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Visitor reviews La Canna
Visitor reviews La Canna

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    language Review by wpsmith
    Not too bad

    I thought the place had lots of potential... having 3 floors and all those pool tables. I didn't buy any weed there, but I bought some Isolator hash which was the best smoke I had the entire trip. Well, I had some weed that was rolled into a little sticky ball that was just as good. My friend paid for some companionship and she picked weed on the weekends. After picking weed for 6-8 hours, her hands were covered with the stickiest of the icky. She simply rubbed her hands back and forth and produced a little ball of some sweet ass primo. Back to La Canna, I didn't stay there long, so I can't give the best review of the place, but it wasn't too awful. I also enjoyed sitting and people-watching out the 2nd floor window. That Isolator hash was the most expensive I saw in the Dam. But it wa also the most potent. Not worth that much tho, when you consider what you can get for much cheaper elsewhere.

    language Review by Boner from United Kingdom
    Plenty of better places

    So I was restless in Amsterdam, about 2 or 3 in the morning. My preferred coffeeshop (The Pool Dog - less known, but very good!) was closed, and so I wandered aimlessly trying to get a joint. I stumble upon this place, which looks pretty fantastic although very commercial. So I go upstairs to the dealer who's not the most cheery of geezers and simply ask for a regular weed joint. At nearly 4 euros, it's more expensive than other places, but what the hell! I go back to the hotel and smoke it, and it doesn't taste like weed at all. More like a cigarette (I'm a smoker, I should know). Sure enough, I open it up and it's just tobacco. Don't go unless you're willing to pay nearly 4Euros for an elegantly-rolled cigarette.

    language Review by rhys
    5 words

    de kuil dampkring stones greenhouse abraxas add these 5 words to your dictionary and remove la canna (isn't it spanish for armpit of the world or something?)

    language Review by a Visitor
    give me a break

    the reviews above have to be written by the staff of la canna. do not believe for one minute this is a nice place.

    language Review by mrs bean
    aww, come on now. not that bad!

    on a super-quickie/budget trip from the us, we stayed here in nov 2001, in one of la canna's private rooms as opposed to their hostel area (which we passed to get to our rooms). our room was a cell: bare brick walls with a bed & very small table with a cheapo plastic chair. the only window looked out over a fire escape with trash on it. we had a bathroom, though, and it had toilet paper & towels & both shower & toilet worked fine. the bed was fine but we tried not to look at it too closely after spotting wads of chewed-up chewing gum stuck to the headboard. i think we paid about $80 us a night.... rates on their website: www.lacanna.com please note this is not an endorsement! there are better places to stay in the dam, and also better places to smoke. however, while we would never stay at la canna again, we have popped to the coffeeshop on subsequent trips and found it a decent place to toke. it's nice how the second floor looks out over a busy shopping street -- i especially like sitting at the counter by the window and watching people below as they notice la canna, then creep towards the window for a closer look. then they either they move on down the street or they disappear into the doorway and reappear upstairs at the cannabis bar! so many centrally-located coffeeshops are tiny & fill up with too many people for comfort. so far, la canna has never disappointed in that department -- the place is sprawling & there always seems to be plenty of space to spread out. very handy for those of us who tend to travel in groups! some cons: you have to pay to use the potty here, and that sucks. also, there are frequently big bouncer-type people milling around outside that make for a decidedly un-chill vibe. even if the brutes aren't around, service here has never been what i'd call 'friendly' so don't expect much in that department and you won't be disappointed. wish i could remember something about the smoke but as nothing is standing out i have to assume it was unremarkable. probably pricey, given the location. however, the shop seems to do a lot of business so i doubt staleness is a problem. this place reminds me of smoky's coffeeshop on rembrandtplein: big, loud, tacky. sometimes, though, you'll find yourself as part of a group trying unsuccessfully to squeeze into small, crowded coffeeshops around centrum and you just want a place to sit & smoke for a bit. la canna may be just what you need! enjoy!

    language Review by boner (uk)
    bad very bad

    last time i was in amsterdam went to la canna (will learn not to visit large tourist traps) there weed was crap (jack herer i've done better myself) but the hash was ok you pay for the use of dirty toilets and the food which my mates had (fries) were that bad they couldnt finish them even though they had some serious munchies!!!

    language Review by rachel & denise
    the arse of amsterdam

    this is as bad as it gets in amsterdam. avoid this hole at all costs. run by greedy thugs,who have no manners or brains, la canna delights itself in relieving you of your money in the most unpleasant fashion. the grass is overpriced rubbish,you have to pay to pee,you are expected to listen to thumping techno at ten am,the groping bouncers should have been drowned at birth, and the hostel is not fit for animals, except for the ones who run it (fifthy mafia). try somewhere else - you have been warned.

