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Visitor reviews De Kuil
Visitor reviews De Kuil

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    language Review by sally from USA
    Great weed, music and people-watching

    They completely set up the vaporizer for me with some of their sweet Super Silver Haze. It was a nice break for my lungs since you barely feel anything on the vapo, just a real ripping, up, high. Very friendly. The absolute BEST music of any cs. Staked out one of the front seats near the picture window which is great for people watching, with it's location just off the Damrak. Good vibes here. Go.

    language Review by Rick from USA
    Must stop here

    This shop is my first stop when I come out of central station, via Damrak. It opens at 12 noon, so morning travelers will have to start at early morning shops like Barneys or the Coin. Once your in here, though, you will be treated to some of the most consistantly dope gear in the city; excuse the pun. The Super Silver Haze is loaded with crystal,possibly the best in town. I like there Blueberry as well. The staff is always friendly and helpful.The wooden chairs are a little torturious after sitting in a daze for a while. All in, though, this is a great shop.

    language Review by Evan
    tried the vaporizer!

    Asked what those contraptions were he said it was a vaporizer do you want to try it we said sure.10 minutes later the weed guy brings over a float sized ballon filled with a quarter gram of the weed we bought filled into a ballon as vapor it smashed all of us!

    language Review by a Visitor from USA

    This is a really great shop. Everyone in there was super friendly. The Neville's Haze was really nice. The music was nice and it wasn't too crowded.

    language Review by a Visitor
    still great

    best coffee shop in town. even better now they have got rid of the pool table. you can go to the toilet without the threat of a prod from the pool cue :-)

    language Review by stella
    only place outside my house i've heard 'get a little'

    couldn't believe it! best place in the dam. we just seem to live there every time we go. i love the haze cos it wakes me up. he loves the maroc stuff. we both love the cats and the tunes. listened to the captain singing about how there ain't no santa claus on the evening stage and suddenly realised i'd been totally away. don't know where, like, but it was pretty good. bar stools seem high when you're 4'11' and high but it's part of the entertainment, isn't it? usually end up mumbling to my man about how frank was a totally underrated guitarist. then hear sone 'blue jeans' zztop. we just call the place the fz bar and have sent many poeple there from england. it's a haven, man. smoke fine weed and listen to the 'cafe cough'! only got how last night and want to be back there...

    language Review by dogbreath
    as good as always

    this has been my favorite hangout place for many years. still is. same quality, friendly service. you really are made to feel welcome here, regardless of your age. this seems to be a place where folks of all ages feel comfortable. i'd rate it a ten, if that were possible. dogbreath

    language Review by a Visitor
    my fav shop

    dekuil is always my first stop after exciting cs.the place is easy to find,there is a great munchie shop right across the alleyway,and dekuil has that vaporizer which can get your adventure started the right way.the staff has always been helpful.i have nothing buy good reviews for dekuil!!

    language Review by sal
    good smoke, good music, nice view.

    this was the best shop i visited. nice brown cafe atmosphere. the people there were just genuinely having fun, without any posing or pretense. i like rock music (we're becoming a dying breed), so their 'classic rock' tunes were a pleasant, and welcome surprise. they played jimi, led zepp, and dylan while i was smoking. i don't remember what i smoked, but it was great. grab a window seat. while you are getting high, you will be staring across the narrow street at this great pastry shop.you know it's good when so many other reviews mention it. when you get the muchies, just exit the place, take a few steps, and you're there. i was stoned, hungry, and had just been to the rld and shagged a perfect 10. the gorgeous food was calling. i 'inhaled' an incredible focaccia, dripping with melted chees and fresh tomato. incredible! my favorite place

    language Review by mdk
    best in the dam

    what can i say that hasn't already been said... this is the mellowest shop in the dam. the people are great, the music is great, the smoke is top notch and the drink prices are fair. you really couldn't ask for anything more. we tried just about every shop in the city and this is the one we came back to again and again. if you make this gem your first stop on your tour, you'll come away glowing

    language Review by lydon
    my favorite in amsterdam

    great place, nice staff, great music, great choice of sativas, and mike's a good guy.

    language Review by old stoner

    i found 420 cafe to be a mellow place for a middle-aged stoner like myself to comfortably fire up. dealer is a good guy who weighs the 'stuff' right in front of you. crowd was quite mellow.

    language Review by j.l.:]
    what a cool place i love it!

    went to the dam for the first time this year,and went into de kuil,well,would have loved to transplant that shop into my front garden.the sexiest skin head selling me lovely weed,chilled out atmosphere and cool tunes i will defo be back to smoke my little brains out soon.......

    language Review by michael veling
    are you kidding

    we play a minimum of 15 minutes in the hour of f.z & beefheart. with the upcoming 10th anniversary of the demise of dean martin we have added some great music from the fifties and sixties that might not be recognized as 'classic rock'. so be it. thanks for all the nice reviews. michael, the proprietor

    language Review by a Visitor
    not much zappa any more

    they have removed all the albums and replaced them with a new-fangled audio server. so there's tons of music other than fz. they should take the 'f.z' off the name over the door - it's misleading. heard just one zappa track in tow visits. still a good atmosphere, the smoke's good, older clientele than many others.

    language Review by bob hunter
    just the best..

