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revues de visiteur The Noon
revues de visiteur The Noon

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    language Revue a Lovestospooge2 de Royaume Uni
    well worth the walk

    visited 1st Dec 2008. the Noon is one of my favourite shops in the Dam, friendly staff and most importantly good weed and prices, on the handful of occasions i have visited over the years the Noon remains as original as it did the first time i visited( a rare thing in the Dam these days!!). the 'Master Noon hash is superb and a regular purchase for me,sure it will not please part-time smoking tourists' but true connoisieurs will be more than happy with this little discreet haven

    language Revue a jani

    i was born in roosendaal, but hadn't been back to visit since i was 3, when we moved to america... went to ams a couple months ago w/ some friends for vacation... best city to get in trouble in for sure... i think americans need dutch cofee shops!!!

    language Revue a yogibear
    kickass blueberry bud

    been to ams twice from usa. best bud in town. have to check grey area though. not a real good place to hangout real local.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    what's the big deal

    was there on a monday night and there were some slightly scary people hanging round. no one was terribly friendly and godwaful music videos were on loud. wouldn't bother going back.

    language Revue a stuartsdog
    rocking at the noon

    was in the ams last week and spent a lot of time at the noon and for me this has to be the best coffeeshop in amsterdam thy have some of the best smoke in amsterdam 5g of buleberry weed only €23 and the buleberry ice is just lovely €113 for 5g if you have lots of euros buy some sizzsors €45 a gram kicks you right in the balls. ps dont miss this place

    language Revue a couch
    great place to grab & go

    they carry some of the best smoke in town here. the blueberry is like a sledgehammer to the head - almost too strong for me. i like the white melon a lot. the flavor is sweet and excellent, and the high is smooth going up and coming down (but not as potent as the blueberry). at only 6 euro a gram, you can't beat it. the shop itself is tiny. the recent redecoration is nice, and the seats along the wall are comfy, but they always seem to be showing mtv videos (which is all rap nowadays), and they seem more tolerant of tourists than truely welcoming, so it wansn't my favorite place to hang out, but definitely stop by and grab a gram to go!

    language Revue a ttboy
    good weed, nice location

    it was my first time in amsterdam and we wanted to find someplace out of the city center. we tried the blueberry and nyc diesel. both great. friendly stoned dealer as well. nice couches to chill on. however, we got too stoned to see the rijksmuseum!

    language Revue a boner
    out of the way but...

    out of the way and i can understand why people find it difficult to find but its definetly worth the hunt for the 23 euros for 5 grams of the wonderful blueberry...

    language Revue a vetteboybri
    not a big deal

    i was told about the noon and visited both last year (nov '02) and again last week (sept 03) and just don't get it, myself. the 1st time i was totally ignored and almost seemed like the dealer was mad that anyone wanted to buy anything. i wound up leaving without purchasing any smoke, but the second visit this time was better but it's a pretty small shop, the blueberry was just ok, nothing outstanding. it's nice 'cause it's on the side of town near the museums/vondelpark and convenient if you're staying over there, but i prefer the atmosphere of other shops over the noon, to be totally honest.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    hunky donkey

    the noon is the first and best place i went to get weed. i went back loads of times over the week to sample. the blueberry is awesome. a real good high and proper chilled out and mellow. a dutch friend says it raises blood pressure but i didn't notice anything wrong. also highly reccomended is white melon. possibly even better than blueberry. the staff are cool and will explain things to you. they ar always stoned though so don't annoy them. i watched one barman steal a small bud of blueberry after he weighed my 5 grammes, and my mate nearly got short changed but what do you expect? beats scoring in england anyway! also i tried one gram of blueberry ice, a high thc hash-like product. 26 euro on the gram but well worth it. one spliff and you'll know it!! fairly hard to find the first time tho. from the leideseplien, walk past the city cinema (on your left), on the right hand side of the canal, past the lizard park. walk 50m and its on your right.

    language Revue a mark
    great shop, even better weed/hash!

    it's a great shop.. i come there every other day (when my 5 gramms of blueberry runs out), and still enjoy it to the fullest.

    language Revue a mikaro
    still one of the best deals in town

    this is a solid shop, with the quality blueberry weed still the best purchase; the blueberry hash product was much less pleasant though, like much of the hash available in dam created from famous green buds...anyway, this is a fine shop, and i would recommend it to anyone; the beverages, both hot and cold, were also top notch, which was a nice change- they used proper tea-leaves for instance, and had genuine coke cans- all in all, this place deserves great credit for maintaining its high standards over recent years...