    language Review by j
    nul n'est prophete dans son pays!

    well, i visit amsterdam 6 times a year, and mostly do my music shopping, and drug consuming. la canna is where i usually buy white tiger, very good actually, much better than any weed you find in north america. it's a shame they don't sell ecstasy pills, and not the herbal thingy. amsterdam has always been a weak point to me!

    language Review by a Visitor
    big is not beautiful

    la canna is a big and tacky coffeeshop which sells poor quality smoke at very high prices. if you're in amsterdam with a group of beer boys, then perhaps this may be the place for you. if you appreciate good marijuana though, and a nice place to smoke in, then i'd suggest that you don't bother entering this place.

    language Review by amstelman
    that 'visitor' is an imposter

    bad, bad, bad. been there, done that and will never do it again. amsterdam needs to send in undercover people to weed out places like this. all around terrible and too commercial. that visitor fellow seems like an employee of la canna. just read the post and it sounds like a commercial. i hate to be negative, but it sounds too fake. a real traveler wouldn't mention that the pool table and such were on the third floor. anyways, peace to all the true smokers

    language Review by bob
    rrrrriiipppp off

    the biggest coffe shop in amsterdam, and the most expensive..35p for a pee. the staff also try and take the p1ss thinking that your to stoned to notice a couple of euros short in change, the weed prices were also too high minimum of 20 euros. a tourist trap..

    language Review by a Visitor
    i am surprised by all the bad reviews!!!!!

    i have visited the 'dam on six occasions and been to many of its coffeshops ranging from the usual tourist traps to smaller local haunts although my first visit to la canna was in november 2001. la canna is a spacious, airy and comfortable place to chill at. the 3rd floor is great for a few games of pool and the quality of their smoke is just as good as many other (notable) coffeeshops in the city. i didn't feel at any point that i was being ripped off and found the dealer to be helpful in making my selection (he even let us check out about an oz of his ice-o-lator hash before buying without a second glance). we stayed in la canna for a good few hours and never felt rushed or unwelcome. the place wasn't too busy but still had a good atmosphere. as for the guys on the door they were friendly and had no problem letting my friend use their toilet on the way back about 3 hours later. it is also worth checking out the smart shop next door to the main coffeeshop; the guy behind the counter was friendly and helpful when we purchased our mushrooms. so many large establishments in amsterdam lose a lot in the way that they treat their customers but not la canna;i would recommend a visit when in amsterdam. i will certainly be going back this year.

    language Review by christina
    this was the worst coffeeshop we visited!

    we found la canna by accident and boy were we sorry about that. even though we had investigated the coffeeshops and knew the ones we wanted to go to, it's so hard to find them on a dark street in a town you don't know. we just wanted to get out of the cold and have a smoke and i had remembered reading about this place. i remembered wrong! the smoke, loud bad music, and unhappy people made this place horrible. and yes, the bouncer should have clued us into what type of place this was.

    language Review by basil
    its the badest coffeshop in amsterdam

    this is the worseest place to be! the service is bad, you have to buy for minimum 25 guildens if you want something, when you sit down you must drink something they doesent matter if you bought weed for 100 guildens! if you wanna sit then you must drink something said the waitress! and the two bodyguards downstairs are fuckers too! dont go there its the hell of amsterdam!

    language Review by cooter
    Lazy staff and thumping music in the morning

    Altough I think it is in a good location, that is the best this place has to offer. Yes it is large but the waitstaff are lazy. My waitress didn't want to wait for myfriend to get out of the bathroom to change his order because they didn,t have what she wanted. I told her to come back and she said that she had to go all the way downstairs and then back up stairs to change the order and she didn't want to do that. I lit up (didn't use there bud) and got the hell out of there. Don't reccomend to anyone unless you like bad service and thumping music before 12 noon

    language Review by kate
    alright but.....

    lotsa space but very tacky (music and interior). a bit of attitude from the guy behind the bar but the dealer was ok. usual menu selection, nothing special. wouldn't go there unless i had to or there was absolutely no where else to go. don't have to dig hard to find better.

    language Review by Keith Hopkins
    Never visited

    I would have most definately visited if it was not for the big ugly goon of a bouncer they had posted outside the place.Im not about to spend my cash in a plce that im under the watchful eye of a goon that is there to hurt people.I visited the best coffeshops in town(alot served alcohol also) and none had a bouncer and none had any problems that would call in the need for a bouncer.Maybe i missed a good smoke*shrug* ill never know unfortunatly.If its the kind of place and patronage that actually needs a bouncer then ide say its best avoided anyways. Peace

    language Review by Richard de Matos
    not bad.......not bad at all.........

