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Visitor reviews Old Amsterdam
Visitor reviews Old Amsterdam

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    language Review by mairead from Netherlands
    specialises in santa maria weeds and lebanese red hash

    You should be aware that every coffee shop has a specific weed or hash that separates them from anyone else - a chef special if you will. For this place it is: Santa maria weed and lebanese red hash. This is a great coffee shop it doesnt use any gimics. The owner is a very friendly humourous and pleasent guy. genuinely friendly with no hidden agenda. If you ask for the staff ( any of them ) they will give you honest recommendations and wont try and sell you the most expensive products. As you know it is difficult toget decent lebanese red, but this guy is from lebanon and it is the hash that he smokes himself, so you can always guarantee that it is of top quality and a decent price. This guy takes alot of pride in quality and would rather not have any stock then have an inferior product. Santa maria weed is the nicest weed I have EVER had it is the perfect strength it wont make you cough and as well as making you smile ( and feeling very happy in general) you also have energy to function. you will not be confined to a couch ( unless you want to of course). I have often had it with a vodka ( in the bar before the smoking ban) and you get that happy feeling you would experience on a pill ( after you have come up not the fuzzy/uneasy feeling ) that happy happy joy joy feeling !. It is the only coffee shop in amsterdam I have seen with a regular stock ( its going on atleast 5 years now ) and quite frankly I wouldnt trust buying it anywhere else.

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