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Visitor reviews Mallorca
Visitor reviews Mallorca

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    language Review by a Visitor
    No more Pink Floyd

    If you were a fan of the Pink Floyd, do not even go near the new Dampkring on the Haarlemerstraat. It is now cold & industrial and the weed sucked. I went in once, hubby refused. The take-over has been completed and the coorporate structure is in place-argh!

    language Review by a Visitor
    One of the best places in Amsterdam (Pink Floyd/Umma Gumma)

    One of my favorite places in the Dam by far. Last time I was here, it was still called Pink Floyd/Umma Gumma, but they've been bought by Dampkreig. Everything except the menu is still the same. The bartender was really funny and energetic. The budtender was pretty funny too...although I wouldn't suggest he try singing too much. Their products have been consistently good. The Rifmann hash is worth the trip alone. The food menu is the best part. The toasties are always one of the best parts of the trip. Between good music, a great staff, and good products, this place is a great one. The only part I was sad to see was that they closed the upstairs.

    language Review by a Visitor
    pink floyd

    i found this place after a a day or so of wandering about, bonus is they have intenet good selction of smokeables and good food too. i tried their mothers finest and it was a very good smoke indeed, good flavour and a nice strong high. warm and freindly staff which at times when its cold due to the fact they leave the fdoor partially open at the front of the shop is a bonus cos it does get a bit chilly in their at times. i found the warm spot at the back of the shop on the second floor and settled in to some serious smoking. i tried the space cake but it was a tiny little buzz which if its yer 1st one is good enough i suppose. úrd floor and basking in the decmber sunshine rolling one at 11am. glorious! great place wil deffo go back there again.

    language Review by a Visitor
    spacey atmosphere!

    me and my pals visited floyd coffee shop in june 05 and were pleasantly welcomed to the mood with some fine but not overwhelming mother's finest. random floyd songs playing in the background while our spliffs disappeared into the air... decent gear, cheerful dealer and perfect theme for having an early afternoon lounging smoke!

    language Review by milehigh
    great place now called umma gumma

    great staff, cheap internet, nice chill spots and a very good menu. i will always stop by here for a smoke and coffee. highly recommended. they don't always play pink floyd music either.

    language Review by drumdemon44
    this place rocks !!!!

    pink floyd is a great coffee shop with a helpfull staff and a relaxing atmosphere. i didnt buy and smoke from them but i did get a taste of the mothers finest. one of the few coffee shops that plays mostly rock music, but it depends on who is working. when i was there we sat in the back , smoked a joint and watched the new ac dc dvd, overall it was a welcoming, relaxing shop with a very positive vibe.

    language Review by boner
    once again very good

    once again the mothers finest was excellent 9/10 and the umma gumma hash was ok 6/10 but they got rid of the toilet :(

    language Review by peripatetic pete
    friendly staff, non-threatening environment, good products

    have been looking for a place like this. most of the coffeeshops reek of hostility, or paranoia or something. pf opens at 0800, so i went in for breakfast a couple of days ago, then went to the little sales-bar across from the food service area, and got some decent bud, and better umma-gumma hash. highly recommended to those not into the dark & dirty usual experience.

    language Review by a Visitor

    will definetly put a smile on your face, uplifting and happy smoke

    language Review by boner

    the mothers finest was one of the finest and the toilet is a trip...

    language Review by j.chassar
    a must for anyone with taste.

    i had just flown in from cairo and the mother's finest took the edge off a very uncomfy flight.the murals are spectacular.the staff are very informative,friendly and accomodating,and of course getting stoned while listening to echoes blasting out was well cool.keep it up guys!

    language Review by slvrwolf
    best shop in dam

    was in dam towards the end of march spent part of sunday mornin'smokin mothers finest at the pink floyd 6 euro per gram...what a bargain, the master kush was also top shelf.plus like the brit behind the counter said its the cheapest shop in dam

    language Review by a Visitor
    great smoke, nice atmosphere

    really enjoyed the mother's finest, the folks were nice and the fresh oj was fantastic.