    On our second day in the Dam, we found this fab coffeeshop......with a great place to sit and watch the world go by and smoke some bangin' skunk...not badly priced and the girls who work there are the most sexy coffeeshop workers in the Dam by far.......the best part of this coffeeshop is the fact that it looks over the street below so u can watch the dutch going about there daily buisness.....very funny when police look up at you and wave while u have a fat bifta in your hand....cant wait to go back...untill next time la canna

    language Review by giovanni
    Arrogant people

    It's too big, too tacky, the grass isn't that good, all the staff has an attitude, personally....I would never go there again. There are plenty other coffeeshops, like 'The Bushdoctor', who really know their grass and hash, with a lot better service, friendly staff and so on..... People who really like to smoke good stuff, go to any other coffeeshop and enjoy

    language Review by Evil D

    The place was beat..The know it all ass behind the counter who was selling the schwag was arrogant and the weed comparable to something from on the beach in puerto vallarta, 'dirt'..The only good part was when my friend pissed all over the counter top overlooking the street and we took pictures with the 'extremely pretty' waitress--the next time a no pictures sign was posted--why a second time?..they serve beer pretty late and no one else was there..Stay away from..the bouncer looks of below average wit..Better to go to choclata...

    language Review by paul harris
    the very best must see

    this place you must go and experience the atmosphere they sell some of the best hash and grass that i have smoked in amsterdam you can eat drink smoke use smart products and even sleep in the hotel the staff is friendly and is ready to help you with any stuppid tourist stuff you ask [like me i cant roll] in short one off the best

    language Review by MMM
    Friendly Staff and atmosphere

    We stayed at LaCanna over Spring Break this last year, and staff was kind and the room (tho small and bare) was clean and cheap. The one bitch was that we weren't smokin' in our room, but somehow our fire alarm went off anyway ( apparently a hotel problem) and it was late and I was in the shower, and so when they came bangin on our door and totally treated us like we did something wrong for the moment til it was obvious we hadn't... well. you know. Life. :) If you don't care about luxury in your accomodations, this is a very clean cheap hotel to stay at. HEy, when in Amsterdam, you don't really go for the hotel room, do you? The humans downstairs more than make up for the cell block atmosphere in the rooms :)

    language Review by Armbar
    What a great place to smoke

    La Canna's building is huge and really nice. Has everything you could want from pool tables to food. The food was good and when I asked if I could borrow a bong, they gave me this awesome four foot monster. The staff can be a little condescending, but was generally nice enough. I probably wouldn't buy the smoke here though, because I've heard that it is inferior compared to the stuff you'd find at the Grey Area, De Dampkring, Greenhouse, or any of these type of places. So, I say purchase somewhere else and smoke here.

    language Review by Lee Walther
    Brilliant place to stay as well as quality smoke.

    What can i say the smoke was one of the best i have experienced in my short life(23 years).The cafe sells the best cofee,pool tables with the biggest pockets i have seen great for those stoned games of pool that would otherwise take all night,and if like me you are staying upstairs then it is only a short climb to bed.superb.I recommend the warm ears,purple sensi and the white widow.All these are a 'top smoke' try them.I will be going back soon for more.

    language Review by Martin Stoker
    Excellent place!

    This is by far my favoutite place in the 'Dam. Didn't find it until my second day, but the food is good, the weed is fantastic (as are the house bongs!!) and the service great. Will definately recommend it to everyone and will be going back there as soon as the bank manager lets me! Only slight worry is the illuminous green lighting on the stairs, makes for an interesting descent form the top floor!

    language Review by Niki Aparicio
    Niki Aparicio, Jan 18-21 2000, Kudos to LaCanna Update

    This is the best Coffeshop, by far in the dam area, and I mean that both literally and mentally. : ) I was just in Amsterdam for the New year and the when back 2 1/2 weeks ago, just got back, though. Confused yet?? Anyways this place is very large, 3 floors, pool tables cafe, hotel, this place is my 3rd home to me!!!! The weed is excellent quality and great prices. again Kudos and Brownie points to La Canna.

    language Review by Niki
    Good Smokes

    This was the first place I was introduced to, my first trip to Adam. Their goods are very, very good and unigue. Great place to sit and smoke. You can play pool, watch tv, get coffee, soda, beer, space cakes what have you. It is a 3 level place. Since my first trip, I've been back 2 times, and going again for this New Years. And every time I go, my first stop is La Canna. The prices are really great too. Some of the staff is friendly, and some of the Waitresses have a lil' bit of an att'de, but after being there for a couple of smokes they get better. I would reccomend this place to everyone.!!!!!! Long Live La Canna

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