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Visitor reviews Little
Visitor reviews Little

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    language Review by BigBlunt from USA
    Nice atmosphere

    Nice small place.Great atmosphere and killer menu.

    language Review by Zaakiyah Virmani from United Kingdom
    Delight to see the City Of Amsterdam

    It was a delight to see the City Of Amsterdam and i very much enjoyed this hotel it was my favourite part of the vacation because after the long walks and days we had i could come back to the terminus hotel and grab a hot chocolate put my feet up in the lounge and chill out and if i get hungry the snack matchines right nxt to me..! It couldnt get any better beds are great and tv but the onli problem was is the fact im english and most of the chanels were dutch it was hard for me to contridict what was happening but over all i enjoyed staying here it was a pleasure and the staff are very nice aspecially ali-a as he said that was his name... well thankyou for your generosity....Miss Zaakiyah Virmani..x

    language Review by ravenfunk from United Kingdom
    best weed in amsterdam

    after 4 days in amsterdam i came across this little coffee shop.... its a smal but warm and friendly shop. i tryed the bubblegum for the first time .........and wow !!! what an amazing smoke. the following night i returned and sampled the nepolise wich didnt disapoint either. over the 7 day stay in amsterdam and many visits to coffee shops i found the quality of the smoke to be the best ive sampled in amsterdam

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