    language Review by bruce ston
    good looking didnt buy got high here but didnt here no floyd

    i liked this place because no one was ever there. whats up with none of the shops not having t-shirts? cool place but how about some pink music?

    language Review by bon bon billy
    a good shop to stop and have a toke or 2.

    when i was there, there was pf playing while i smoked a pre-roll and got just mellow as all heck. the staff was great and the atmosphere was perfect for us greying hippies.

    language Review by pher
    pher at the floyd

    i loved this place it was the best coffee house that i visited as far as atmosphere. the smoke was pretty decent. they have 3 floors all have some really kewl art work. staff is awesome. the restrooms are wild if you smoke a j of their mothers finest, and then take a crap.

    language Review by destroyah
    good place to chill

    although im not a huge fan of pf, this is a cool place. very helpful staff and excellent gear. the snowflake was as good as anything else i smoked while in amsterdam. i would go there again...would've got 5 stars if they had a better selection. tip: have breakfast and a smoke at barney's (right along the way) and chill with the snowflake @ pinkfloyd if you're in this part of town

    language Review by Delta
    good atmosphere

    this place was pretty cool. the upstairs room is awesome. they have a huge snake tank and all the walls and the ceiling was tripped out. good place to relax. good food. try the grilled basquette.

    language Review by DeadheadWeedSmoker420

    I never did actually HEAR any Floyd while I was ther but it's cool. I really dug the way there were so many floors to choose from. The top floor was all empty when I was there and it's real big. Good seats. Steer clear of the space cake which doesn't seem to have any 'space' in it. Waste of $. Buds aren't real good either but still a great place to chill.

    language Review by Rat boy

    Pink floyd was great because it was just round the corner from my hotel. Great decoration mellow atmosphere outrageously good super skunk no tourist's mostly local smokers and fit birds and good hash what more could you want.

    language Review by a Visitor
    non-smokers review

    though not a smoker, it's the place for any Pink fan. Good mellow vibe in there, great music and scenery, and seriously cute help. Great onion/tomato sandwiches. Check it out, worth the trip (so to speak).

    language Review by skyhigh420
    nice place to stop by and check out

    MAY 2000: Not the best shop, but far from the worst. nice decor and pretty good hash.

    language Review by Bill Baumann
    Pretty good atmosphere

    Bad hours, usually empty, but nice atmosphere with a, you guessed it, pink floyd stuff everywhere and some good music. Grass and has just ok, better quality not hard to find. Worth the visit if you like Floyd

    language Review by Visitor
    Simply the best (isn t it the title of a song by the way?)

    Yes, this one beats everything ! U could buy ur grass+hash (which is very good)by quantity (that is, if u want to buy 1.23 grams of weed, u do, and it is really better than most coffee-shop where u gotta buy a bag of 25 guilders !). The place is really incredible if u like Pink Floyd : good music, videos, 2 (little) floors, nice space cake, nice staff(except the person selling the grass who isn t fond of tourists). There s a chess game, comics (written in Dutsch, that s the problem...), a 'puissance4' (i dunno the name in english)...U'll be surprised how the time is going quickly once u had ur buzz on! Pay a visit to the 'Pablo Picasso Coffee-Shop' too (in the same street), where the staff is the nicest of all A'Dam, and where u can have a free (good) breakfast if u buy 25 guilders of good stuff to smoke.

    language Review by Claudietto
    9 year that i comeback to the PinkFolyd Coffeeshop

    every summer, with some friends we turn back to our favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam, because we love to smoke Super and Mega Skunk, good price, good grass. The best surprise, if you are expert smoker, is UMMA GUMMA, first selection hashish home product. Music, a WC that you must to see it after smoking one grass joint, soccer table, and lots of drawing on Pink Floyd albums. It's the best place were you will gone if you want to relax your mind.

    language Review by a Visitor
    Good smoke and great Internet access point

    Friendly staff and a great touchscreen Internet xspoint.

    language Review by Nicole
    very friendly

    i admit i never smoked there, but in my short visit i found the staff to be very friendly and open, and the drink i bought was relatively cheap. stop by if you are in this otherwise unimpressive area.

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