    4 of us have just returned from the dam and must give this place a mention. we went here based on the reviews on this site and were not dissappointed. great smoke, staff, tunes, atmosphere, no pressure, very laid back. bring your own food policy (except smelly fries !) - even better when there's a munchie shop opposite. seem to always get a seat, could always get a game on the pool table, smoke top notch. do yourself a favour and get down here on your next trip.

    language Review by a Visitor
    something to do before u get ready to leave dekuil

    piss off the dealer and he will get this wild eyed black dude to come in and stare at you...its a trip...he gives the guy a gram of dope to do it. it doesn't take much, just ask the dealer to bring you another beer when he picks up your used empty glasses. oh and don't smoke to much if you go down to the lower level to play pool, its a bitch to make it back up those two steps......

    language Review by stemsnseeds
    home away from home

    still my favorite in all of amsterdam. some folks may prefer the more coffee-shop themed places as opposed to the 'standard bar look' of de kuil, but for meeting folks, chilling out, music and service, i still think it's the best. highly recommended.

    language Review by seouleast

    hey there folks! i just got back with the wife from the dam and it was great. met quite a few channelites and ended up at de kuil. the manager, i think, printed up a copy of my previous post and asked if that was me. that impressed me. made me feel good, too! i love the parvatti fingers.....nice, dark, and stony. the nyc diesel they have is fantastic. i absolutely loved it! one of my favorites in the dam. anyways, the dealer this time was new, but that was it. same excellent service and smile that every dealer should have. they could do with some comfy tables and chairs, but that would keep shopflies like me there all day! anyways, go here.....and not 'there' for your meetings and friendly chats! cheers de kuil!

    language Review by scott
    de kuil rocks

    have been here on many trip's to the dam, and it never fail's to be my favorite. if you are a infrequent smoker, and want something tasty that does not burn your throat on that first hit, then go with there creeper haze, no cough at all and you will puffing on that like your in a cheech and chong movie.............

    language Review by sky
    music is the best

    lovely hazes,temple balls,etc. yummie

    language Review by a Visitor
    nice atmosphere and good smoke

    this place is going by the name 420 cafe as well as de kuil so dont get confused,they are the same place.i really enjoyed the hash from here,it was called pavarati creme and was only 12 euro a gram,it had a rich medicinal smell and the high was very up and enjoyable.i can not remember the weed we tried from here but it was no better than average.

    language Review by seouleast
    almost perfect

    what a trip to the dam! i had gone this time for 10 days of pure smoking enjoyment. already done the other things on previous trips. hadn't been to de kuil, though. this time i made it my priority. the parvatti is definitely recommended for a solid stone. the dealer (the chubby one) was very friendly and even helped me roll a joint. always had a smile. the bartender was very pretty, too! she and i talked for over an hour. even got free drinks. i guess when you are friendly to them, they will be friendly to you, too! i gave them one of my peace pipes that i had brought from korea. they should have it up behind the dealer....check it out! anyways, the parvatti and some of their blonds ( i can't remember the names now) are very, very, tasty. the window with f.z. is now gone. some drunken twerps crashed right into it!

    language Review by dave
    well and truly vaporized

    wow, what a place - just like everyone said - this is a very cool 70s rock gaff with a fab captain birdseye dealer, gorgeous barstaff, ultra-chilled vibe, and a volcano to die for. a very very cool and smooth way to get mashed, we trashed a coupla grams of their white widow in it. suffice to say things became vague thereafter. if you're in the dam, it's criminal not to go to de kuil.

    language Review by a Visitor

    have just come back from the dam, was there weekend just gone, and what a top place. there where 12 of us lads there on saturday afternoon and we had the 4.20 , or purple haze, and we laughed ourselves silly on it. great atmosphere, nice beer, good service, the best. i will definately go back.we went back on sat night and watched people outside opposite the cake shop, brilliant viewing when stoned.

    language Review by siiedwards
    dekuil is so cool!

    can't think why only two stars came up on my last review. this place deserves 5+! the best coffeshop in the dam!

    language Review by vetteboybri
    the best

    been to shops all over amsterdam, by far the best i've found. while they might not have a huge selection like dampkring, i don't think you can beat the service and atmosphere. just a great place. going back in 3 weeks, can't wait.

    language Review by si edwards
    the only place to smoke.

