Great sounds / soundsystem, top weed, very friendly and helpful staff. Nice decor and relaxing. There are so many naff and themed coffee shops but this one is spot on Cant big it up enough really. Going in July and this will be my first port of call. Ah yeah!

    language Revue a herbNmagic de Canada
    Beautiful girls, nice and comfortable

    I spent a lot of time in the Kadinsky near University of Amsterdam. Its very modern and cozy and the bud tenders were typically beautiful dutch girls. I enjoyed having a lattee here sitting by myself near the window and smoking a gram joint of NY Diesel and blowing grapefruit flavoured clouds towards the doorway and watching them get sucked outside, into oncoming pedestrians faces. Haha, so entertaining to see there heads cock over, What the? Where'd that blast of yuminess come from?? I remember seeing one guys reaction and almost bursting out into laughter while sitting there by myself.. After you leave here take a stroll along the dock in front of the University. A nice spot to relax and smoke a cigarette. With 10 hours before I flew out, I picked up 5 grams of NYC Diesel and was almost panicking when I saw how much I had to smoke. I went to Schipol (so I would be close to catch my morning flight) and rolled 5 massive cucumber sized joints. All night, I went out every hour with one of these monsters and choked it back behind the Radisson SAS in Schipol on this nice little bridge, then Id go back to the room for a half hour, then back outside for another until they were gone. Damn I was near braindead at the airport in the morning but Id do it again in a second. Ill be to Kadinskys next month for sure!

    language Revue a Mellow D de États-Unis
    Love all the Kadinsky's

    Kadinsky has nice ambience, excellent bud, and great location. I love it.

    language Revue a konstantinos
    the best coffeshop

    hallo to everyone.i was in amsterdam a year ago and i was completely unsatisfied with coffeshops,until i found kadinsky.really nice place,nice music,quality smoke and really friendly stuff.i could sit by the window for hours,relaxing while having my coffee.i dont know if it was better in the old days,but in comparison with other coffeshops i think it stands out.

    language Revue a markus parkus
    kadinsky near the spui

    i've been coming here for about the past 4 years. i find myself in amsterdam about 2 times per year on business. it is not uncommon for me to slip in this shop in suit and tie. no big deal, this is not the 'stereo typical' joint. indeed you'll find everyone from business types to young married couples to dreadlock-coiffed young people here. i've never had a problem....

    language Revue a fredbloggs
    good smoke

    found this place after further stubbling around in amsterdam, had the nlxhaze and it took my head off:-) wow! for me this was strong stuff even for 10.30am and iam soaking wet and its chucking it down but now i dont carelol. would go back nice and freindly staff.

    language Revue a case

    it's very nice and comfortable and there are good price. people are very kind! bye, italian guy

    language Revue a marcel
    where is the old front page

    i am regular visitor of the kadinsky near the dam. i have been coming there for years and always enjoyed the humorous way the employees worked in there. i alwas had a great laugh and a great smoke and although the quality of the smoke went down the last couple of years i always enjoyed sitting there. but now lately they dont have the old people working there anymore and the last couple of times i didnt have a good time. hope you will get the humour back!!!!

    language Revue a drumdemon44
    great place to chill

    kadinsky was a small coffeeshop with a friendly staff. i smoked at the shop then walked right acroos thw alley and went to the kadinksy cafe and had a beer. overall its a cool place that i just happened to stumble acroos in my travels

    language Revue a charlotte l
    i wanna go 2 kadinsky!!

    i went 2 kadinskys on my first visit to the dam with my boyfriend and we totally loved it. we discovered the place by total accident when we got lost on our second day - and we wanted 2 go back everyday! totally chilled, relaxed and really nice atmosphere - would recomend 2 any stoner!!!!

    language Revue a wassily
    a turn for the worst

    i've been a regular visitor to the 'dam and kadinsky for yonks, but i hadn't been there for a couple of years. my how things change! i ordered up a coffee, and instead of brewing it up for me, i had a menu thrust in front of me and was told to order some gear! i smiled politely and said that i only needed the coffee, as i had half a spliff to finish. the menu was rudely put away and i was told to seek my coffee elsewhere. gotta love that dutch tolerance...

    language Revue a uncle bob
    stoned immaculate

    i didn't discover this place until my fourth visit to the dam, but i don't think i'll ever go anywhere else again. i'm getting a bit more mellow in my old age, and this is exactly the sort of place i want for a nice big smoke. no annoying wankers or braying tourists. just pleasant, relaxed people doing their thing. you want to chat? fine. you want to get totally boxed and look out the window? cool. beautiful staff with beautiful attitude, marvellous weed, perfect coffee and fat slurpy tunes. it feels like an extension of my lounge, and i hate to leave. i miss kadinsky. every city needs a place like this.

    language Revue a bennie haynes
    easy place to be

    we stopped in here on the way back from the van gogh museum in march 2004. was quiet during midday. we stayed longer than expected, but we couldn't get out of the chair (you know what i mean).

