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Visitor reviews Mellow Yellow
Visitor reviews Mellow Yellow

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    language Review by Padichar
    mellow yellow what else ? last visit( 07-07-2011)

    Well I have been around in the Dam. I discovered the mellow yellow last year. Can't say I have been sorry, great shop with consistent wares.... I really enjoy the 5S haze just the thing for me. I tried their black hash - can't remember the name- last time which was just super in taste, smoothness and effect. Should definitely give it a try.

    language Review by Sal from USA
    Sweet and Kind - Laid Back

    Tried the S5 Haze. Superior smoke which managed to have all the great qualities of the top hazes in a single strain. Very high flying stuff. From what I recall, a few seats on the ground level and then a larger upper floor with a pinball machine and a pool table(?). Everyone there is in the best of moods and friendly. There's a general feeling/mood/vibe that if you managed to go out of your way to get here instead of just staying in the city center, then you must be alright (as well as 'in the know'). Some nice decorations on the walls when you walk in, but it's not over the top or tacky. Place has an old school, connoisseur feel to it.

    language Review by shady from Germany
    Greatest atmosphere

    This shop is one of our favourites. The atmosphere is great as it is not crowded, but full of nice people ;). The weed they sell is just great, but dont expect cheap weed, they only sell weed from 9€ up. But the quality is worth the money, we never bought bad weed here, so try it! The only sort which is a bit cheaper is their famous Blueberry which is just awesome,it really knocks you out! The staff is very friendly, the dealers are changing, but they always help you choosing and you should trust them when they give you an advice on what weed to buy :D We love this place!

    language Review by matt freshour from USA
    Straight up the best changed coffee shop in amsterdam

    We went in 2005 with some friends, my wife felt ill as jet lag really messes with her . A gentleman was sitting up stairs with us and seen my wife in distress an thought she was falling out.He jumped up and got her a glass of sugar water.What a nice guy,later we found out it was the owner.We ended up hanging out an parting with them every night till close.We continued on to see europe .We returned 7 days later,we couldn,t wait to get back to the mellow.Beutiful paintings on the walls ,friendly staff that will down right partie with you if your cool.Don't show up to be loud or play the fool,the name spells it out for you.Thanks mellow stalf{and owner} for making the 2005 cannibus cup and the week following the best time we had in europe for my wife, friends and myself.

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