    the last review i submitted i did so in a bit of a hurry, so i thought i'd elaborate a bit. i've been visiting the 'dam for about 15 years and in all that time i've never found a better place to smoke than de kuil. there are seedy, crappy looking coffeeshops where you'll feel totally uncomfortable, and then there's de kuil. it's got a nice selection of high quality weed, the shiva and the blueberry are a must. plus, a good selection of the smoothest hash. it's got the best music, the owner is a massive fan of frank zappa, plus he likes all the best 70's rock and blues so you really can't go wrong where the music's concerned. a perfect accompaniment to some lovely smoke. there's a whole array of bongs and of course the vaporizer is also a must try. such a clean hit! there are board games and a pool table for your entertainment, should you require them. personally, i like to just puff on a fat one and chill out to some f.z. but if you need entertaining you can be. the only negatives for me are that the stools can get a bit uncomfortable after a while, some comfy seats would be nice. my only other problem is that one of the barmaids has got a voice like a foghorn, and when she's working the only thing you can hear is her. she overpowers the music entirely. but other than that if you want a nice smoke, in a safe and friendly environment, with no seedy scumbags around, and some good music and pretty, pretty barmaids, the only place to go is de kuil. oh and yeah, you gotta try one of those lovely srawberry tarts on display in the cake shop opposite. you'll have been looking at them the whole time you've been in the coffeeshop, especially if you got the window seats, so treat yourself and indulge! there's no better reply to them munchies!! enjoy!!

    language Review by si
    enjoy while you can!

    you better enjoy this blinding little coffeeshop while you can, cos if the eurocrats get their way there's not gonna be any de kuil or any other coffeeshop for us to enjoy after the new year! don't you just love being run by brussels!

    language Review by si edwards
    the only place to go!

    this is my favourite place on earth. it's where i discovered weed and frank zappa, all at the same time, and my life has never been the same since!! i visit amsterdam very often and i only ever smoke in de kuil! need i say more? plus, there's a cake shop opposite, heaven!! try it, you're gonna like it!

    language Review by trekknhil
    great shop...girl friendly

    lots of room, pool table, vaporizor, great dealer...good shop

    language Review by lasthamlet
    oh, yeah...

    we had a channelites meeting in dekuil in april 2003, and it was just fabulous. the place and their wares are always top notch... always... we smoked the place out for over 4 hours and had excellent service the whole time... did i mention they have a volcano vaporizer...a+++ to dekuil...

    language Review by rpdrake
    everything i imagend....its was like walking into a dream.

    you can't really explain it. you expect to bump in mr mo joe rising himself. the american bloke with the beard serving the weed was like jim out of taxi. hugh selection of weeds and hash. very frendly service and knock out babes behind the bar. music excellent. always make this my 1st and last stop in the dam.

    language Review by a Visitor
    we loved de kuil

    what i love about this place is the good quality weed and the great location, it is the first stop from the station. the staff is friendly and when they weighed my kali mist or napal hash they always gave me slightly more. try the kali mist, its so smooth and gives a nice high, not sleepy effect. you can always find a bar stool here and the music is pretty good. mainly 70s rock tunes.

    language Review by a Visitor
    should be your first stop when in amsterdam...

    being a seasoned pro when it comes to vacationing in amsterdam, de kuil has to be, by far, one of the city's finest. tips: 1)try the phazer - good old school weed with a great mellow high. 2)try the volcano vaporizer with a chunk of blueberry. 3)enjoy the music. my only complaint is the amstel beer. weak and pissy. besides that, you can't go wrong with the friendly staff, and super laid back vibe. great place overall!

    language Review by a Visitor
    one of the best

    once again i rate de kuil as one of the best coffeeshops in amsterdam. the place was clean, the staff were nice polite and informative. the music was great and the beer was cold. the gear was all first rate. they even have a high powered microscope to check out the crystals on your purchase. ask to have the dealer fill a balloon up using the industrial strength vaporizier they have.

    language Review by richard townend
    friendly and pleasant place

    we tried this after reading the good reviews of it but first impressions weren't that spectacular. not that it was bad, it was pretty good but it'd been built up to be much better. the bar itself is like a pretty normal pub bar which standard high stools and tables. the music was ok, pleasant and unobtrusive. plus it wasn't too busy and the staff were friendly. bongs were lent out for free and the vaporiser was available although i didn't try it as noone else in our group had the bottle to do so and i was already flying so daren't risk any more! we enjoyed this place and went back a few times and always got a seat for a chilled out smoke.

    language Review by james
    my favorite hangout

    after doing the coffeeshop tour of the dam several times with different friends i find that this shop has it all. location, good weed, free vaporizer usage, microscope, pool table, good service, booze, friendly staff, high ceilings, not full of people standing in line to purchase there weed and run out the door. overall, the best of everything

    language Review by bazmeister
    the best coffeeshop in amsterdam

    after a tour of more than 30 coffeeshops in one weekend, coming back to de kuil was the definate highlight. the weed was excellent, the staff were wonderful and the tunes; bob dylan, grateful dead, jimi hendrix, frank zappa and the rest just added the perfect ambience. there's nothing out of the ordinary about de kuil; no chemically altered super-weed, no psycho-delic weird wall-art, no bangin euro techno-trance, but it's the yardstick to which compare other coffeeshops. it's quite hard to find, but we identified it by the bright green sign outside which said 4:20. highly recommended.

    language Review by captain kirk
    nice place

    the vaporizer is the best. alcohol is available and the people are cool. nice bay window to watch the people go by. one of the best in amsterdam.

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