    language Revue a pa connors
    get kadinskified now

    like a lot of people, it was our first trip to 'dam and we visited a lot of pooor coffeshops but kadinsky's really was something special. it had a great athmosphere at any time of day and the staff were really friendly, even when my ulsterman of a friend vomited all over their lovely wooden floor...a quality service!

    language Revue a gordon

    this was my first visit to amsterdam, visited a number of coffee shops and found kadinskys to be the best. excelent menu both on smoking choice of non-alcoholic drinks and the choc space cake (5 euro) is a must for anyone who wants a heavy stone. people are friendly and did their very best to cater for my wheelchair. i'll be back!!! ;)

    language Revue a jimbo
    good place to chill!

    you haven't heard of the trans himalayan (review below) coz it's new - they used to have a nicer tasting smoke called ming, but the himalayan is good too. the best though (& cheaper) has got to be cream. recently they've introduced 5% discount when you buy 5grm (on top of the discount day every 8 days) so you get 5 for the price of 4 - nice. there's also some shit for sale in the rosemartingsteeg shop for €25 a gram - haven't tried it, but it must be rocket fuel!

    language Revue a trekknhil
    nepal trans hymalan hash

    this is the place to get it. don't know why i don't hear more about this stuff. i am a heavy smoker and have tried almost everything in the dam. this stuff is it. try it,you will like it! the dam location is tiny but there is a bar across the alley where you can bring you gear to light up. the spui location is nice too.

    language Revue a ratman
    sitting by the bay window

    ... watching the world go by - or at least stoned tourists and drunk locals in the morning. good weed selection. small. nice vibe. wouldn't make fresh oj last nye's day. anyway. we like.

    language Revue a gaz23
    comprehensive menu

    i really like this place, and it tends to be my first port of call whenever i first arrive in the city. friendly atmosphere, the staff are excellent and helpful. the menu is a bit overwhelming the first few times, but some of the stuff on offer is top notch. they have a pinball table and even a couple of internet terminals. nice place to spend a few hours - especailly in the nice weather when the big window at the front is open. going back in the next few weeks, and it'll be the first place i call into again.

    language Revue a jeanbean
    it has changed for the better

    lots of fresh air to breath between tokes! gotta love it. friendly staff and pretty good smoke.

    language Revue a lasthamlet
    good ghanja, good prices, good beverage...

    kadinsky shops, all 3 (front page, cum laude & kadinsky coffeeshop) are all going to be called 'kadinsky' probably by the end of this year. i was just there last week and they told us of the news. there selection of weed is very good, prices are very good, and the beverage selection was very good. the place is always a winner. not to mention it is a nice area of a'dam.

    language Revue a packs
    where's da womans?

    yeah - i was really stoned (man!)..great little shop, though what happened with the female staff - there used to be more!!

    language Revue a basil, switzerland
    still the best also packs know it now!

    i must say, im proud of you packs that you agreed you was wrong! i hope we can test the scales anytime together!!! will be there in juli but i have stll to watch out for an cheap hotel! and kadinskys himalaya shit is still the best!!! trust me!!!

    language Revue a mark
    get yr shit together!!!

    jaysus packs, get it together - an awful review followed by an apology!! well at least you'd the decency..... they are bang on with the weights - if ye cannae see the scales right in front of you, stop smoking (or at least purchasing). i got a couple of nice 5 gram deals of king hassan here - it was on a 20% discount for the week too which saved me a few squids. nice athmosphere, friendly staff, the music's always a bit shite, but it's a good place too chill. nice cookies too

    language Revue a un visiteur
    exceptional....loved the place.

    a very nice mellow shop with friendly staff. the lady working there took the time to show me several varieties of hashish including some sample tokes!!!!!! wonderful environment if you want to smoke great hash and mellow out. get a seat by the window and watch the local culture go by. highly recommeded.

    language Revue a un visiteur

    i read your review & gave them a second chance - i feel like a twat now going back on my words but i feel i must - i was back in the dam last week & re-visited all 3 of their shops (cum laude, front page & kandinsky) & this time i followed my own advice & kept an eye on the scales. i ordered 3 gms in each & in each one, it came to within 0.05 of a gram...now maybe i was so stoned last time that i gained some sort of amazing sight powers that helped me see the difference between one deal of 3.05 gms and one of 2.95 but the more likely explanation is that i was too stoned to tell what i was getting. well i hold up my hand in guilt either way & apologise to kandinsky, their staff & their other shops for badmouthing them. i should have waited before shooting off my mouth, but i'll make it up by returning & buying up more of your lovely ming.!!!

    language Revue a basil
    don't believe the packer below

    i don't know what is going on with this guy. i think they have the most exactly scale i've seen in the dam. the scale is connected to a computer which calculate the exact price. so don't believe this guy!!!!