    language Revue a nick
    excellent shop would rate it a 10-star if i could

    my wife and i went there everyday while we were in amsterdam (3-30-03-4-6-03) for a gram of blueberry. the noon blueberry is the best weed i've ever had. the high is mellow but at the same time mind-blowing and the noon is just the perfect place to chill. sort of hard to find but not really. to find it just go to leidesplein and walk towards the hitachi building (abn-amro atms are also there) and go to the left (stay on the side of the street by the movie cinema)and walk straight down past the flower bed on your left to the pancake corner resturant and veer to the left which is right by the canal and just walk straight down and the noon is about 50 steps on you right. great juices and a wonderful staff also the music was tight. highly highly recommended (pardon the pun!!) also e-mail me at loranzo99@aol.com for any questions because we hit the best coffee shops in town during our trip and i know a lot about amsterdam if you need any help. peace and love, nick

    language Revue a un visiteur
    5g's 23 e

    the place for the cheapest blueberry in town, i enjoyed my vist. kinda hard to find but well worth it.

    language Revue a austin
    not going back

    the blueberry was good, but the shop itself was a dump. we didn't enjoy hanging out in there at all, plus the barman tried to shortchange me. there are too many other shops to go to that are better.

    language Revue a blueberry
    awesome blueberry!!

    this is my favorite coffeeshop in amsterdam! the blueberry is totally awesome, a definite must-try for any marijuana connoiseur. this wonderful sweet smelling indica will sit you on your ass. and that is a good thing, the seating here is very comfortable where you can just kick back and relax while smoking the fruity tasting buds. go there!!

    language Revue a bon bon billy
    excellent prices on 'blueberry' weed

    perhaps the best shop in amsterdam for pricing on blueberry weed which is excellent. the shop is laidback and comfortable but not extraodinary. the staff are helpful but stoned so don't be too pushy. i enjoyed my time there and would return just to get a great deal on the blueberry weed. management was friendly.

    language Revue a mikaro
    'i only ever smoke blueberry'

    the guy who served us was totally incredulous when we asked him about the effects of some of the products offered; he seriously told us that he only ever smoked blueberry, endorsing the product by not seeing the need to even try anything else. so we got 5 grams of the stuff for a ridiculously small amount of money- it was probably the best grass of the whole trip as well as being the best deal. all in all this place is an absolute must-visit; the locals like it, and anyone interested in serious, wholesome smoking must make a pilgrimage here...

    language Revue a gazman
    a gem

    this was a mission to find but definately worth the walk. staff were really polite and helpful. the weed menu is massive (check out the blueberry,white melon and the snow white) and well priced. very chilled out atmosphere. oh! check out the legendary ice..howard marks swears by it..45 euros a gram.....but worth it...trust me!

    language Revue a un visiteur
    great place, fun had by all!!!

    blueberry weed a must. very friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and the candles are a work of art. looking forward to going back, hope it wont have changed.

    language Revue a hi
    buy and flee

    you must get some blueberry grass from the noon. then you must get the hell out of there. staff are nice, but the decor is shite. the washroom is a plywood shack fitted into the corner. a pit-stop at best. ice-o-lator hash is also good.

    language Revue a shell
    i had an amazin buzz in the noon!!!

    i loved getting smashed in the noon last november!! its very friendly environment but its quite small compared to the people in there- then again we were on the cannabis cup! by the way i met a nice chap in there who works in holland but is english so if ur out there and can remember chattin to me hello!! there are better places to go but its worth poppin in!

    language Revue a armbar
    ok decor, amazing bud...

    this place, near the leidseplein, is kinda small and very dimly lit. overall, the interior was far from impressive. the large balls of wax which served as candles were nice though. what makes this place worth visiting is the blueberry bud. absolutely amazing. it instantly became my smoke of choice for the trip, overtaking the greenhouse's super silver haze. this strain is not to be missed.

    language Revue a Mikaro
    Painting, decorating and pot...

    I just went to this place and found it open for business... but it had clearly just be renovated. I would guess the American owner has sold up; pinball was gone, with one of those weird Dutch games replacing it, and I would say this one is destined to be reclaimed by the locals. Pity really; the pinball was the only reason to go; that, and the Mountain Dew...

    language Revue a john
    used to be good

    the very week the guy from Washinton bought the place he turned it into shit. He scared away a loyal clientele and now he just has some tourists visiting

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