    language Revue a packs
    i have serious issues

    i've been to this place many times as i have been to their other 2 shops, cum laude & front page. the smoke is good if you tend towrds the more pricey end, the service is fine & the coffee is good, but just try & buy the same amount of hash in each shop & see the difference in weights. i bought 3 grams in each (i always buy 3 at a time) & i reckon i only got the full 3 grams in one of them - i'm not thick or was i too stoned to tell the difference - i'm a daily smoker...i have a joint in my mouth from one end of the day to the next, so i know the difference & i can tell when i'm being ripped off - ok, so it may be only 1/2 a gram or so off a dumb tourist, but keep it up & you'll lose a lot of customers - we may be tourists, but some of us are regular visitors - yr starting to let a good name slip (esp judging by some reviews on this & other sites) - i hate to complain about a place that's 90% fine, just keep an eye on the scales when it comes to weighing time

    language Revue a basil
    just the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kadinsky is really the best shop in town! its comfortable, the people are very gentle and you can have a good smoke to cheap prices. the best hash i ever smoked is from the kadinsky! you wanna know the name? its the himalaya shit from the highest mountains in india! i smoke every day but the himalaya shit made me stoned like i smoke the first joint in my life! you know what i mean? i cant tell you more, its just the best! sorry about my english im from switzerland the second place on the earth where you can buy weed legal in the shops!

    language Revue a mikie
    don't believe the hype!!

    the guy below was obviously on a bad trip...kandinsky is one of the best coffeshops in the dam - for someone travelling alone it is one of the few places you can sit & chill with good coffee, excellent hashish & not feel uncomfortable...take a window seat & watch the world go by. i've always found the staff friendly - i have seen them being what some may call rude with tourists (mainly italians) who come in, buy drinks & expect to be allowed to smoke their own product - i mean, would you go to a coffeshop & buy weed but bring your own coffee? i think not. i reckon in terms of smoke only dutch flowers, tweede & the other 2 kandisky related shops (front page & cum laude) compare.

    language Revue a hank
    only bad shop in amsterdam

    this is the only shop in amsterdam where the staff are overtly rude.we've visited over 35 thusly so those aren't bad odds.still,vote with your wallet and give your dought to a more deserving shop like m&m right around the corner.

    language Revue a high

    one of the most mellow shops in the dam. this is always welcome during a ganja binge. very good nl, great service, plentiful space - get rid of the fuckin video game! this last point goes out to all shops with these juvenile distractions. hint: coffeeshops, like kadinsky, that do not serve alcohol are usually an excellent choice. check out the difference between wet and dry hash bars and you'll know what i mean...

    language Revue a harald schumann(ger)
    bad buds

    bad buds,bad atmosphere and bad emploiees in one word to bad.

    language Revue a jeanbean
    our favorite!

    kadinsky's has nice, helpful, counter people, great coffee, and excellent buddage! it is definitely the best coffeeshop experience for a first timer.

    language Revue a mike
    my favourite haunt

    i've reviewed this place before & i always come back here as my first stop when visiting the dam...last month was no exception. the place is the same as when i first visited 3 years ago - comfy, great coffee & juices & a super smoking menu. i'm sure there are places where you can get hash as good as here & probably a little cheaper, but you can be guaranteed top smoke, which is always worth paying a bit extra for. the moroccan pollens are my favourite. the staff are friendly & i even recognise a few faces...it's just a pity the girl i used to fancy doesn't work there anymore - i suppose you can't have everything!!

    language Revue a holdyourown
    by far the best in the dam!

    found most coffeeshops too big, too busy and filled with too much electronic/techno jams for our bohemian likeing. kadinsky's was a welcome relief and the best coffeshop experience we had on our trip. the guys behind the counter were friendly, attentive & happy to help you find the high you were looking for. the hot choco was amazing, the weed of fantastic quality, and the other patrons sublime. it's the perfect place to sit back, enjoy a spliff and make friendly conversation with down-to-earth locals and first time laid back visitors. didn't hurt that a fantastic italian meal lie just around the bend. if an affordable, delicious meal is to your liking, caprese, just two doors down is a glorious meal and has an enjoyable wine list.

    language Revue a maoz
    good value !!!

    we stayed in the tulip-inn which is just across the street. we went in on our first day in amsterdam and we never left -good atmosphere and service - good hashish - and a lot of space . recommended !!

    language Revue a flopsy and chico
    great place for a joint and some tea

    it became our regular morning hangout, we'd wake up, walk around the corner, and have a big joint, a big chocolate chip cookie, and some great tea for breakfast, after a couple of hours which seemed like minutes, we were off to explore, but we were back beforew too long, deifinately in the top 3 shops in the city god bless kadinsky p.s can't wait to go back.

    language Revue a dave
    nice place to smoke

    every time i visit amsterdam i make a point of visitng. it is generally uncrowded and they have free internet access to send a couple of e-mails to friends back home. the weed was generally good.

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